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Weightloss Before/after pics here



  • mo67rammo67ram Member, Premium Posts: 30 Member Member, Premium Posts: 30 Member
    Great job. You look amazing! You should be very proud of yourself. I bet you feel great now.
    I just 210lb loss myself. Keep up the great work! :smile:
  • JoyfulandactiveJoyfulandactive Member Posts: 73 Member Member Posts: 73 Member
    All your hard work and determination paid off! You look so healthy!
  • vhubervhuber Member Posts: 8,906 Member Member Posts: 8,906 Member
    You people are IMPRESSIVE!!!! Way to go!!!!
  • TiredMom2021TiredMom2021 Member Posts: 13 Member Member Posts: 13 Member
    This is me officially down 100lbs with my celebratory balloons on 13/02/2021. (330lbs to 229lbs in under 8 months) How I did it: CICO, walking, daily weigh-in, logging every calorie I eat in MFP, pre-planning what I eat each day the night before, more fruits and veg, no added sugars, only very occasional alcoholic drinks instead of whenever I wanted. Excuse the squinting, gets bright with all the snow! :)

    Awesome job!
    mpkpbk2015 wrote: »
    2021 this year

    almost to goal. First pic starting weight 227 now 127.2

    Well done!!

    Both of you ladies have done a fantastic job! Thank you for sharing your progress!
  • dream_body_happy_souldream_body_happy_soul Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Stunning transformation. Congratulations ❣️
  • wilfsbanewilfsbane Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member
    Inspiration to us all!!!
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