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Feature requests: rearrange nutrition fields and salt vs. sodium

kelnagekelnage Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member

I had two ideas to help improve the quality of life for MFP users who enter new food into your database. As I'm sure many of you are already aware, in the EU we use a slightly different form of nutrition label to the form used in North America, and the order they appear in are different again to the order I see when entering food into MFP.

US form:

EU form:

MFP create food on iOS:

When entering nutrition data, I think it could make all our lives easier if we could choose to rearrange the fields so they matched the order we are accustomed to. A user could select from either MPF default, new US style, old US style, EU style, or specify their own custom ordering.

In addition, you may notice that in the EU we don't include sodium on labels - we instead use grams of salt as a proxy for it. In general, when I enter food into MFP, I multiply the salt content by 400 to calculate the approximate sodium - but if MFP could do that for me, it would be nice. However, I'm also aware that many EU users appear to enter the salt content as the sodium content (i.e. a lot of EU-only food supposedly has <1mg of sodium - which is clearly nonsense), so I imagine this change in behaviour might be an issue for some users.

Thanks for the consideration!
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