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    06/23 117.8 Yesterday was really nice. I took the day off of work to recover from painting and make up for the things I typically do on the weekend like dishes/laundry etc. I also decided where to put some pictures on the wall and finished hanging some mirrors in my new office space. The CSA pick up was AWESOME. So many vegetables that I’m excited to eat this week! I made whole wheat spaghetti last night with tomato sauce but I added a summer squash, scallions, garlic scapes and fresh basil.
    Today we went for a nice walk that was a little longer than 4 miles. For dinner tonight I’ll be making taco salads and I’m so excited for it! I’ll be making black beans in the slow cooker to go with it (I usually just use canned beans because they’re so easy) too!

    Hi @kblanc14 - Love reading your posts and all the healthy dishes you make. I saw where you mentioned garlic scapes. I had never heard of scapes until yesterday when my husband came in with them from his garden where he grows garlic among other things. He said you pick them when they just start to curl. He made pesto with scapes, fresh parmesan and olive oil. I'm going to try some on pasta today. You seem to love healthy foods and I see where you are part of a CSA - do you have your own garden as well? I'm not much of a gardener but my husband is. He's gone from gardening directly in the ground to mostly using an earth-box-type system close to the house. Not only is it easier to water, keep the deer out but vegies such as swiss chard don't get all the dirt on them so just a rinse does it.

    @fmfdfa2020 Awe thank you, I'm so glad you enjoy my posts! I love garlic scapes and have made pesto before with them. It was sooo good! So, your pasta meal sounds yummy to me!

    I really do love healthy foods (I've loved cooking all my life) and after hearing that you enjoy reading my recipe ideas, it will make me continue chatting away about them. We do have a garden (my mother in law is usually in charge of it because we live with them) but also have lots of creatures that LOVE to eat the plants in the garden. This leaves us with not relying on the garden's bounty but just appreciating the gifts when they make it to the fully ripened stage. For example...I have a summer squash that had two flowers on it yesterday...checked on it this morning and poof one's gone! We have a fenced off garden but that doesn't keep them all out. We have some raised beds as well with a diy cage around them but the chipmunks still manage to get through it. So it's been nice knowing that we will have a steady stream of produce coming in with the CSA (all year long because they have a CSA share for every season) and can just view what does make it out of the garden as a treat. :smile: Enjoy your pesto and I'll be sure to share what I end up doing with the rest of our scapes! We have about 4ish left I think.