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Throw it away! JUST DO IT!

_revO_revO Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
Some time ago mfp - Under Armour, started to incorporate a paid membership. That really surprised me, because even back in the day mfp was buggy and slow. The web and the mobile apps.
With time the apps got even worse. Nothing has been done, it is a complete joke.

Also it is quite funny what the Google Chrome Dev tools show when you open MFPs main page. Loads of errors and deprecation warnings. The main page loads just by accident, after refreshing like 10 times. Firefox starts to freeze when you have like 7-10 mfp tabs open. The mobile apps are full of annoying bugs and it is getting worse.

And you charge money for this BULLS HIT. That's scandalous! You scam people and that should be stopped.
Throw this application away, and start from scratch. JUST DO IT, Under Armour :)
edited June 2020
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