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lifeisbeautiful4sholifeisbeautiful4sho Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
Suggestion: Make MFP not only a tracker but also a planner. Make it to where you can plan your meals for the day/week with a check box. When you add the food, a calorie/macro total is created to help you keep within your goals (plan). When you eat the food, put a check in the box and another total is created (track) to see what you have/have not eaten from your plan. Also, you can see how many calories left for the day in case you want to substitute something in your plan. Right now, I plan for the day and then I eat. A checkbox would make the day easier to quickly scan what I haven't eaten so I can decide what I can make as a substitute. Maybe make the foods eaten (marked with checkbox) red and the ones you haven't eaten yet green.
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