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Weekly calorie excess/deficit

TheBrotherMikeTheBrotherMike Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
It would be helpful to be able to see how much above or below my goal calorie consumption I am over a week. I like to have a cheat day and this would help make sure I know what I can or can't have so I don't undo my efforts from the rest of the week.


  • janejellyrolljanejellyroll Member Posts: 23,425 Member Member Posts: 23,425 Member
    That functionality is available. I can see it on my (Android) app by clicking the pie chart icon at the top of my diary page and then choosing the "Calories" option at the top of the "Nutrition" page. It gives me a rolling week and tells me either my total or net calories over/under goal.
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