Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 127



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    Round 127

    Age: 39
    Height: 5’ 4”
    SW: 163
    CW: 153.2
    GW: 145
    UGW: 130

    GW for this round: 150

    Round 126 (1): 156 to 153.2 (-2.8 lbs)

    09/24 - 152.4(!) - And that’s 10 lbs! What a great way to start a new round. 😊. I know I still have a long way to go, and that many of the changes I’m making are permanent, but seeing progress is really uplifting. I got in a good workout this morning and I’m motivated to come up with a good meal plan for this weekend and next week.

    09/25 - 152.2 - Had takeout pizza last night, so happy it didn’t hit me too hard on the scale today (stayed within my calories, but sodium!) Rough night with the little guy; he woke a few times so I only got very broken sleep. Still got up at 6 this morning and got a run in with him before the rest of the family woke up. I enjoy morning runs with him, but it’s much more of a hassle than working out on the Switch! Got to get snacks, water, toys - get him dressed and his jacket on - get him all strapped in....definitely can’t just head out the door. But it’s going to be getting cold and rainy here soon, so I feel like I should be getting out while we can.

    09/26 - 152.4 - I’m okay with that - had pizza again last night, as well as a slice of the lemon bread I’d made. Put me at 1,800 calories for the day which is about 200 calories more than usual. Woke up feeling tired and bloated this morning too - exercise helped. I meal planned for the week (chili, stuffed sweet potatoes, chicken and veggie casserole!) and went out and did some weeding while the kids played. Now have to get the energy to get the groceries and figure out what to do with all the lemons I picked from our tree yesterday - 4 dozen! Even after zesting and juicing a bunch, making lemonade for the kids, making lemon bread and giving a dozen to a friend, I still have about 15. 😂

    09/27 - 153.4 - Well, that’s not the way I want it to go! 😂 Feels like TOM might be starting soon, so that could be part of it. Will just keep trusting the process. I spent an hour and a half doing heavy gardening yesterday: breaking up ground and mixing compost into it. I hope that will make up for me skipping my workout this morning to plant the fall garden.

    09/28 - 151.6 - That’s much better! Feeling sore this morning, but we got the garden planted yesterday - broccoli, 2 types of cauliflower, kale, spinach, lettuce, brussel sprouts, carrots and onions! Hopefully some of them will grow. 😊 Continuing to stay around 1,500-1,600 calories a day, which is the baseline that MFP gives me; I don’t trust the calculations of exercise calories enough to eat any of them back. Closing in on 30 days of exercising and weight loss!

    09/29 - 151.6 - Sooooooo tired today. Little guy must be having another molar come in - he was up crying multiple times last night and had to be rocked back to sleep each time. Of course he’s not acting tired at all today, so it’s chasing after both kids like usual. At least I get all my steps in! We got outside to a park this morning before it started “snowing” ash this afternoon. I made my meal planned lunches today, so I’m set there for the rest of the week.

    09/30 - 151.0 - When I stepped on the scale 30 days ago and saw 165, I was done. Done with dedicating my body to my kids like I’d been doing for the last 5 years. Done feeling flabby, out of shape and uncomfortable in my clothes. Done being embarrassed of how I look in pictures. And I was done making excuses and not doing anything about it. So I opened MFP again and started tracking. I started exercising each morning with the Ring Fit Adventure game my husband had gotten on the Switch. And I started extending the evening walk with the dog to be over a mile instead of just around the block.

    30 days later - I’m down 12 lbs!!! (Got to take the new scale into account.). My character is level 103 on Ring Fit. My clothes fit better, and I’m down a size in my jeans. I’m managing to make meals that the kids will eat - and have a dessert - AND still stay within my calorie goal each day. And we have a happy doggie who gets a nice long walk before bedtime. 😂

    I’m sorry this post is long - and a little self-congratulatory. But I’m amazed at how far I’ve come already, and a little proud of myself for sticking with it. I thought I’d be doing well if I got to 160 by this point - so closing in on 150 seems unreal. We’ll see if I can get any lower by the end of the round, but I’m calling this month a huge win.

    10/01 - 150.8 - Happy October! Thanks for all the likes and well-wishes - finding this group has been so helpful with the encouragement and motivation. 😊. Hoping to keep moving towards 145 and start working on toning and strength too.

    10/02 - 150.4 - Air is terrible again, so it’s another day stuck inside. I downloaded Pokémon Go again (haven’t touched it for years) to give me another motivation to extend my walks in the evening. Feeling very hungry today for some reason - will need to focus on eating nutritious food and not snack randomly.

    10/03 -
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    Count me in for Round #127!

    SW: 139
    GW: 115 (Ha! I'm thrilled to have hit 125lbs! It's been too long...)

    Round #123 < 3.4lbs
    Round #124 < 2.4
    Round #125 < 3.6lbs
    Round #126 < 1.2lbs

    09/24 125.6 No exercise
    09/25 124.8 Woo! Down just over 14lbs in 6 weeks! No exercise...end of crazy first week of school, and I’m exhausted!
    09/26 124.2 Walking: 56 mins
    09/27 124.2 No exercise
    09/28 123.8 Walking: 16 mins
    09/29 123.8 Walking: 15 mins
    09/30 123.8 Walking: 22 mins
    10/01 123.8 Walking: 22 mins Uh oh. Breaded chicken strips get me almost every time...(And since I'd already messed up-added chips to the regret and shame... Ha!
    10/02 Didn’t weigh, didn’t exercise
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    @SModa61 After years of weighing each day, I realized that it can take 2-3 days for my food choices to be reflected on the scale.

    I'm not sure what in my reply to @anlaing016 was inappropriate. My primary concern from her note to the community is the stress she is feeling about her erratic schedule and that impact on her daily numbers.

    As my food/weight comments, yes, those are my observations about my body, BUT I only learned about me because of years of daily tracking and weighing and learning my patterns. In my 12 years as a WW receptionist and weighing and speaking with 100's of members (I did on average 20 members/meeting for up to 13 meetings a week), I observed how different we all are. There is no one absolute that applies to everyone. The great aspect of community is that in that volume of support, there is a diversity in advice and within that advice something may help. Your food/loss pattern is different from mine. The food/loss comments I shared with anlaing were those a few cases where one could have a number of the scale that is out of line with the caloric content of the food diary/tracker. I have trigger two such anomalies since I began tracking on 9/14 - one was a higher carb day (slight uptick next morning but resolved by the following morning) and last week's higher sodium day. Learning an knowing ones patterns like mine and like yours IMO make it easier to not get throw off track (not stress) when the scale shows an unexpected weight.
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    Sept 22: SW 217
    Female, mid 40's, 5'10"
    Aim is to lower Blood Glucose (pre-diabetic)
    Goal lose 3 lbs

    Sept 24: W 216. plan to stick to my eating window(did that!) doing a workout helps, drinking herbal tea instead of numerous cups of coffee. Had a late night snack (not hungry, stress?). Also lots of infused parsley/lemon water.

    Sept 25: W 214. repeat yesterday: doing a workout, lots of water, going to work on awareness of stress feelings. No late night snacks!!

    Sept 26: W 214. Was tired, went to bed 1 hr earlier than normal. Had a snack (unplanned before bed).

    Sept 27: W 214. Realise last night's snack was because I was sore and tired. Still have sore knees and fatigue today, warm epsom salt bath tonight. No workout today. Stuck to my eating window (Yay),see how it goes. Reached my coffee limit at noon, herbal tea is on the menu. Stayed on plan !!

    Sept 28: W 215. Oh well, am not giving up. Did my planned workout & stuck to my eating window and food choices, lots of water. Feeling less sore, just some fatigue.

    Sept 29: W 215. No change. Still not giving up. Kept to plan, still tired in the pm. Lots of water. Limited coffee to three - have to work on this (does not help with auto immune symptoms)

    Sept 30: W 214. Kept to plan, able to limit coffee today. Sea salt bath. No w/o - feel much better. Slight headache - sure it's congestion related. No SNACK!! Went to bed 1 hr earlier.

    Oct 1: W 214. Feeling good about today. Congested , no w/o, but all went well

    Oct 2: W 212. YES!! Did my w/o, stuck to my eating window .Did have a little temptation with hubbies Doritos.

    Wow , Just realised today and not tomorrow is the end of this round!! Well I did it, my goal was losing 3 lbs and I lost 4! Slowly , slowly but it still goes down!!
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    Ready for more. Thanks @GrandmaJackie

    RSW 211.8

    09/24- 211.6:)
    09/25- 211.4:)I was expecting a bounce - maybe that will come tomorrow - ate all my exercise calories in the form of salted almonds, but otherwise stayed on track.
    09/26- 212.2 - there's the bounce! over 500 exercise cals yesterday and did not eat any of them!
    09/27- 211.6:smile:Food prep day today - not my favourite way to spend a Sunday, but I will be glad of it when the work week starts.
    09/28- 213 - don't know why - but my rings are tight this morning so hopefully its water
    09/29- 211.2 - happy dance - I'm doing my happy dance!
    09/30 - 210.8:)
    10/02-212.6 mea culpa - eating an entire container of cashews is not a good weight loss strategy
    10/03- 213.4 - not a good round for me - time to re-focus for the next round