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8 ways psychologists article

kmrdesigns3kmrdesigns3 Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
The article suggested a focus on the process and not the goal. Yet, after I log my meals for the day, MFP tells me what I would weigh if every day was like today. Can there be a way to change this to more of a process focus and not a goal focus?


  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Member Posts: 5,410 Member Member Posts: 5,410 Member
    While the why, why, whys are nice to know.... We can have the answers to absolutely everything and still not be able to do anything.

    In the beginning, things like focus on the process and not the goal sound really vague. What process. How do you know what the process actually feels like if you don't even have one.

    MFP is subtle. Really. It's a judgment free zone and even the diary features are not about feelings. It's all about data and tracking data points. Don't overthink it. Just track your data points and you can focus on the process as you tool along.

    Focus on the process
    Be mindful
    Listen to your body
    Follow your hunger cues
    Do whatever works for you

    All of it sounds good on paper but very vague if you don't know how to do it. All of these things lack any real direction. What people need and want is direction and a road map to get there.
  • LietchiLietchi Member Posts: 1,001 Member Member Posts: 1,001 Member
    You don't need to close your diary at the end of the day, if you don't want to see that message.

    Aside from that, I track all my progress (not just my weight) with my fitness watch. I find it quite motivating to see low much more active I am now than before, how my resting heart rate is going down, I can run farther and faster than when I started my weight-loss,...
    I've been on this journey for almost a year now, and not yet at my goal weight (I intentionally chose a weight loss rate of 0.5lbs per week from the start), so I'm focusing both on my weight goal and just getting healthier.
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