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    That is a creepy, stressful situation. I hope you will be able to get her out of your house. So sorry she misrepresented herself as a student. It sounds like she has some issues considering her family doesn't want her to stay with them.

    It's funny you said something about it being like a movie. There was a movie here about something similar to what you described, although it was fiction. It was too long ago for me to remember what happened in the movie.

    Prayers and hugs that you can get her out on Thursday.
  • tryingagain5
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    Sounds like you are really busy. Nice that you are able to do all of that work for your church and to try and keep everyone engaged even though you aren't meeting in person right now.

    Don't think of it as a "diet". It's too easy to go "on" or "off" a diet. I try to think of it more as a lifestyle change. That meal sounds wonderful, although I don't know what collards are but am guessing some kind of vegetable.

    Great job on getting your strength exercise in when you probably wanted to go to bed.

    Thank you for putting me on your prayer list. I will definitely update when I know something. I'm trying to think of it as the original images were blurred and they just want to take some more to be sure there's nothing.
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    Oh wow, I came back to over 50 unread replies - guess I really should check in more over the weekends! Thanks @1theresamcvean for keeping track of all of these troublemakers :wink: while I was enjoying my weekend and shirking all of my responsibilities! :lol:

    Welcome aboard, @kiane50 !! I'm Ashley, one of the captains of this wonderful team along with Theresa. We're so happy to have you with us. If you have any questions or if anything is confusing, please feel free to post about it. We will do everything we can to make sure you feel like you belong!

    @debbiewsharpe - Sunday it is!

    General Update on Me:
    • I hit 700 rides this morning - the owner of the spin studio forgot to turn on the AC, so it was boiling hot in there, which was not pleasant for someone as temperature sensitive as myself (I got very dizzy and had to hold back for a good five minutes of the ride while my body tried to calm down)
    • A friend of mine recently tested positive for Covid-19, and while I don't have any symptoms, I am still nervous if I caught it from her
    • My stress eating has slowed down, so while I think I'll have a gain this week, I should level out and be back to losing for October
    • My weight has gone up, but my measurements have gone down, so at least I know I've got some extra muscle to help me through this journey now

    Hope everyone's Monday is starting out strong! Be sure to drink plenty of water today, and readjust your posture, and be kind to others - we don't know what they're going through behind the scenes.

    Whoa, Ashley. Can you get a Covid test to put your mind at ease? You're the best. I have been MIA and just knew you'd have my back. :wink:

    I was tested yesterday during my lunch break. Woke up with a foggy mind and a series of other symptoms, so I don't know if that was the aftereffects of watching (with a couple of my closest friends glasses of wine) the US Presidential debate last night, or if I've been infected and my immune system is now trying to catch up. Guess I'll know for sure by the end of the week. Time to drink plenty of water, stay away from the general population, and pay close attention to my body.

    The good news is I already have a full fridge of groceries, and I'm already working from home, so I really won't have too many reasons to leave my apartment. Things are going to be okay.

    Maybe I should foster dogs.

    Oh my goodness, you need to get that monster out of your home. I would have immediately set firm boundaries with her as soon as she showed any red flags. Good luck - I can't imagine dealing with a problematic human in my midst right now.

    @kandi3570 -

    I feel like burgers and mushrooms are a match made in heaven. Now I want mushrooms... Look what you've done to me.

    Let us know if you're still having issues with the Habit Tracker; we can chat with Liselyn about it and she might be able to help out.

    @debbiewsharpe -

    Wow, I don't know if I could have gotten out of bed at 11:45pm and get a mini-workout in. Love that dedication! And if you have any leftovers of that meal, please send them my way. Please and thank you.
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    Happy Wednesday! You have another new member joining you for October - a hearty welcome to @kittengirl88 !
  • 1theresamcvean
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    jugar wrote: »
    Happy Wednesday! You have another new member joining you for October - a hearty welcome to @kittengirl88 !

    Welcome @kittengirl88 ! Have a look around and we will officially start our October on Sunday. We start the month by introducing and re-introducing ourselves. If you go to page one on this month's chat, you can get a headstart on our bios. :blush:
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    jugar wrote: »
    Happy Wednesday! You have another new member joining you for October - a hearty welcome to @kittengirl88 !

    Welcome @kittengirl88 ! Have a look around and we will officially start our October on Sunday. We start the month by introducing and re-introducing ourselves. If you go to page one on this month's chat, you can get a headstart on our bios. :blush:

    Thank you!
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    @1theresamcvean Ugh, I hope she is gone soon, and you have your peaceful space back to recover from this ! And so sorry that your giving nature has been repaid so unkindly!
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    Wednesday 9/30
    Food; good
    Water: 40 oz
    Exercise: 40 minutes

    I worked with my trainer today, 30 minute session plus 10 minute speed intervals on the treadmill. I had to be a little careful today. My knee bothered me most of the night at work. I was able to do the treadmill warmup without any problems but we had to modify a few of the exercises in the session. I iced it while I was eating supper and that made it feel pretty good. I go for my appointment tomorrow afternoon to find out what's going on with my cold feet and now my hands have been cold the last few days too. Hopefully we can figure out all of the issues. None of them bother me a lot but better to get checked out.
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    Mon/Tues/Wed check in
    I am having an intense week and sorry for being absent. I did some stress eating yesterday for the first time in a while. I wasn’t really hungry or mindful, just stressed with some crackers & chocolate. I am back on track today. It was a good reminder to focus more on alternatives to relieving stress, like exercise! My exercise has been sporadic, so that is definitely something that will help. Tomorrow is October, omg!

    I looked up my September goals and here is my update:
    1. lose 4 lbs: Lost 2.8 lbs, but still have the Friday weigh in (who knows what impact the crackers/chocolate will have).
    2.Exercise 4x per week (runs, walk, weight training): Not 100% on this. Consistent walking, but no runs and just a little weights.
    3. Continue with IF, using a balanced approach: Yes
    4. Doing a closet edit through the month: Yes and bought some new clothes. Will have to edit again when I am at goal.

    @mainbeachbum - Your son’s comment was hilarious! You should have started counting the beans

    @KUMEcyclingteam - So sorry about your tummy troubles. One bad day will not destroy you, that is so right and I am telling that to the crackers and chocolate.

    @tryingagain5 & @posdperson1 - Fantastic losses! Wtg!

    @kittengirl88 - Welcome to the team!

    @lennoncpa - Oh that doggie is adorable! You make me want to get a dog and I am allergic!
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    Wednesday check in
    Food: great
    Exercise: 30min strength training

    Been feeling great that wedding I think added to my motivation 😊

    Work was supposed to be crazy today but had a few things cancel or got figured out a lot easier than what me and the team thought so ended up being pretty uneventful with almost a full day.

    Didn’t get much sleep last night my fiancé is still down with his friends, he’s headed to the mountains tonight to go deer hunting (I didn’t have enough time off to stay that long) I always have a hard time sleeping when he’s gone. I live in a really safe town but I’ve never cared for being home alone.

    I was really proud I got some strength training in. I get my steps in with work but I always wanted to work on my strength and finally got my head back into working out. I always feel better after a workout but before I’ll think of every excuse to get out of it and can’t really get a same time everyday since I never know what my work is going to do. I think I need to start with one hour after I get home or in the mornings. I am not a morning person though.
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    Wednesday check in
    Steps 6693
    Walk none
    Food breakfast and lunch prelogged
    Water 40 oz

    Not the best of days...
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    12800 steps and 1190 calories. I am worn out. My daughter had a volleyball game and then she was cheering directly after. She’s worn out and tired. Next year it’s one sport at a time. I got a lot done at work today as well. I never leave my dishes sit but I am tonight. I’m just done and we are laying on the couch for the rest of the night.
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    You all made my day with your posts! More tomorrow.
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    First day of October almost over here - where did the year go?

    NSV for me today, I moved up to 50 kg (110 lbs) on Squats. Not the highest I've ever done, but for the last few years I haven't been able to do weighted squats at all because of my shoulder/nerve problems. I only started adding weight to squats at the start of August. Suddenly I'm feeling like me again :smile:

    Welcome @kittengirl88 it's always nice to have new members :smile:

    @pacsnc6 Bear tracks? :open_mouth: Remind me to never go hiking with you. Or in America. NZ is remarkably free of things that try to kill you, and that's just the way I like it!

    @1theresamcvean What a situation - I hope you get rid of your unwanted guest. I'd be inclined to make the house unliveable in all sorts of interesting ways... actually, I recommend playing death metal really loud at appropriate hours if the need arises. :smiley:

    @debbiewsharpe doing strength training at 11:45pm is dedication! Also, I have no sense of age through the keyboard, everyone in this group just seems like they're "around my age" to me. So you're all in your 40's (unless I know you're younger) lol. Actually, funny story, I looked up one of the NFL Quarterbacks the other day (Patrick Mahomes). He's 25, his father played Pro baseball, and my brain was thinking, oh, father played, would have been the 70's, maybe early 80s. Nope, his father is 50 and played in the 90s. And I am closer to his father's age than his. Pretty soon I might have to face up to having a kid almost done with high school!

    @lennoncpa Fafi is adorable.

    @minstrelofsarcasm Congrats on 700 rides! You've got me wondering how many spin rides I've done... I have no idea! It's my favourite cardio and I'm onto my third bike though (upgrading lol), so it's a few. Hope your Covid test comes back all clear, it's such a worrying time.

    @melaniedscott I've just cut back on sugar too - all I can say is it does get easier. Sugar definitely makes me crave more sugar, and makes me hungrier. I focus on avoiding added sugars, I'll still eat fruit. But it takes about a week to get rid of the worst cravings. I avoided added sugar for 9 months last year, too much sugar is a migraine trigger for me and if I start eating it I just want more. Don't know why I ever started eating it again.

    @tryingagain5 You're kicking some butt with your dedication and your training sessions!

    @timibotkin Sending you some international virtual hugs. In NZ we say kia kaha - in Maori it means be strong, but more than that it recognises the inner strength that you have, and that it will shine through.

    @kiane50 Viola is a lovely instrument! I learned piano and played for many years, but currently only have guitars and bass guitar (which I am learning but don't play all that well!) We moved country a few times and a piano wasn't practical. I learned violin for a year or so as a teen, I wish I had kept it up but it went by the wayside as I did all my piano exams.

    @mainebeachbum I hope your ankle is feeling better - that was a very nice step count the other day, and a nice weight loss too. Well done!

    @kandi3570 I want to steal Oliver and never give him back, so adorable! Also, mushrooms are life. My kids make fun of me because I love them so much!

    @podperson1 I have to ask - what tattoo are you getting? And do you have others? I can't remember if you were in the group when I have shared photos of mine. I really want another one who am I kidding? three at least, but I'm waiting until I lose more weight now.

    @KUMEcyclingteam I know your pain! I used to get so ill if I varied my restricted diet... over time I was able to adjust some foods back in, but I ate some cake last week and OMG did I feel ill afterwards! Hope you're all better now! (You do make me smile with your memes though!)

    I'm trying to catch up on all the posts, sorry to those I have missed. Keep on being the awesome people that you are!

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