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Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 126



  • jaccimc63jaccimc63 Member Posts: 989 Member Member Posts: 989 Member
    Female, 5ft. 6 in.
    Age 56
    Akron, Ohio

    OSW: 186 (March 2018)
    Maintenance: 140-145 (December 2018)

    My 87th Round!

    I've made it back to maintenance but I prefer to stay at the lower end. I will keep working to get back down to 142.
    End R40: 171 (-3)
    End R41: 170.5 (-.5)
    End R42: 168 (-2.5)
    End R43: 165 (-3)
    End R44: 163.5 (-1.5)
    End R45: 163 (-.5)
    End R46: 160 (-3)
    End R47: 158.5 (-1.5)
    End R48: 159 (+.5)
    End R49: 157.5 (-1.5)
    End R50: 154.5 (-3)
    End R51: 154 (-.5)
    End R52: 153 (-1)
    End R53: 152.5 (-.5)
    End R54: 151 (-1.5)
    End R55: 149.5 (-1.5)
    End R56: 146.5 (-3)
    End R57: 146.5 (0)
    End R58: 146.5 (0)
    End R59: 144 (-2.5)
    End R60: 144 (0)
    End R61: 145 (+1)
    End R62: 144 (-1)
    End R63: 147.5 (+3.5) Christmas and New Year’s
    End R64: 145 (-2.5)
    End R65: 145.5 (+.5)
    End R66: 144 (-1.5)
    End R67: 142.5 (-1.5)
    End R68: 143 (+.5)
    End R69: 144.5 (+1.5)
    End R70: 142 (-2.5)
    End R71: 141.5 (-.5)
    End R72: 140 (-1.5)
    End R73: 141 (+1)
    End R74: 143 (+2)
    End R75: 142 (-1)
    End R76: 144.5 (+2.5)
    End R77: 144 (-.5)
    End R78: 143.5 (-.5)
    End R79: 143.5 (0)
    End R80: 140 (-3.5)
    End R81: 143.5 (+3.5)
    End R82: 142 (-1.5)
    End R83: 143.5 (+1.5)
    End R84: 142.5 (-1)
    End R85: 142 (-.5)
    End R86: 142 (0)
    End R87: 140.5 (-1.5)
    End R88: 141.5 (+1)
    End R89: 141.5 (0)
    End R90: 145 (+3.5) Quit smoking
    End R91: 145 (0)
    End R92: 143.5 (-1.5)
    End R93: 146 (+2.5)
    End R94: 144.5 (-1.5)
    End R95: 143.5 (-1)
    End R96: 144.5 (+1)
    End R97: 146.5 (+2) Thanksgiving aftermath
    End R98: 145.5, BF33.2%, MM 63% (-1)
    End R99: 147.5 (+2) Christmas
    End R100: 147 (-.5) New Year
    End R101: 147 (0)
    End R102: 145.5 (-1.5)
    End R103: 144 (-1.5)
    End R104: 143(-1)
    End R105: 143.5 (+.5)
    End R106: 143.5 (0)
    End R107: 143.5 (0)
    End R108: 142 (-1.5)
    End R109: 143 (+1)
    End R110: 143 (0)
    End R111: 144 (+1)
    End R112: 146 (+2)
    End R113: 143.5 (-2.5)
    End R114: 146.5 (+3)
    End R115: 146 (-.5)
    End R116: 146 (0)
    End R117: 145.5 (-.5)
    End R118: 146 (+.5)
    End R119: 146.5 (+.5)
    End R120: 147 (+.5)
    End R121: 147 (0)
    End R122: 145 (-2)
    End R123: 144.5 (-.5)
    End R124: 143 (-1.5)
    End R125: 143 (0) - Labor Day

    SW: 143


    09/14 - 143.5
    09/15 - 144 - Hopefully, this is the end of my weekend bounce. Weight loss calories and extra water for the rest of the week.
    09/16 - 144 - OK, I'm going to work on getting this down before the weekend.
    09/17 - 143.5 - DH and I took a long walk starting from a newly discovered (to us) trailhead on the Ohio/Erie Canal towpath last night. We've walked along the towpath from many different trailheads, but somehow we missed the one that was closest to our house.
    09/18 - 144
    09/19 - 143.5
    09/20 - 144
    09/21 - 145
    09/22 - 144.5
    09/23 - 144.5

  • Hilogirl2018Hilogirl2018 Member Posts: 619 Member Member Posts: 619 Member
    10 DAY GOALS: (1) 10-minutes daily activity (2) Log all food and stay in calorie range (3) Weigh daily and post
    Age: 40
    Height: 5'7"
    Highest weight: 158 (3/9/19)
    Challenge Restart starting weight: 147.2 (8/19/20)
    Round 125 starting weight: 141
    Goal weight: 125-127
    Challenge Restart lbs lost: 6.2 lbs

    ROUND HISTORY (lost 32 lbs, regained 20 during quarantine)
    Round 71 SW 157.8 EW 155.4 (-2.4)
    Round 72 SW 155.4 EW 153 (-2.4)
    Round 73 SW 155.4 EW 153.6 (+0.6)
    Round 74 SW 153.6 EW 153.6 (vacation, mini maintenance goal achieved!)
    Round 75 (BEGAN KETO): SW 153.6 EW 149.2 (-4.4)
    Round 76 SW 149.2 EW 144.2 (-5 )
    Round 77 SW 144.2 EW 142.8 (-1.4)
    Round 78 (TRANSITION KETO-->LOW CARB) SW 142.8 EW 139.4 (-3.4)
    Round 79 (LOW CARB-->"CARBY" DIET AGAIN) SW 139.4 EW 139.8 (+0.4 )
    Round 80 SW 139.8 EW 134.2 (-5.6)
    Round 81 SW 134.2 EW 134.8 (+0.6)
    Round 82 SW 134.8 EW 134.6 (-0.6)
    Round 83 SW 134.6 EW 134 (-0.6)
    Round 84 SW 134 EW 131.2 (-2.8)
    Round 85 SW 131.2 EW 130.6 (-0.6)
    Round 86 SW 130.6 EW 129.2 (-1.4)
    Round 87 SW 129.2 EW 129.6 (+0.4)
    Round 88 SW 129.2 EW 127 (-2.6)
    Round 89 SW 127 EW 127.2 (+0.2)
    Round 90 SW 127.2 EW 127.4 (+0.2)
    Round 91 SW 129.2 EW 126.6 (+1.8)
    Round 92 SW 129.2 EW 126.6 (-2.6)
    Round 93 SW 126.6 EW 126.6 (-0)
    (BREAK Rounds 94-96)
    Round 97 SW 128.2 EW 127.2 (-1)
    Round 98 SW 128.2 EW 127.2 (-1)
    Round 99 SW 125.8 EW 127.8 (+2.6)
    Round 100 SW 127.8 EW 127.8 (-0)
    Round 101 SW 127.8 EW 126.2 (-1.6)
    Round 102 SW 126.2 EW 124.6 (-1.6)
    Round 103 EW 125.4
    Round 104-122 Left challenge during quarantine, oops! Regained 20 lbs!
    Round 123 SW 147.2 EW 145.4 (-1.8)
    Round 124 SW 145.4 EW 144.2 (-1.2)
    Round 125 SW 144.2 EW 141.0 (-3.2)

    09/14 141.0 I decided to incorporate my spoiler showing my round history. I finally feel like I've gained momentum in this process. Focusing on *maintenance*, not just the weight loss this time around. But my mini goal is to track my daily goals so I can hopefully get into the 130s again by hitting 139 this round.
    09/15 141.8 Slightly up, but only slightly. Hit my goals yesterday and on track for the same today.
    09/16 141.2 Hit my goals yesterday. Feeling very sore today and my back is killing me, so I'm going to be doing an arm workout for my 10 minutes today. I skipped dessert because I didn't feel like it, and I have to admit, I was hoping for a lower number today. But it's too early to call this a plateau. This is just the normal slowness of the process. More than anything, I'm waiting for that day when I *feel* lighter. I still feel ick.
    09/17 142.2 I know I'm not truly up a pound, but I am still ready to see a lower number. I didn't hit my exercise goal yesterday, but I only had 1132 calories, so I'm not overeating by any means. Just have to keep plugging along.
    09/18 140.2 Met all three goals yesterday. Anyone else give yourself a little pep talk right before you hop on the scale? ("If it's higher than yesterday, that's okay, it's just a fluctuation. If it's lower, awesome, but even if it's the same, remember, you're doing great!"). I couldn't weigh daily if I didn't psych myself up for it every time because the ups and downs- especially when you're doing everything 'right'- can be so demoralizing otherwise. Needless to say, though, I was happy to see this number going into the weekend. Let's stay focused on our goals over the next two days, everyone! No sad Monday weigh-ins.
    09/19 142.2 No exercise yesterday, hit the other two goals. Good thing I do those pre-weigh in pep talks! The weird thing is that today is the first day I actually woke up *feeling* thinner. Starting to feel a little less fat in the hips, and a little less in the stomach when I sit up straight, too. So I'm happy! A scale fluctuation is just that. I AM SEEING PROGRESS! Today marks one month since I restarted this challenge, and and even with today's bounce upward, I've lost a solid 5 lbs!
    09/20 140.0 I knew it! Glad I trusted my knowledge of my body and not the dumb scale. It's meant to be a learning tool, not a torture device. Only 2/3 goals met yesterday (no exercise).
    09/21 140.8 Still on track. No exercise yesterday, however.
    09/22 140.0 No exercise yesterday. I've been 140 for four out of the past five days, and I feel a change coming (hopefully, it's a 139!). Today should be motivating for us all because it's the last day of round. Let's make it a strong finish, everyone!
    09/23 140.6 I'd hoped to land on 139 to close out this round, but it's okay. Lost 0.6 lbs still in this round, and I'm not gaining! Next round, I'll hit the 130s. Here we go! Looking forward to it. Exercised 4/10 days this round, so shooting for improvement.
  • katmixkatmix Member Posts: 293 Member Member Posts: 293 Member
    Sign me up for Challenge #126! I am just over halfway to my goal-in just 3.5 challenges, woo!

    SW: 139lbs GW: 115lbs

    Round #122 < 3.8lbs
    Round #123 < 3.4lbs
    Round #124 < 2.4
    Round #125 < 3.6lbs
    Round #126 < 1.2lbs

    09/14 126.8 Walking: 20 mins
    09/15 126.8 Walking: 15 mins
    09/16 125.8 Woo-hoo! Walking: 30 mins Wouldn’t you know I sabotaged my wonderful weight-number by indulging in KFC for dinner? Special night, my chicklets all home...
    09/17 125.8 So glad that the scale didn’t hate me! Rest day
    09/18 125.0 Woo! 14lbs down… No exercise, knee is pitching fits.
    09/19 125.2 Wha?? Didn’t log, didn’t exercise, family wedding, need I say more?!
    09/20 Didn’t weigh, didn’t log, didn’t exercise. Company goes home tomorrow and I’ll be back on track!
    09/21 126.0 Well I weighed...but wish I hadn’t! Except of course, that it inspired me to watch my intake today… No exercise.
    09/22 126.2 Noooo! No exercise, either...
    09/23 125.6...I’ll take it! No exercise…

  • musicsaxmusicsax Member Posts: 2,253 Member Member Posts: 2,253 Member

    Whoops wrong round!!
    edited September 24
  • DevietteDeviette Member Posts: 908 Member Member Posts: 908 Member
    Internet issues yesterday, finishing my round

    Female, 28, 159cm
    OSW: 74.5kg
    SW: 73.3kg
    GW: 72.8kg
    UGW: 62kg

    Previous Rounds
    Rounds Start: 73.8
    Round 125: 73.3 (-0.5)

    09/14 - 73.8 - Because of course it jumps up to what it was a week ago. This is why I'm glad I weigh every day, because it would look like I've not lost anything this last week, but I know that this is just a fluctuation up. And I know why too. Yesterday was a maintenance day. I knew it was going to be a maintenance day. I banked calories for it to be a maintenance day. It still feels wrong to allow my numbers go into the red. Ah well. Cider at lunch (first time I've drunk alcohol for ages, damn it was good), went out for lunch (nice burger and chips), lots of cheese for dinner and topped it off with a big chocolate cookie. CI was slightly above CO so not quite a true maintenance day, but considering my deficit for the week, I'm still pretty happy with it all and all. And I didn't eat all of my lunch because it was there. When I was full, I stopped nibbling at the chips and left them.
    09/15 - 74.0 - Now you can just stop it. My legs are killing me. Judo yesterday killed me. My legs were still kind of hurting going into the session left over from Saturday, and then what did we do during the circuits? More flipping frog jumps. Aaaaah! It's fine, I don't need to use my legs! And I think I've pulled my hamstring because I am so close to getting left side splits flat to the floor (something I've not been able to do since I was a about 10), so I pushed it a little too much trying to get there, I did make it though, but only for a second, and it hurt so maybe a little bit longer on that one. So yeah, fluid retention is strong today. Hopefully we'll see a drop tomorrow back to something a little more sensible.
    09/16 - 74.4 - Why? Seriously though, why?
    09/17 - 73.8 - Right, well at least that better. Lets see if this trend continues. Yesterday was hard, I am getting really hungry at the moment (lead up to my period week, I think) and I decided to work from home where all the food was available. But managed to keep it at bay and eat fairly sensible. Dinner was somewhat disappointing as I'd bought some lean cut pork sausages with a lower calorie count. But the amount of calorie difference was no where near enough to make up for the fact that they were just not as nice a normal sausages. And they shrank up quite small, so two wasn't really quite enough, and at that point is the sausage just less calories because there's less of it than other brands. Well whatever, not going to be going for that again.
    09/18 - 73.8 - It's frustrating that it's still not going down, but with this week I'm not overly surprised. I have been oh so hungry this week. Yesterday was definitely the peak of my hunger. I just did not feel satisfied with anything yesterday. Normally I save some of my breakfast shake to eat later at about 3pm (when I start feeling a little munchy), but that didn't happen, and I was still hungry afterwards, and I was still hungry after lunch, even though I packed extra fruit because I thought I would be hungry, and I ate more than a few squares of the 'not very nice chocolate' I keep in my desk to stop me going to the shop for a snickers. And it took every ounce of willpower I had not to say "screw it" and order a takeaway for dinner. But order I did not, and I pulled some leftovers out of the freezer and had that instead. I finished the day still a little hungry, but under maintenance. No matter what the scales say, I'd call that a win.
    09/19 - 73.4 - Looks like my perseverance finally paid off. I did actually finally log onto my trendweight account for the first time in ages and discovered that my trend weight has still been dropping all this week which is encouraging and does make me feel better about the whole massive weight spike thing. Yesterday was so much better than the days before. The hunger monster had definitely gone back to bed to the extent that dinner didn't really turn out to be anything as neither me nor OH where very hungry so we had half a pizza (only half!!) and a glass of wine. Slightly over, but I normally build up a bit of a buffer on the weekends and this should be an active one so feeling optimistic.
    09/20 - 73.4 - that's fine I guess. Judo yesterday so would be expecting to be holding a lot of water, so that numbers strangely low tbh. Ended up doing two sessions as there was space in the juniors session and was certainly tired after it so my seniors session wasn't quite as good as I wanted. Eating was stupidly low. I just wasn't hungry. I often find that on Judo Saturdays that by the time I get home at around 2-3, I'll eat something and barely be hungry for the rest of the day. My 'dinner' was an eaton mess situation which was very few calories for something sweet and was nice and light as I wasn't really that hungry.
    09/21- 73.4 - Okay I'm sick of seeing this number now, can we change the record please. A busy-ish day yesterday. Woke up early and had plans for a 2hour-ish hike with the OH finishing with a picnic, but he got back late from work (2am instead of midnight) so we pushed that back to have lunch early on and walk afterward. Still, he was tired so we cut out something that claimed to be a short detour to look at an arty bench, but looked much more like a longish detour. Shame because it looked like the most interesting of the arty benches we were looking out for on our walk. So with my early start I actually cut the hedge before we headed out, and feeling completely knackered in the process to the extent that with the hike later I was literally falling asleep where I stood the moment it hit 10pm. My body hurts so much this morning. Eating was good, and actually ended up again well under calories. I always find it weird how a lot of people kind weekends hard to control their eating, but personally I find mid week the hard part and the weekend an easy way to bank calories for the rest of the week. Anyone else find this?
    09/22 - 72.9 - Finally!! And yep, my period has just started, so that's a thing. I'll have to remember that for next month. This is the result I was starting to wonder if it was ever going to happen has finally paid off. Judo yesterday, and my abs are so sore (so much core stuff in the circuit), so could still be retaining water. We'll see. Eating was good, and I even had a cookie as I had the calories. I'm thinking of buying and cutting them in half in future, because I was in a rush and grabbed a whole one from the freezer, but if I was more than satisfied by around half way through, and I think if I'd only half a half, I would've been happy with a half. I ate the rest after judo, mostly because it was there, more than desperately wanting it.

    :star: 09/23 - 73.3 - No I'm fine with that. We had a bad day the day before. I don't really want to go into it, but a glass of wine and a unlogged dinner is the reason for this rise. Not sure how I'm going to square this on the spreadsheet, but I'll manage. Trend is still down.

    Round summary:
    A tough round this time. Really struggled with hunger in places and some frustrating numbers. However I ended up level with how I ended up last round and honestly I'm quite happy with that. My trend weight is down 0.1kg, not huge, but a loss is a loss.
  • BrownMargaret3021BrownMargaret3021 Member, Premium Posts: 9 Member Member, Premium Posts: 9 Member
    9/14 159.8 - Got a serious workout in this morning. It was a pilates fusion class.
    9/15 160.4 Water retention from muscle soreness for sure. I have been eating around 1600 calories.
    9/16...161.4 so strange 😕 (or maybe not)
    9/17 160.4 yesterday (wed) was a reformer pilates day.  I'm a little sore in my core. I finally got a good night's sleep. It seems like it takes 1-1/2 weeks without alcohol to get back to my natural, deep slumbers. Feeling rejuvinated!
    9/18 160.4
    9/19 159.0 Yay!
    9/20 159.4
    9/21 158.8 i didn't eat healthy over the weekend but I tracked everything and didn't go overboard. I also stayed alcohol free.
    9/22 159.8 water weight again i think. Feeling menstrual cramps
    9/23 159.8 wow! I ate way too much yesterday.  I'm surprised my weight didn't go up.
    9/24 159.4 all things considered I'm A-okay with this ending weight. I didn't eat the greatest this week but mensrating + 2nd week of zero alcohol for an alcoholic = bad food choices. I'll do better next week.
  • quiltingjainequiltingjaine Member Posts: 3,016 Member Member Posts: 3,016 Member
  • tammierlewistammierlewis Member Posts: 490 Member Member Posts: 490 Member
    F 61. 5'2".
    HWE 188
    GW 130
    Round 126

    Joining this group to boost my restart.


    09/17. 141.4. Beginning
    09/18. 141.4. Got in a long (6.5 mile) run yesterday. My evening snacking needs to stop.
    09/19. 141.8. Going the wrong direction! Lots of chips and salt yesterday. At least they're all gone now. I did a long run this morning 8 miles. Slow pace but it was good alone time.
    09/20. 141.6. Bike ride today and water volley ball.
    09/21. 141.6. Errand day with lots of running around. Homemade chicken soup to last a couple of days.
    09/22. 141.6. I think my scales are stuck. Ran 5 miles this morning and a short bike ride with a little gardening in between.
    09/23. 139.8. Big drop. Don't expect it to last but feels good for a while. Not a lot of people activity today. DH birthday tomorrow.
    09/24. 141.6 Back to the beginning. Ran for a n your and mowed the grass.

  • zafiroazulzafiroazul Member, Premium Posts: 16 Member Member, Premium Posts: 16 Member
    Female, Age 44, 5'9.5"
    Highest Weight = 168
    Ultimate Goal Weight = 145

    [email protected]

    Day, Weight, Comment
    09/14 : 165.2 long walks, good day at work, feeling great slept well for first time in a while last night
    09/15: 164.9 power walk, healthy and hydrated dinner, relaxed
    09/16: 164.5 another great walk (tired legs!), fun at work, friends, and healthy homecooked balanced meal
    09/17: 164 feeling good in the mornings, great power walk, and relaxing night at home. Early bed again!
    09/18: 163.7 long work, errands, but good. Didn't get in walk but stayed within calories and water:) I'll take it.
    09/19: 164.3 long walk, rode my horse, did some errands, fun dinner in a new town I hadn't been to before.
    09/20: 163 lazy day, got several smaller walks in, good and busy week ahead. Staying dedicated and excited!
    09/21: 163 did my long walk, office, relatively active all day, met calorie and exercise goals:) And hydration!
    09/22: 162.8 happy to get into the "2's", long work day, exciting future prospects!!
    09/23: 163.4 trip to NYC, got in the steps, gonna have to rein in the next few days to get losses again

    Round Summary: Down 1.8 I am happy with that!! Really want the next challenge to get me into a new 1XX number on the scale!
    edited September 25
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