5000 calories a week on wine!



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    I’m going to leave MFP beacuse of most of your ugly, self preserving comments. Some of you thought you had the right to judge and belittle me bra cause I mentioned wine. You would never do that to someone that that was over weight or obese who had a moment of enlightenment where they realised where their calories were going. You told me to see a doctor etc I find this absolutely disgusting. You pretend you have my best interest at heart but you don’t because most of you are judgemental. It’s ugly and down right nasty. Please think about your actions and I know I can never rely on these forums again due to the ugly attitudes. As I said I hope no one is at their lowest and relying on you when they have went over the their weekly calorie intake. Please don’t tell them they have an addictive personality or need to see a doctor. Maybe you should have a good look at yourself and think what you write in future. Not everyone but most of you are bully’s that have responded. Please don’t respond and justify yourselves. You know who you are.
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    Actually, human body weight regulation is a very complicated topic. It has actually been a source of fascination. SOOOOO... here we go. Human body weight is almost simple as calories in and calories out, but not quite. As we gain weight our tdee goes up and appetite generally goes down. Its all according if someone is at a set range for their environment. So, lets say you eat 5000 calories one day, your appetite may not be as high a few days later. Generally not the next day in humans. That activity is seen more in rats. So, you might eat 5000 today and balance it mostly out over a few days. The body is pretty good at balancing calories in most folks, but not perfect. So lets say your tdee is 2000, your appetite goes down by only 2900 calories over the course of the week. That's only a 100 calorie surplus for the week. Repeat that over a month and that is 400 calories a month. That's 1-2lbs gained in year, which is almost the average weight gain for a woman from the age of 20 to 40 in the USA. The same happens when most people under eat. There will be a hyper compensation effect the next day or a few days later, this one has not been studied as well as the former. So, as fat cells get larger they produce more of a hormone called Leptin. If the fat cells get smaller, they produce less of it. Leptin is sensed in the hypothalamus and controls our energy expenditure and appetite So, as one loses weight, tdee decreases until a new equilibrium is reached. So, lets say by giving up wine and drinking a non calorie containing beverage, you eat less calories spontaneously. For most people, liquids calories are not as well compensated for by the brain. You might eat less, but the body will come to a new equilibrium with the diet and lifestyle you have. Thus, a new set range is reached. I don't know you, but in my experience in working with a high chemically addiction rate, folks who get defensive about their habits, they might have a problem. Yes, I would advice a person who just decided they wanted to eat an extra 5000 calories a week for "fun", to get some help.
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    Time for AA.
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    No one was mean to you, people are trying to help, this kind of drinking behavior is worrisome that's all, and most of us know someone or them themselves have had issues with alcohol. Furthermore, it's nothing to be ashamed of, it can happen (and does) to anyone, alcohol is a very addictive substance. If you don't think you have a problem, wonderful, but if you ever get to the point where you want to stop drinking, and this goes for anyone, amazing, there are a lot of helpful resources out there.

    It's also very worrisome and telling that you're so defensive about this, I truly hope you're okay, and good luck, weight and calories aren't the most important thing in the world.