August 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



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    @hamsterwheel6 I know. Same.

    @quilteryoyo I decided to go ahead and write to his wife. I hope this is all okay with everyone. Here is what I wrote:

    Hi, Kristi!

    You don’t know me at all. I am writing on behalf of the entire My Fitness Pal Monthly Runninga Challenge group. Vincent ismy friend on Facebook and I saw your post, so I was able to share the news of his passing with them.

    We all wanted to let you know what a light he is to us. He still is. He was a friend, Coach, mentor, counselor, comedian, and pastor. We all love him so much.

    As well, we are so deeply sorry for your loss. Everyone is concerned for you and your son. He loved you two so deeply. I am sure you know that. We are so, so, so very sorry for what you are carrying now, as well as the grief. I know that I am not alone when I say that there is almost nothing we wouldn’t do for you and your son. Should you have a need, please do let me know. There are so many of us and we are all over the world- we can make something happen.

    Your husband was my friend. So much my friend and so much my mentor. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling and I, personally, am so sorry. My heart is breaking for you and your son. Even my kids know about Vincent and they keep coming to give me hugs while I am bawling over packing their lunches. That is to say - I truly cannot imagine how you must feel if this is how I feel. I hope that makes sense.

    My runs for the coming weeks will be in memory of Vincent and in honor of you and your son.

    With so much love,

    Mandy and the My Fitness Pal Monthly Running Challenge group

    Thank you @Camaramandy648 - I have a leg issue but screw it, 5k for @PastorVincent coming up

    Amen to that @TheMrWobbly . Thought about not finishing the challenge I’m in the middle of Or next month’s, but then I realized the best way to honor @PastorVincent and truly value what he meant to all of us is to actually listen to him. Keep going.
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    @Camaramandy648 Thank you for sharing your beautiful letter.
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    8-1 rest
    8-2 7k easy
    8-3 rest
    8-4 7k easy
    8-5 7k moderate
    8-6 7k easy
    8-7 7k easy
    8-8 7k slow
    8-9 7k easy
    8-10 rest
    8-11 7k slow
    8-12 7k easy
    8-13 11k slow
    8-14 7k easy
    8-15 7k slow
    8-16 7k moderate
    8-17 rest
    8-18 7k easy
    8-19 7k easy
    8-20 7k moderate
    8-21 rest
    8-22 7k easy
    8-23 7k between easy and moderate
    8-24 rest
    8-25 7k sleazy (between slow and easy)
    8-26 7k easy
    8-27 7k slow

    August Total: 151k
    August Goal: 170k

    January Total: 161k
    February Total: 167k
    March Total: 181k
    April Total: 191k
    May Total: 200k
    June Total: 156k
    July Total: 180k

    2020 Total through July: 1236k / 176.5k per month

    Didn't want to run today. Didn't want to post today.

    When you pop in here claiming your December 2020 mileage, what accomplishments will you have made?

    Return to a good running weight of 175 lbs
    Run at least 4 5k races
    Get a 5k PR
    Average at least 138k per month, to meet my Run the Year pledge of 1,020 miles
    Stretch goal: If I can average 169k per month, I can run 2020k in 2020

    Run the Year Team: Pavement Pounders

    2020 races:

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    I'm very sorry to hear of @PastorVincent passing. My heart is now heavier than my legs. :'(
  • WandaVaughn
    WandaVaughn Posts: 420 Member
    I'm very sorry to hear of @PastorVincent passing. My heart is now heavier than my legs. :'(
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    kgirlhart wrote: »
    I am just now seeing the news about @PastorVincent and I am heartbroken. He was such a big part of this group and I just can't believe he is gone. I know he had posted that he ran because he had underlying heart issues. I just don't know what to say. I would have dedicated today's run to him if I had seen this first, but I will dedicate my long run on Sunday to him for sure. I also think that we will need to do a group tribute run and I will definitely take part in that.

    Yes. Lets.
    Still wondering what happened. Unbelievably heartbreaking.
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    8/1 - 5 mile trail race
    8/2 - 4 with Skip and Champ
    8/3 – rest day
    8/4 – 6
    8/5 – 5 with Champ
    8/6 – 5
    8/7 – 3 with Champ
    8/8 – 5
    8/9 – 0 drove Skip to college move in
    8/10 – 3
    8/11 – drove home from college move in
    8/12 – 3 with Champ
    8/13 – 0
    8/14 – 5
    8/15 – 10K Scooby Doo Family and Pet Virtual Run
    8/16 – 5 with Champ on trails
    8/17 – 5
    8/18 – 4 with Champ
    8/19 – 5
    8/20 – 5 with Champ in am then 2 with Champ at night
    8/21 – 3
    8/22 – 10K Trail Race
    8/23 – 3 with Champ
    8/24 – 5 with Champ
    8/25 – 4 with Champ
    8/26 – 0 test day
    8/27 – 5 with Champ

    102 of 115 miles

    Mother’s Day Virtual 5K – done
    Retro Run Virtual 5K – done
    Rona on the Run - Virtual for St. Jude benefit - done
    Keep Moving Huntsville - at least one mile a day 1 - 31 May - done
    The Big Run - June 3 - done
    NEGU virtual run - June - Team NEGU helping support kids with cancer - done
    Big Foot Wild Thangs Trail Race 5K/10K – June 20 on the trails…all together like a real race - done
    Run 4 on the 4th – Virtual 4 miles on 4th of July - done
    ISS Virtual 5K in July – done
    Jackalope Trail Run 4 miler – done
    Flora-Bama 600K - Virtual race from Huntsville AL to the Florida Alabama state line in Orange Beach – done
    Scooby Doo Virtual 10K - done
    Skunk Ape 5 miler August 1 trail race in person – done
    Pirate Challenge – 10 weeks mile challenge June – August – done
    Chupacabra 10K/HM – August 22 - done
    Running of the Bulls Virtual 5K – 9/14 – 30/2020
    The Pinhoti Trail Challenge 335 miles virtual – 1 Sept to 31 Dec
    2020 Liberty Road Challenge WWII soldiers journey from St. Mere Eglisde to Bastogne, Belgium – charity virtual run for the WII museum in New Orleans 716 miles team event 4 July – September – our team has finished
    Space Race 400K Challenge 12 weeks running 248.5 miles to the ISS – August to November
    Oak Barrel Half Marathon – October – postponed from April

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    Wheres @AlphaHowls
    Dew claws down now 😭
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    Man today sucks.
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    edited August 2020

    Oh my goodness. I've been busy at work and just had a chance to log on and saw this sad, sad news. My heart goes out to his family. He will be greatly missed here in our group and I'm sure in many other places here on this Earth.
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    I also took a long walk today in the fields behind the Kroger while waiting for grocery pickup, and it really is a vast improvement over sitting in my car the whole time. I managed to get in two and a half miles!

    Nice that you got 2.5 miles in, but that's a long time to wait for your grocery pickup 😜
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    @Camaramandy648 Thank you so much for reaching out to @PastorVincent s wife. That was a really sweet message. I hope it helps the family to know how much he was loved by so many people.

    @kgirlhart Glad you had such a good run. I would have felt good passing those high school girls too, especially since you were in your sixth mile!

    @rheddmobile Glad your knee is doing better. Hope you'll be back to normal soon. Great job on getting out and walking instead of waiting in the car!