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Less Alcohol - SEPTEMBER 2020 - One Day at a Time



  • AR10at50AR10at50 Member Posts: 646 Member Member Posts: 646 Member
    How do you get to sleep on AF days? My kombucha has very little sugar, no sugar or caffeine after noon. I take nighttime sleep aids at 1 1/2 times the dose and take melatonin out the yang.
  • forestdweller1forestdweller1 Member Posts: 190 Member Member Posts: 190 Member
    A regular MFP poster trapped in a vacation cabin near raging forest fires with husband, small children, Dad, and Dad's antagonistic GF. Offline for 8 days...I watch too damn much ID TV...
    @shorepine ....CHECK IN !!!
    p l e a s e ??? <3
  • globalhikerglobalhiker Member Posts: 468 Member Member Posts: 468 Member
    Still AF here. Got up, did not check news, went out for 1 hr powerwalk then straight to Body Pump class on Youtube.

    @AR10at50 have you tried setting you clock to wake up super-early (I do 4:30am) then getting in exercise? Then no caffeine after 9am? I do this and have zero problem falling asleep right away.

    @MissMay and @mainelylisa you both look like you had an awesome time! Great to see you look happy!
  • DoxmumDoxmum Member, Premium Posts: 128 Member Member, Premium Posts: 128 Member
    @chocolate_owl - glad to hear you've never had issues with altitude sickness. No one ever does, until they do - even experienced climbers. You have age on your side & if you're in good shape, all the better. As far as sleep issues, you're in luck! You are going to Colorado, where cannabis is totally legal. Get a recommendation for a therapeutically oriented pot shop. Tell them that you need to sleep, not get high (unless you want to), and you want to wake up refreshed, not hungover. Can't hurt, might help. See @mainelylisa above.

    I'm sure you've looked into this but I highly recommend a bike tour down Pike's Peak. It is a blast! The cog railway is fun too but I heard it's undergoing renovations and won't be open until next spring (my SIL & her DH live in the Springs).

    @forestdweller1 - glad to hear you are doing so well!

    BTW, GREAT pic MainelyLisa and MissMay! Are you sure you weren't into the "edibles?" You Two, are having Too much fun!

    @globalhiker - yep, altitude shows no mercy, especially if one is dehydrated. There's a reason climbers stop to acclimate at camps on their way up the Big Ones.

    @shorepine - you are in our prayers.

    Doxmum out
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 2,645 Member Member Posts: 2,645 Member
    Such a great crop of peppers this year.
    This is one that I pulled yesterday to eat with hummus. I thought that I would share. It is very big, and is on a side plate (to know the perspective)

  • Lilylady3kLilylady3k Member, Premium Posts: 503 Member Member, Premium Posts: 503 Member
    Racking up another AF evening! Dinner with DH and then book club over zoom. Usually book club I would have wine ... but tonight I stuck to water.

    Sept accountability ~ 16
    No Alcohol: 7 days
    Alcohol: 9 days (17 drinks)
    Goal: AF days 4 per week / 16 per month; limit 1-2 glasses per day

    Wishing only the best of health and fast recovery from covid19 for Ruby (Rubyred427)!

    @dawnbgethealthy Great pepper! I love gardening but over the past 20 years in this house the oak tree next door has shaded my veggie garden to the point I'm not sticking to herbs and serrano peppers.

  • Lilylady3kLilylady3k Member, Premium Posts: 503 Member Member, Premium Posts: 503 Member
    My challenge this evening which is of my own choosing. I'm going to a meeting in person instead of over Zoom to see friends. The theme is Mixology ... yes the theme says it all! We'll be learning to create two signature cocktails from the spunky mixologist, Nikki Hemphill-Munoz of Mobile Intoxicologists of Houston"

    Signature Cocktails Ingredients:
    1. Skyy Wild Strawberry Vodka, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, mint. Garnish: strawberry slices and lime wheel. Glassware: Highball Glass

    2. Cruzan Mango Rum, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice, soda. Garnish: Pineapple leaf, pineapple slice, and cherry. Glassware: Hurricane Glass

    Game Plan: Enjoy the evening but only sample/taste (one sip each) the drinks and carry around a glass of water! I do not want to record the calories or carbs or chalking up another alcohol day. I'm there for the entertainment and friendships! Down 18 total pounds this morning ... I will not let social interactions destroy all my good efforts to lose weight.

    BTW: DH will be joining friends for a going away party at 8th Wonder Brewery downtown. He is planning to limit to 2 beers. The competition is on ... who can handle the peer pressure better?

    edited September 17
  • globalhikerglobalhiker Member Posts: 468 Member Member Posts: 468 Member
    Crap. Broke my AF streak and had 1 beer last night before dinner. It was a strong beer of husband's called G'Knight. Something like 8% alcohol but it was red in color and smelled really fragrant. I guess it was supposed to send me to lala land, but instead made my blood sugar nosedive. As usual, I overate at dinner to try to stabilize things. 1 beer event for me = 1000 calorie overload. This beer alone was 240 calories (OMG).

    Recently, I've been waking up and having trouble getting my energy going (even after 2 coffees). Seems like I am dragging in the mornings and too speedy and overheated in the late afternoons. Just not on an even energy keel. I Is it just normal worsening perimenopause or maybe I just need fresh clean oxygenated cool air, the one thing we haven't had here in AZ for a long time?
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