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Category exercises are limited

tahnahga1tahnahga1 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
I an having some difficulty with your category of exercises. When I work to add one then not knowing the number of calories burned is not very helpful. Is there another way to do this. I do team body project and making up what I think is closest to what you have in your system not very helpful.


  • TeaBeaTeaBea Member Posts: 14,299 Member Member Posts: 14,299 Member
    Just pick the closest category. Exact exercise "titles" aren't going to give you better calorie burn estimates anyway.

    Calorie burn are something you kind of learn as you go. There are tools to help you pin down calorie burns somewhat. For example a heart rate monitor can help with steady state cardio. An activity tracker can help with step based activity. Use a power meter for cycling. Strength training calories are difficult as there are so many variables.
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