August 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



  • quilteryoyo
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    @Camaramandy648 Beautiful sunset and rainbow. I like the songs too.

    Love the picture and sentiment @RunsOnEspresso .
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    @katharmonic Nice pictures and a nice place for a walk/run. Stella looks like she is enjoying it too. Nice swag.

    @hanlonsk Love the picture of Sundance Mountain. Nice that you saw the deer. Funny that you interrupted "nature." :lol:

  • Camaramandy648
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    @Tramboman that is a great idea! I make a playlist for every run and my playlist today is very depressing and I honestly don’t think I can stand to run like that for long, lol. I’ll get to work on that stat!
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    edited August 2020
    Thanks for sharing @Camaramandy648 . I hope knowing that so many people cared will help his family in some small way. Good luck with your ultra today - and, yes, I think you should make a peppier playlist for the run.

    Also, I'm all for a challenge for the week of the Boston Marathon. I was thinking just trying to run 26.2 miles during the week - not all at once, for sure. I'm not ready for that.
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    Thanks for sharing Kristi's reply @Camaramandy648 And you should definitely play some upbeat music for your ultra. I like @Tramboman idea of running to celebrate his living not his passing. Today is a rest day for me, but I plan to run for him tomorrow.

    I also love @HonuNui idea of the Boston Marathon week challenge. And I think running 26.2 miles that week is a great idea @quilteryoyo for thise of us who aren't marathon marathon runners. I've run a few Halfs, but I am not a Marathon runner and if I tried to run one a little over a week from now I would only injure myself and that would not be a good way to honor his memory. But I could do 26.2 in a week.
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    @Camaramandy648 thanks for sharing your post and Kristi's reply. They were both touching and heartbreaking.
    Good luck today on your Ultra! I know Vincent will be running beside you the whole way.
    Very good idea about running a marathon during Boston Marathon week. I'm in for that for sure!
  • Faebert
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    I’m in for the marathon week in Pastor Vincent’s honour. Am also resting today but tomorrow’s long run will be with him in mind.

    Thanks for sharing his wife’s message @Camaramandy648.

    Hang in there everyone, keep running x
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    Defo for the Boston marathon week.

    Thanks @Camaramandy648
  • quilteryoyo
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    @Camaramandy648 The link for the funeral isn't working. Are you able to get it?