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Less Alcohol - SEPTEMBER 2020 - One Day at a Time



  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 2,645 Member Member Posts: 2,645 Member
    I am Dawn. 59 (for 8 more days), I live in SE BC
    My goal has remained the same, one that I feel comfortable with: 16-20AF days each month.

    September might prove challenging, since I will be going away and having some sort of self-indulgent holiday for part of the 2 weeks that I have booked off from all of my jobs. So looking forward to a break from work, got kind of spoiled during the lockdown. I was living my best life - lack of stress allowed me to lose weight, I drank less, worked out more, got the garden tilled and planted etc.

    Tuesday September 01 - AF - I felt like having drinks, but can't be starting a new month out that way!
    Wednesday September 02 - AF
    Thursday September 03 - AF - I might have drinks after work tomorrow, we'll see.
    Friday September 04 - Drinks. I ended up buying 4 packs of strawberries since they were on sale, 2 pounds for 97c each. I made Strawberry Daquiris with fresh lemons and Stevia. I really enjoyed them.
    Saturday September 05 - AF - I satisfied myself yesterday with my fruity cocktails.
    Sunday September 06 - AF - Felt like having drinks, didn't.
    Monday September 07 - AF - Getting tested/fitted for hearing aids in the morning, so thought that I had better not have drinks tonight.
    Tuesday September 08 - Drinks. Kind of a mash-up between happy to end my ridiculous work day (stress) and relaxing. I had kind of vowed not to drink to relieve stress, I partially failed on that account, but it worked (as it does). Oh, I got hearing aids this morning! Argh, I can now hear my thighs rubbing together!! Ack
    Wednesday September 09 - AF - Very early morning and long work day tomorrow, so no booze tonight.
    Thursday September 10 - AF - Too tired tonight to even mix up a drink. Another early busy day tomorrow.
    Friday September 11 - Drinks. Strawberry Daquiris to start, used only a half of a shot. Yup, still using up those strawberries that I got on a great deal, I eat them every morning for breakfast. I flirted with the idea of not drinking again until my birthday, 9 days, but then was like...nope. I do intend to drink every day on my holiday (like I did last year in Dallas, never to excess of course, don't want to puke), so part of the flirtation was to kind of "save up" my drinking days. No regrets on drinks tonight. I stopped by a friend's place when arriving back into town from a job in another town. I knew by the clock in my car that she would just be getting off of work. She drinks white wine and offered me some, amongst other options. I declined. Once I got home and realized that work was done for the week and that it was so beautiful out after working indoors all day, I was just like...yeah. Having cocktails. Still cognizant of wanting to squeak out 8 more AF days before the end of the month.
    Saturday September 12 - AF - A friend came by who I would normally have made a cocktail for and joined her, it was very tempting, but I had drinks yesterday, so abstained. Kind of saving up some days for my trip.
    Sunday September 13 - AF - I have a busy couple of work days ahead prior to my trip. Going to stay AF until ... at least a couple/few days.

    Rolling total 10AF days out of 13 days so far.
  • Lilylady3kLilylady3k Member, Premium Posts: 503 Member Member, Premium Posts: 503 Member
    @chocolate_owl Texas is so big yet so small. I have lots of cousins that live around Dallas.

    Enjoy your trip!
  • Lilylady3kLilylady3k Member, Premium Posts: 503 Member Member, Premium Posts: 503 Member
    Returned home and no longer in "fishing camp mood". AF tonight :) DH asked if I wanted to go out to eat since I cooked at the camp every day (no restaurants near by). I knew that would lead to a drink with dinner so I declined and ran to the grocery store and then made dinner.

    Sept accountability ~ 14
    No Alcohol: 6 days
    Alcohol: 8 days (15 drinks)
    Goal: AF days 4 per week / 16 per month; limit 1-2 glasses per day
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 2,645 Member Member Posts: 2,645 Member
    Super smoky here, a very long way from the Coast fires up from California, Oregon, Washington, but the smoke has really travelled, right into Alberta I hear!
    You likely have it too @Doxmum
    Are you staying in the same town when you move btw?
    Moving is stressful, if the borders weren't closed I would help you : - )
  • DoxmumDoxmum Member, Premium Posts: 128 Member Member, Premium Posts: 128 Member
    Yep - the smoke arrived 48hrs ago. More like miso broth than soup, although the sun is hazy. No need for shades. I have a close friend in Spokane, WA. She said it's bad there. @dawnbgethealthy - staying in Whitefish. Found a place with the big bedroom on the main floor. DH is having mobility problems. It's an "aging in place" home. Never thought I'd hear those words come out of my mouth. I'm the one dancing, singing and swearing with Lizzo! And thank you for the offer. Lucky for you the border is closed. I would have been tempted to take you up on it.

    @MissMay - you go girl on the AM workouts! If I don't exercise in the morning it doesn't get done. Thanks for the intel on the DM. I've sent them to a couple of people and never heard back so I was thinking it didn't work. Dawn, I sent you a DM too when I couldn't log-on. Did you get it?

    @chocolate_owl - you live in Dallas? You know you're going to be at serious altitude, right? Woodland Park is just over 8000 ft. Pike's Peak is at 14k (a "Fourteener"). Colorado Springs is right at 6k ft. The Army didn't even make the soldiers take a physical fitness test until they'd been on post 30 days. Give yourselves at least 72hrs to acclimate. Absolutely minimize or abstain from alcohol and stay hydrated. If you start feeling crappy (headache, nausea, acute fatigue, shortness of breath) get to a lower elevation immediately. Even Colorado Springs. You are getting altitude sickness. Enough unsolicited advice. Nope, not enough. Ask your primary care provider for a prescription for acetalzolamide (Diamox) to take with you. And have an AWESOME time. I love Colorado.

    Political commentary suspended until we hear from Shorepine.

    Doxmum out
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 2,645 Member Member Posts: 2,645 Member
    I wish that there was a "love" button. <3

    Love the photo of @MissMay and @mainelylisa

    And you did get another mini vacation @MissMay where you had your personal Mocktail maker for that one weekend : - )
    edited September 16
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 2,645 Member Member Posts: 2,645 Member
    Hi @Doxmum
    I don't know if I got a DM!! I log my food and exercise, going on this forum and a couple of weight loss forums, but never go to my homepage or anything. I will check and see if it worked!
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