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Podcasts to Listen to While Walking?



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    I usually take ~1hr to do my runs and I hate having to take my phone out to change so I try to pick pods that have episodes that last an hour or so. Depends on what topics you're into but here are some that I typically listen to:

    My Favorite Murder - comedy, definitely longer than an hour usually..but they talk a lot at the beginning of each episode before they get to talking about the

    Oh No Ross and Carrie - this is two friends who do investigative journalism type stuff with topics involving spirituality, fringe science, and/or religion --- there is a multi-part series where they traveled to a retreat in Costa Rica and did ayahuasca .... it's fascinating. They are very smart people, do their research and I love listening to them.

    Astonishing Legends --- these are two friends who also do boatloads of research for their episodes - which focus on supernatural stuff, paranormal stuff, folklore, and/or cryptids (think....Mothman/haunted stuff/Skinwalker Ranch...UFOs...etc.).

    Good Job Brain -- unfortunately there are not new episodes of this pod any longer but it was 4 friends - all very smart - and it's basically like a pub quiz show. They make quizzes for each other (some episodes are all quizzes) and basically pick a topic each episode and give you a bunch of trivial knowledge about that thing. I like it a lot. And like I said, there aren't new episodes but they have a huge backlog to get into if you like it.
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    Joe Rogan Experience
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