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Give the ability to copy meals to a different type

killdoze1killdoze1 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
I love the ability to copy meals, but I can only use the function to copy lunch to lunch, dinner to dinner, etc. Some days, however, I have the same general meal for lunch and other days I have it for dinner.

It would be great if I could copy meals to a different category from which they originated--for instance, to make yesterday's dinner today's lunch, or to take a snack and make it part of another day's full meal.

The current way works now--the calories get recorded regardless--but some days I like to see my daily calorie intake separated by meal.


  • charmmethcharmmeth Member Posts: 242 Member Member Posts: 242 Member
    If you go to the meal you want to copy and choose copy to [date], then you have the option to copy it to any of the meals on that day. That is, you can only "pull" the same meal forward to the same meal, but you can "send" a meal forward to any meal.
  • killdoze1killdoze1 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Hmm, it doesn't work that way for me. When I copy a meal to a different day it is automatically sent to the same meal type--I don't even get the chance to make a choice once I select a day.

    I am using the app, not the website, if that matters.
  • Mouse_PotatoMouse_Potato Member Posts: 1,290 Member Member Posts: 1,290 Member
    Is your app up to date?
  • killdoze1killdoze1 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Yep, I'm up to date. I can move individual items from one meal to another if they appear on the same day but I can't move an entire meal all at once. Interestingly, I can take a whole meal from a friend's diary and put it whatever I want, but I can't do it within my own diary!
  • ceiswynceiswyn Member Posts: 2,222 Member Member Posts: 2,222 Member
    It seems to vary according to platform; I can copy to other meal types on iOS, but not on Android.
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