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1g/lb of protein -- myth or fact? Bodybuilding debate



  • eattrainprogresseattrainprogress Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member

    Jim Stoppani will lead you to the truth.

    Stoppani seems more interested in selling supplements than providing recommendations based on the current body of evidence.

    For a few examples:

    Recommending 1.5 to 2g/lb in protein is silly for the majority of circumstances, suggesting that calories are only "somewhat important" is absurd, and recommending (and conveniently selling) BCAAs to people who are now over-consuming protein based on his recommendations being way too high is useless.

    Honestly there are a lot better educated practitioners in our field, by a longshot.
  • DevilsFan1DevilsFan1 Member, Premium Posts: 340 Member Member, Premium Posts: 340 Member
    I think 1 g/lb BW is probably not necessary, but is more of a handy mnemonic device. Certainly, a bit more protein than necessary won't hurt.
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