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Feature I'd love to see on Edit Food and Edit Recipe Functionality

HelioFishHelioFish Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
Considering that the framework for food item portions already has the ability to store within the database different serving size types i.e. cups, grams, pieces, etc. Would we be able to get the ability to add different serving types when editing a food item?

In a similar vein for recipes, it seems to be rather silly that when creating recipe the only option we have for servings is fractional portions. While this works fine for items that are pretty clear cut for portions such as cookies, in practice for things such as soups, sauces, or recipes that are made in a large batch it seem to me that it'd be just as easily measured and logged by mass (especially when one's housemates don't care a whit about logging how much of the dish they're eating - there goes my plan of dividing the recipe by the number of times I ate it ).

At any rate, we're already able to create a recipe by entering in the weights of the individual ingredients when making the recipe so if there is an aditional radio button and textbox to enter the recipe's final weight after cooking, the app could be upgraded to be able to tabulate the recipe's nutrition per unit of weight. We'd gain the ability to log the food by simply punching in the reading from a scale rather than having to manually calculate however many of a fractional portion of a food one's just consumed.
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