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    What the hey, no clean undies, no clean bras
    I just did laundry the day before yester
    My peaceful morning is beginning to fester
    I wash the paltry load never questioning its size
    then I open the dryer and much to my surprise
    bras plenty so I don a fresh one and hide my ta tas

    Forgetful or maybe being mostly deaf I didn't hear the buzzer.
    Calling Jimmy today to see if Margaritaville has any openings.
    I may be ready for tequila assisted living.
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    Kylia- sounds quite a bit like Keto..
    There are pros and cons to it all.. i have to say i feel like a bloated whale right now ,but when i did Keto felt great
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    Machka, Low last night, and this morning was 80 here. Breaking out in sweat looking at your photo.
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    Machka, Low last night, and this morning was 80 here. Breaking out in sweat looking at your photo.

    It's 12C right now, which is quite warm but we're experiencing something called a "heat driven snow" or something like that.

    It will get down to about 6C overnight, up to about 17C tomorrow, and by Monday/Tuesday it will get quite chilly. They're predicting snow down to sea level!

    Machka in Oz
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    Faye's twist on Jimmy's tune this hot summer day

    Nibblin' on rice cake
    Watchin' the sun bake
    All of my flowers shaded with foil
    Strummin' my six string
    On my back patio swing
    Smelling my bra it's beginning to soil

    Wastin' away again in Faettaville
    Searchin' for my lost Epson salt
    Some people claim that there's an old man to blame
    But I know, it's never my fault

    I have no clue or good reason
    Why I been here 45 years all season
    Nothing to show but this brand new bruise
    But it's a real beauty
    A black and blue cutie
    How it got here, I have no clues

    Wastin' away again in Faettaville
    Searchin' for my lost Epson salt
    Some people claim that there's an old man to blame
    Now I think, hell, it could be my fault

    I wore out my walk sandals
    Trying to rid my love handles
    Sprain my ankle had to limp on back home
    But there's ice in the freezer
    And the swelling it will please her
    That bag of ice that cools to the bone

    Wastin' away again in Faettaville
    Searching for my lost Epson salt
    Some people claim that there's an old man to blame
    But I know, it's my own damn fault

    Yes, I frequently claim
    That there's an old man to blame
    But everyone knows, it's old Faye's fault

    FAYE near the dammed river
    plagiarizing and waxing poetic
    due to heat exhaustion
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    Enjoying your 'songs' Faye. :D

    Just had half an hour of frantic searching for the boules set. We both swore it was in the garage, no. Every cupboard in the house, no. The attic, no. DH said he had looked in the shed. I said, let's look again. There they were. I saw them straight away. They are a proper set that I bought in France when my kids were young. Haven't played with them for many years, but thought we should keep them.
    Parasol out, table out, chairs out. It is HOT.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Morning all! Late start so quick greetings!
    Margaret- So sorry to hear of your son's passing. Sending thoughts and prayers for peace and comfort to you and your family. (((( <3 ))))
    Faye- Sing it girl!
    Machka- You must have needed the rest! Your fire, coffee, and warm clothes look wonderful to me. I love winter.
    Pip- Wowwowwow! Congrats on all of it! Your retirement! Kirby's retirement! Sale of the house! The haircut! Good things!
    Heather- Enjoy the grands!
    Michele- I am not sure what PJ has, or what Denise wants him to have; but I got Joaquin an art easel for his 2nd birthday and some art supplies.

    ttfn xoxoxo KJ
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    :) We went to the bank yesterday to close out the account for a group that is closing. We had to make an appointment, call when we got there, wait in the car until the banker came out to get us, then transact business from a table set up a few feet away from his desk. There was Plexiglas at the front of his desk. We've worked with this banker before so it was a pleasant time, but so strange compared to the past. I guess life will continue to deal us many more new adventures like this one.

    :)Allie, Why don't you get yourself a pile of good books so you can read when you wake up at the wrong time? Or if books don't appeal, how about podcasts or audio books to listen to? That's what I do and it makes the wakeful time feel like a treat.

    :) We had takeout Chinese food yesterday thanks to the generous gift certificate from my line dance class for my birthday. I had my usual broccoli with garlic sauce---enough for lunch and supper but lots of sodium so my weight was elevated this morning. There is still enough left of the gift certificate for almost another whole meal. We give them a generous tip each time.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Walked on the stairclimber today. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Yoga Cross Train DVD

    Made yogurt in the IP and when it was done, it wasn’t yogurt but still milk. Maybe I needed more starter? So I put more in and put the IP on again. Yup, that must have been it. I just got up and am now draining it.

    Tami – hey there. You made the right decision in coming here. Stop in often and get lots of good ideas

    Pip – I remember once FIL said “now that I’m retired, I don’t know where I found the time to work” At the time I thought “yea, sure”. Now I know what he meant! You and Kirby are embarking on a wonderful journey.

    Made a gazpacho that I’ll have for breakfast. Not sure how I feel about it. Does anyone have any good recipes? Preferably one that you put in a blender. And not high in calories (maybe somewhere around 100). I’d like it to make about 6 or less servings since I’m the only one who will eat it.

    Got the herb rub on the pork chops I want Vince to grill tomorrow. Will probably get the chicken ready to marinate so it can be grilled tomorrow. Soup kitchen! Then I’ll get the salmon cakes ready and probably make the pops (I have to buy another can of salmon, didn't realize this when I went to the store the other day).

    ]Kylia[/b] – sounds like keto to me. From what I understand, this works but it’s not a lifestyle change

    Faye – don’t stop writing. Love it. I have a friend from high school who every day writes a poem on Facebook. I always look forward to reading his poem

    Michele NC
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    I highly suspect that DB Cooper was a near neighbor
    living poorly slowly spending the fruits of his labor
    I once walked by when he was out in his yard
    His bushy-bearded face looked weathered and hard
    I said good morning and leaned forward to pick up a quarter
    His eyes rested on my boobs, for a moment they did loiter
    I saw those eyes, they looked like the ones in the paper
    They had the set, the color, the shape, and the taper

    He moved shortly after and my career playing private eye
    was halted abruptly, but I won't stop searching until I die
    I still walk the river banks, dreaming, searching for the cash
    Old DB is real and I must find his mysterious hidden stash
    I should have been more discreet with my female way
    of seeing his eyes, something still in my mind to this very day
    I bet he saw me drop that disc engraved with Washington, George
    and went back and moved his stash hidden in the Columbia Gorge

    Zek says I am delusional and it wasn't Cooper at least not DB
    and I am a silly old broad that thinks I am Nancy Drew, hee hee
    He laughs at my repeated, unyielding, insistence that I saw DB eyes
    He says I watched too many movies about bikini women spies
    Well, I told old Zek he is just a jealous cantankerous old fart
    I saw Cooper, the DB's eyes, I know it and I feel it in my heart
    My dear friends, someday this old lady will find that big green stash
    So watch this thread, because I will need help spending all that cash
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    As we see July draw to a close, I'm pretty pleased... Going out lighter than I came in, and while only a pound lighter than I was June 30, but it's better than a pound heavier. Also survived the cootie parade and stuck to our budget for the month. There. July is done and dusted. :)

    Might pop back in, but most likely just to read, so I'll see y'all in the August thread (holy crap, it's August tomorrow!).

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    It is August tomorrow this thread will have a fresh new look
    So excited to read and see photos about all you ladies adventures
    Definitely more interesting than my poems and my dentures
    I was just trying to be a poet sometimes with a meter of rap
    and it all comes out silly willy juvenile nonsensical crap
    I highly suspect Faye needs to take a timeout in the nook

    Faye with gray hair never in a bun
    a Jill of all Trades mistress to none
    Living near the big famous river banks
    Walking daily so I don't need Spanks
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    4 pm in Liverpool sun is gone rain on the way Hope it's ok in Hove for Heather and co

    Kate UK ❤️
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    Pip: The bew adventure is beginning! Please stay in touch & have a great trip.

    Amber: Good to see your post!

    Allie: I hope you get needed rest.

    Heather: You are so lucky to be near your grandchildren. I envy your proximity to them.

    Kylia: I agree that semi starvation is not healthy.

    Machka: Peter Rabbit’s mom recommends Chamomile Tea. It is an excellent choice.

    Delia Faye: I’m a Jimmy Buffet fan, too.

    Having trouble with MFP today . I don’t know why.

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    Well im home and tired ,but have errands to run.