August 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



  • Tramboman
    Tramboman Posts: 2,482 Member
    I'm in for 26.2 miles from 9-7 to 9-14.

    I had no idea @PastorVincent was an introvert. He's the most extroverted introvert I've ever known.
  • kgirlhart
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    Tramboman wrote: »
    I'm in for 26.2 miles from 9-7 to 9-14.

    I had no idea @PastorVincent was an introvert. He's the most extroverted introvert I've ever known.

    I thought the same thing.
  • Tramboman
    Tramboman Posts: 2,482 Member
    Scott6255 wrote: »
    Great words to live by from @PastorVincent. Thought of him a lot during my 6 mile run this morning.
    First real time running on the treadmill. Wasn't completely terrible, but it wasn't much better than running outside. We keep the house at 78°F in the summer, and with the ceiling fan it was basically just as hot as running outside at 5am. But it will be good when (if) winter comes. Then the house will be about 68-70°F, and no 20mph wind 😁


    How are you going to get your ice beard on the treadmill?
  • hamsterwheel6
    hamsterwheel6 Posts: 544 Member
    I’ll do the challenge for @PastorVincent . Yesterday I dedicated my run to him.
    Tired to watch some of the funeral today but had to go get my son.
    It’s still quite hard to believe.
  • quilteryoyo
    quilteryoyo Posts: 5,827 Member
    Nice race report @katharmonic ! You did fantastic! Love that telling your friend you were running a race gave you extra incentive to not slow down. I often have the same thoughts toward the end of a run/race. @PastorVincent would have been proud.

    @rheddmobile You did great! Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  • marisap2010
    marisap2010 Posts: 909 Member
    5 miles this morning. I am up for trying the 26.2 during Boston week for @PastorVincent.
  • rheddmobile
    rheddmobile Posts: 6,840 Member
    Y’all, you can still watch the funeral by following the link.
  • Faebert
    Faebert Posts: 1,588 Member
    Hi all, did my long run this morning. Glorious running weather; some sunshine but fresh and breezy too. Even managed to sprint the finish and it felt so good. Recent events have reminded me to be grateful for everything I have and all that I can do. Feel like I followed that today. Planning to head out again for a walk/run with the kids for couch to 5k.

    Have a good Sunday everyone x

    August total: 100.2m
    August goal: 75m

    2/8: 2m interval training
    3/8: 5m
    4/8: rest (6 mile walk)
    5/8: 6.3m
    6/8: Strength training
    7/8: 6.2m
    8/8: rest
    9/8: 8 miles
    10/8: Strength training
    11/8: 6.2 miles
    12/8: rest
    13/8: 6.3 miles
    14/8: Strength training plus 0.75m (C25K with kids)
    15/8: 8 miles
    16/8: Strength training and 1m C25K
    17/8: 6.25 miles
    18/8: Strength training and 1m C25K
    19/8: 6.2 miles
    20/8: Strength training and .9m C25K
    21/8: 6.9 miles
    22/8: Strength training
    23/8: 8 miles
    24/8: Strength training
    25/8: 6.2 miles
    26/8: Strength training and .8m C25K
    27/8: 6.2 miles
    28/8: Strength training
    29/8: rest
    30/8: 8 miles

    July: 81m
    June: 78m
    May: 80 m
    April: 115 m
    March: 76.4 m
    February: 17.8 m
    January: 0