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  • superveggiecatsuperveggiecat Member, Premium Posts: 113 Member Member, Premium Posts: 113 Member
    Good morning and happy Saturday! Today I'm heading up to Storm King Arts Center, and will get my exercise in some of the most beautiful acres in NY.

    SW: 248 (1/1/2020)
    CW: 225
    GW: 200 by 2021

    Starting weight for this round: 225lb
    Goal weight for this round: 223 lb

    Food/Activity goals for this week:
    Continue 16:8 Intermittent Fasting - achieved
    Continue to log fasting blood glucose - achieved
    Complete Week 2 of C25K and start Week 3 - total failure
    Continue to plug away at my Obé "Harder AF" 28 day challenge - total failure. Try again next week.

    9/24: 225lbs, FBG 99:
    9/25: 223.6, FBG 115
    9/26: 224.2, FBG 97.
    9/27: 224.2. FBG 104
    9/28: 222.2 FBG 103.
    9/29: 222.2 FBG 97.
    9/30: 222.2 FBG 97.
    10/1: 221.6, FBG 103.
    10/2:221.6, FBG 103. How is it totally identical for two days in a row?
    10/3: 220.8, no recorded FBG. If that's a real weight, it's a great end to the 10 days. It's deeeeefinitely not going to last. 30 hours of train ride and train food are going to swell me like a balloon. Still great to make up for last round. On to the next one!
  • hammycakeshammycakes Member Posts: 355 Member Member Posts: 355 Member
    45 F, 5'6"
    SW 196
    GW 169 (and take a maintenance break?)

    Happy fall and another round for me! Still on a good track with motivation and consistency :smiley:
    Goal for this round: to lose 1.5 lb, to get to 186.x
    I plan to keep my calories around 12-1300 each day and continue drinking lots of water and green tea.

    Round 124 SW 193.4 EW 191.6 (-1.8 )
    Round 125 SW 191.8 EW 188.3 (-3.5)
    Round 126 SW 188.6 EW 188.0 (-0.6)
    Round 127 SW 187.8 EW TBD

    Still having to limit exercise due to plantar's faciiatis :neutral: Would really like to get back to running soon and enjoy this fall weather outside!

    Day, Weight, Comment

    9/24/20 - 187.8 to start this round, inching downward. I had a very hungry day yesterday too which made me think about the long term plan. I hope my body can adjust to eating less overall calories in the long run bc I don't want to end right back where I started. I am going to work on eating some volume veggies in the meantime. Estimated total calories 1351.

    9/25/20 - 187.4 I should be more excited about it but.. total estimated cals yesterday 1292 so not bad. Need more water today.

    9/26/20 - 187.6 hmmm. In good news, got an hour walk in this morning while my youngest was at volleyball practice. Since it was Friday yesterday I celebrated with some wine and chocolate last night. Total calories 1601, higher than my goal , but lower than maintenance calories so I'm ok with that.

    9/27/20 - 186.4 super excited about this number. hope it sticks! I'm getting very close to my goal for this round! total estimated calories for yesterday 1298. I did have a glass of wine while playing a board game with my family but plan on limiting for the rest of this week until my girl's night in. For health reasons it is recommended that I avoid alcohol (reduces chance of cancer recurrence) but sometimes it comes down to a quality of life issue. I don't want to live the rest of my life without being able to enjoy something nice once in a while. Same thing with dieting I guess. Have a little piece of cake and move on with your life.. it's what you do most of the time that counts.

    9/28/20 - 186.6 not bad considering I had rice with lunch yesterday, I don't eat a ton of carbs so usually when I do it is reflected on the scale. Total estimated calories yesterday: 1349 I'm so close to getting into the "overweight" category, I hope I can make it by the end of this round.

    9/29/20 - 187.6 A whole pound up from the day before. Total calories yesterday 1595 because I had an apple turnover for my afternoon snack. Supposedly I still had 244 left due to exercise so I'm not sweating it but I need to dial it in for today. still sitting on my trend line though so that's something.

    9/30/20 - 187.2 well I'm a bit disappointed by this number. My calories have been a bit higher (estimated 1705 yesterday) the past couple a days but still well under my maintenance numbers so theoretically I should still be losing. I felt I needed to eat a bit more bc I was just so darn hungry. But maybe I need to stay a bit lower in order to pick up the pace on the scale. Sigh. Back on it today

    10/1/20 - 188.0 idk what's goin on with the scale Estimated calories yesterday 1366. I ran/walked yesteryday for the first time in 5 weeks so maybe holding water from that. Girl's night tonight but we are just having some wine, no food involved. On the plus side my trend is still downward, even though today's weight was sitting right on the line. Hope something happens tomorrow so this round isn't a bust.

    10/2/20 - 188.2 est cals 1742
    10/3/20- 188.2 est cals 1573 I guess it's too early to see if these are maintenance calories or rebound cals. Back on 1300 today and hoping for a better round next time.
  • jamfullhousejamfullhouse Member Posts: 283 Member Member Posts: 283 Member

    Thank you so much. You are so thoughtful. Love your comments. Praying you have a wonderful weekend.
  • SheilaBonehamSheilaBoneham Member Posts: 1,575 Member Member Posts: 1,575 Member

    2020 Goal - 170
    UGW for 2021 - 130
    HSW - 218.2 (Feb. 2015)
    Weight 218.2 in Feb. 2015
    R15 end weight 151.2
    R16 end weight 151.4 (+.2)
    R17 end weight 151 (-.4)
    R18 end weight 150.4 (-.6)
    R19 end weight 149.6 (-.8)
    R20 end weight 149.3 (-.3)
    R21 end weight 149 (-.3)
    R22 end weight 148 (-1)
    R23 end weight 148.4 (+.4)
    R24 end weight 149 (+.6)
    R25 end weight 148.4 (-.6)
    R26 end weight 149.2 (+.8)
    R27 end weight 149 (-.2)
    R28 end weight 146.8 (-2.2)
    R29 end weight 146.8 (+/-0)
    R30 end weight 146.8 (+/-0); ave net calories 1411
    R31 end weight 146.8 (+/-0); ave net calories 1385
    R32 end weight unknown - traveling, no scale - ave net calories 1468
    R33 end weight 149.1 (+2.3); ave calories 1471 (after traveling/eating out for 3 weeks!)
    R34 end weight 149 (-.1); ave calories 1577
    R35 end weight 149.4 (+.4); ave calories 1592
    R36 end weight 149.6 (+.2); ave calories 1650
    R37 end weight 151 (+1.4); ave calories 1703 (154 over estimated TDEE, so no surprise I've gained)
    R38 end weight 149.8 (-1.2); averages-- calories 1420; carbs ~48%; protein ~21% ; fat ~31%
    R39 end weight 149.8 (+/-0); averages -- calories 1753.5; carbs ~47%; protein ~20%; fat ~33%
    R40 end weight 150 (+.2); averages coming later
    R41 end weight 150.8 (+.8); 10-day ave 1792
    R42 end weight 149.8 (-1); 10-day ave 1432
    R43 end weight 150.6 (+.8): 10-day ave 1406
    R44 end weight 148.8 (-1.8); 10-day ave 1430
    R45 end weight 147.6 (-1.2); 10-day ave 1338
    R46 end weight 148.8 (+.8); 10-day ave 1437
    R47 end weight 147.8 (-1); 10-day ave 1449
    R48 end weight 146.8 (-1); 10-day ave 1378
    R49 end weight 144.2 (-2.6); 10-day ave 1174
    R50 end weight 142.2 (-2); 10-day ave 1200
    R51 end weight 141 (-1.2); 10 day ave 1231
    R52 end weight 140.6 (-.4); 10-day ave 1192
    R53 end weight 137.2 (-3.4); 10-day ave 1134
    R54 end weight 136.6 (-.6); 10-day ave 1238
    R55 end weight 135.4 (-1.2); 10-day ave 1209
    R56 end weight 135 (-.4); 10-day ave 1263
    R57 end weight 134.4 (-.6); 10-day ave 1212
    R58 end weight 133.6 (-.8); 10-day ave 1372
    R59 end weight 130.8 (-2.8); 10-day ave 1125
    R60 end weight 132.2 (+1.4); 10-day ave 1384
    R61 end weight 132.6 (+.4); 10-day ave 1473
    R62 end weight 134.6 (+2); 10-day ave 1666
    R63 end weight 138.8 (+4.2); 10-day ave 2154
    R64 end weight 138.8 (+/-0); 10-day ave 1683
    R65 end weight 139 (+.2); 10-day ave 1654
    R66 end weight 139.8 (+.8); 10-day ave 1751
    R67 end weight 142.4 (+2.6)
    R68 end weight 145.6 (+2.8)
    R69 end weight 146.4 (+.8)
    R70 end weight 149 (+2.6)
    R71 end weight 148.8 (-.2)
    R72 end weight 150.8 (+2)
    R73 end weight 152 (+1.2)
    R74 end weight 153 (+1)
    R75 end weight 156.2 (+3.2) !?!??!?!?!?!
    R76 end weight 157 (+.8)
    R77 end weight 159.8 (+2.4 :p )
    R78 end weight 159.4 (-.4)
    R79 end weight 161 (+.6)
    R80 end weight 159 (-2)
    R81 end weight 158.4 (-.6)
    R82 end weight 160.4 (+2)
    R83 end weight 160 (-.4)
    R84 7/31/19 end weight - 161 (+1)
    R85 8/10/19 end weight 161 (+/- 0)
    R86 8/20/19 end weight 163 (+2)
    R87 8/30/19 end weight 163 (+/-0)
    R88 9/9/19 end weight 163
    R89 9/19/19 end weight 165.2
    R90 9/29/19 end weight 164
    R91 10/9/19 end weight 165.8
    R92 10/19/19 end weight 166.4
    R93 10/29/19 end weight 168.8
    R94 11/8/19 end weight 170.4 :-(
    R95 11/18/19 end weight 169.8.
    R96 11/28/19 end weight 171.6
    R97 12/8/19 end weight 172.4
    R98 12/18/19 end weight 174
    R99 12/28/19 end weight 175.6
    R100 1/7/20 end weight 177.6
    R101 1/17/20 end weight 177.6
    R102 1/27/20 end weight 177.2
    R103 2/6/20 end weight 178.6
    R104 2/16/20 end weight 179
    R105 2/26/20 end weight 180.2
    R106 3/7/20 end weight 180
    R107 3/17/20 end weight 180
    R108 3/27/20 end weight 180.8
    R109 4/6/20 end weight 180
    R110 4/16/20 end weight 180.6
    R111 4/26/20 end weight 181.2
    R112 5/6/20 end weight 181.4
    R113 5/16/20 end weight 181.8
    R114 5/26/20 end weight 183 ugh.
    R115 6/5/20 end weight 182.6. 10-day calorie ave 1554
    R116 6/15/20 end weight 181.8. 10-day calorie ave 1580
    R117 6/25/20 end weight 181. 10-day calorie ave 1341
    R118 7/5/20 end weight 182. 10-day calorie ave 1674 ☹️
    R119 7/15/20 end weight 181.4. 10-day calorie ave 1651
    R120 7/25/20 end weight 181.2 10-day calorie ave 1695
    R121 8/4/20 end weight 182. 10-day calorie ave 1706
    R122 8/14/20 end weight 182.8. 10-day calorie ave 1747
    R123 8/24/20 end weight 182.6. (-.2) 10-day calorie ave 1624
    R124 9/3/20 end weight 182.2. (-.4) 10-day calorie ave 1493 (Goal <1500.)
    R125 9/13/20 end weight 182.2 (0). 10-day calorie ave 1612 (Goal 1400 😡)
    R126 9/23/20 end weight 181.6 (-.6). 10-day calorie ave 1580 (Goal 1400 😐)
    R127 10/3/20 end weight 182 (+.4). 10-day calorie ave 1821 (Goal 1400 ☹️)

    R127 Goals — Calories <1400. Stop snacking after dinner. Walk at least 1 hour/day. Nudge scale downward.

    Day/Weight/Calories Previous Day/Snack Status/Comment

    9/24/20 - 182.6 - ~2100!!! - Just. Too. Much. Food.
    My creativity group came over for what may be our last in-person meeting before it’s too cold outside, and we made it a meal — teriyaki chicken, rice, salad, and chocolate chip s’mores cookie cake. Yikes! I didn’t eat big amounts, but lots of calories and the chicken was very salty. But it was lovely to be together, so all good, and I’m back on track today.

    9/25/20 - 182.6 - ~2000!!! - don’t ask about snacks 😡
    I thought I’d be back on track yesterday, but for whatever messed up reason, I ate everything in sight all evening. I think I need to turn off the news! Anyway, I had turkey sausages for breakfast, and we’re getting smoked chicken for dinner to support a fundraiser for a cause we support — going for protein and fat to counter all the carbs I’ve been snarfing the past two days. I do feel puffy, so I know some of this is water, but not all. I’m hoping all the p & f will make be feel more satisfied. Happy Friday, all! Enjoy this final weekend of Sept. 🍁🌻🐝🧶

    9/26/20 - 182.8 - 1645 - 4 triscuits
    Calories a bit high yesterday, but better, and healthy, even with my little Triscuit snack. Macros about where I want them. Day by day. I did spend an hour cleaning up my side of the garage, organizing my shelves full of garden tools, pots, references, paint and painting tools, and other miscellaneous garage things and tossing stuff I don’t need anymore. Made me feel more in control! I’m sort of working my way through the house — my closet is partly done. It’s supposed to be nice and warm today and tomorrow, so I plan so be outdoors as much as possible, and have friends coming to hang out in the garden both days, before we can’t get together. I have a writing deadline crashing down on me, so that’s first indoors, so I’ll finish closets next week. When I get every little thing organized and decluttered, I know I’ll feel better! Funny how having our surroundings in order can affect our eating, attitude, work, even play. I’m also seriously thing of taking 6 weeks away from social media for sanity and to see how much more I get done without it. I’ll stay here, though. 🙂 Way tmi, right? Have a great weekend, all!

    9/27/20 - 181.8 - 1285
    This is a nice surprise. We had a pretty caloric dinner last night—baked chicken with broccoli, green pea fusili, and Alfredo sauce. But it was so satisfying, I didn’t snack in the evening — yay! Leftovers tonight, so I’m planning a light lunch. It’s gorgeous out, so I’m off for a walk. Supposed to cool down and rain tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday!

    9/28/20 - 182 - 2045 😳 - 🍨
    Ok, it’s Monday, a new week, a new start. Still fighting the snack monster.

    9/29/20 - 181.6 - 1545 - 🍌
    Better. It rained all day yesterday, but I did get a short walk in the evening. Today is chilly but bright, so I’m off for a walk along the river and then to buy soil for my new raised beds to get them ready for spring. I may even plant some bulbs in them this fall. 🌹🌷🌹🌷 Planning a nice salad for lunch and dunno for dinner. 🤓

    9/30/20 - 183 😡 - 2196 😡 - 🍕🍿🧀
    Too much salt, too much food. DH wanted pizza yesterday, so I had that for lunch, calories high but within bounds, no dinner. But then, I confess, I went on a comfort binge last night. All salty carby, no sweets, so there’s that. Should have turned the TV off instead. Well, some of this is temporary, so although I’m not pleased, I’m also not too upset. Going for a walk, then hauling dirt to my new beds and finishing (I hope) reorganizing closets. The fun never stops!

    10/1/20 - 181.4 🙂 - 1801 - 🍨
    I knew a lot of that was salt! I ate well yesterday, but did have a small bowl of ice cream last night. With walking, my calories were still below maintenance, so that’s a plus. I’m trying to get more protein and healthy fat at breakfast, which helps a lot with hunger later in the day. Chilly here, so I’m bundling up to go for a nice walk. Have a great day, all!

    10/2/20 - 182 - 1608 - 🍌
    Bouncy bouncy. I’m trying to find some nice bookcases, preferably with no assembly required! I hate going store to store, but that’s what I’m about to do. The fun never stops! I’m getting kind of desperate — I have books all over the floor of my office. ☹️ I hope you have funner things to do today! Happy Friday!

    10/3/20 - 182 - 1634 - triscuits
    Rats. My 10-day calorie average is higher than it’s been in quite a while, so I must do better. I’m afraid I’ve gotten into the habit of eating too many grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, and I’m still snacking. I like data, so I got some graph paper and I’m going to graph my weekly weights, calories, and macros for the past 6 months and see my trends on paper, and then have a long talk with myself about eating more responsibly. Aside from that, I found my bookcase! A nice, real wood, double wide, tall one for $40 at my fav thrift shop. Yay! It needs some sprucing up, but nothing major. They can’t deliver for at least two weeks, but at least I know it’s on its way. (We moved around the country a lot for 10 years and got rid of most of our furniture, so I’m slowly re-nesting.) Anyway....Happy Friday, all! See you next round, hopefully with my head on straight(er).

  • MondowefteMondowefte Member Posts: 130 Member Member Posts: 130 Member
    F 37 158cm (5'2)

    SW 136.6kg (Jan 2020)
    CW 126.0kg
    GW (3 October) 125.3kg

    Round 123 - 125: 3.5kg loss
    Round 126: 0.8kg loss


    24/9 125.7kg
    I didn't eat enough yesterday, which probably has a bit to do with the drop in weight. I expect it to be higher tomorrow.

    25/9  125.6kg
    I'm surprised that I didn't see a bump here. But I won't complain. Still learning about ways to make takeaway food low carb, which is really hard when they bulk up meals with chips and bread. But tonight was a tasty win with a grilled chicken quarter and salad.

    26/9 125.4kg
    No kids tonight, so having an early bedtime. Hopefully I can catch up on some well needed sleep.

    27/9 125.3kg <-- goals!
    After 43 days, I am down 5kg (11lb). I didn't get a huge drop at the beginning, so I know I am working hard for each drop. I'm starting to notice my clothes being a bit looser, but no one else has yet. That's ok.

    28/9 125.3kg
    I was loving hitting this goal so much, I decided to stay there 🤣. Vegetarian dinner which was delicious, but extremely low in calories and protein. I'll need to work on other non-meat, low carb protein sources.

    29/9 125.1kg
    Spent today writing an assignment, so not much walking today. I went a bit over with carbs at dinner, but was ok for a daily total.

    30/9 124.7kg
    Not sure where this has come from, but I'm not complaining. Lots of walking today, so my tendonitis is playing up.

    1/10 124.8kg
    Getting overwhelmed with life, so sticking to things which are easier. Tracking and walking.

    2/10 124.9kg
    This weight bump happened about this time last month, so I am guessing it is hormonal. I'll just keep going, and wait for it to sort itself out.

  • quiltingjainequiltingjaine Member Posts: 3,242 Member Member Posts: 3,242 Member
    SModa61 wrote: »
    @SModa61 After years of weighing each day, I realized that it can take 2-3 days for my food choices to be reflected on the scale.

    I'm not sure what in my reply to @anlaing016 was inappropriate. My primary concern from her note to the community is the stress she is feeling about her erratic schedule and that impact on her daily numbers.

    I wasn’t implying that your remark was inappropriate, simply what I have learned about MY OWN body over the last 50 of my 70 years I’m a former WW member and lecturer also but not as many members since there was the only one meeting in the county.
  • CamandJarvisCamandJarvis Member Posts: 804 Member Member Posts: 804 Member

    You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be better than you were before

    28, 5'5"
    OSW: 164.2
    GW: 135

    Previous Rounds:
    R69 EW: 158.1
    R70 EW: 156.5
    R71 EW: 156.3
    R72 EW: 156.3
    R73 EW: 155.2
    R74 EW: 155.4
    R75 EW: 156.1
    R76 EW: 155.6
    R80 EW: 153.2
    R81 EW: 154.3
    R82 EW: 154.1
    R84 EW: 156.5
    R89 EW: 156.7
    R91 EW: 160.1
    R93 EW: 159.3
    R94 EW: 156.1
    R98 EW: 154.5
    R99 EW: 155.9
    <3 R100 <3 EW: 152.8
    R101 EW: 149.7 (1/15)
    R102 EW: 149.0
    R103 EW: 149.0
    R104 EW: 146.2
    R105 EW: 146.6
    R106 EW: 144.6
    R107 EW: 146.8 (spring break, only 2 days weight)
    R108 EW: 147.7 (Moving out of state, starting new job)
    R109 EW: 148.1
    R110 EW: 150.1
    R111 EW: 154.3
    R112 EW: 152.6
    R113 EW: 151.7
    R121 EW: 153.0
    R122 EW: 154.8
    R123 EW: 153.9
    R124 EW: 153.4
    R125 EW: 155.6
    R126 EW: 152.3

    Last weight
    09/23 - 152.3

    Round GW: 151.5

    Day, Weight, Comment
    09/24 - 153.0
    09/25 - 153.4
    09/26 - 152.8
    09/27 - 152.8
    09/28 - 155.9
    09/29 - 151.5
    09/30 - 152.6
    10/01 - 152.1
    10/02 - 150.4
    10/03 - 151.5 - Expected to pop up after feeling sick, but still made my goal. Right on the dot, too! Accidentally did a 21hr fast because BF was on a huuuuge conference call at the start of my window and I couldn't make a peep near him. His office is the "dining room" with open kitchen design so food had to wait. Managed it just fine, even after a bad tummy day. Lunch was tiny as I wasn't sure how my tummy would react but all went good. Dinner was quite large and I ate so much but couldn't finish it. I need to figure out a better balance between lunch and dinner so I'm not stuffing myself trying to meet calories to sustain muscle. As I'm reading (Now "Fast, Feast, Repeat" by Gin Stephens), they're emphasizing calories at the beginning -- make sure you get enough (1200 minimum? Trying to get to 1500 minimum) and not doing both -- the severe restriction could still cause metabolic slowdown (science nerd -- I've read through referenced studies and learned a tooooon) I haven't quite gotten there (estimated 1192 yesterday but couldn't finish dinner so not 100% sure), but today I'm determined. Need a larger lunch and possibly a snack until my body adjusts to the larger volume in smaller window. Then hopefully I won't need a snack, either. Ribs feel like yesterday morning which is good - the morning stiffness pain is lessening significantly. Now its just a slight discomfort which is quite tolerable. Hopefully by Monday I can get back to my morning walks with the pup.

    Round +/- : -0.8lb

    Previous Day's Comments
    09/24 - A normal fluctuation I think? I made a new dinner recipe last night so not sure if it was a tad heavy or a tad salty since I never add salt to anything but recipe called for it. I don't see any noticeable bloating so I'm thinking it was more heavy than salty. We ate early since it was just us. Didn't get to fully fast yesterday, only 14hrs. Today will be easier since my eating window ended at 630 instead of 730. Plenty of water yesterday, estimated about 88oz. Having last night's dinner leftovers for lunch and making some stuffed pepper soup for dinner tonight. I'm sluggish today from waking up so much last night. Hopefully I can fit in a walk later on, maybe over lunch. Hopefully it will have warmed up a bit by then too! Let the dog out and it was chilly. Not ready for that!
    09/25 - This was expected after last night. Actually, I expected higher with slight dehydration. Dinner was loved by everyone (yay! its a favourite of mine) and I was surprised with a homemade, from-scratch strawberry pie I just could not say no to! Its been years since I've had strawberry pie and I made the conscious decision knowing I'd be up today which is a win. I debated awhile about it, but life is for living and I need to have balance, even if it means a small bump up. Especially knowing that there's water weight and it'll easily drop down in a day or two if I'm focused. Today, I have more leftovers from Wednesday's dinner I'll polish off for lunch. I'll ensure dinner is light, whatever it is we have. More VW work today but going to try to squeeze in a walk this morning before we head over after BF's last meeting at noon. AND I'm taking my lovely gas station reusable soda cup and convert it to my garage water cup! Has a lid, a straw, and is 32oz so only need to refill once to hit my 8 glasses a day goal. Yesterday I learned I need a water bottle with a straw when in the garage as hands were so dirty I couldn't get water for a couple hours! Lesson learned!
    09/26 - Inching back down like I thought. Dinner was pizza but I pre-logged to see what would fit into my goals and only ate that. Lots of water, too! Still feeling a bit dehydrated this morning but it seems to be a trend lately. I think it's a lot to do with my sleep and less with my water intake the day before. We finished round 3 of rebuilding the engine (oil leaks, yay!) and then rewired tail and brake lights. Today is wiring up the blinkers. Still have front end ball joints to go so it'll be fully driveable -- not sure if we will start those today. Should be good for inspection for registration at that point, I think! Fasting as long as I can today, luckily not feeling overly hungry, just thirsty. No walk as I don't have anything but pajamas available since I'm still in the daughter's room and didn't replenish my supply after a super late night (midnight!) working on the bug. Garage work should give me plenty of steps and movement, though. Going to continue the trend of watching my intake through the weekend. I really want to be in the 140s by my birthday (9 Oct) and its keeping me super focused, thankfully.
    09/27 - Very happy to have stayed the same. I was for sure I had gained. We ended up eating out at a sports bar so we could get out of the house (hello cabin fever) and still watch college football (we had to wait on sealant to set for 8 hrs on the bug which stopped our work on it). That counted as late lunch/early dinner as we were too stuffed at dinnertime to bother eating. Definitely should have had more water yesterday, though. Football today -- noon games at home, followed by cowboys game at our friend's for some smoked (since yesterday) pork butt, then head home for Sunday Night Football. I'm not hungry still, so thinking of stretching fast as long as possible and making it an OMAD kind of day. We will see how my body reacts to the fast as it goes on and it'll be a good learning experiment. Still reading through Life in the Fasting Lane so plenty more to learn (especially given how much other I've read about fasting -- there's so much to it and my science nerd brain is loving it)
    09/28 - This was a weird weigh in but it can't last long at all. The mirror is more friendly than the scale and if I had access to my measuring tape, I'm sure the measurements would side with how I'm feeling/looking more than the scale as well. Yesterday my BF% was 32.4% but today's unusually, randomly high weight was accompanied by a 35.8%BF reading. I woke up this morning feeling sleepy but really light and airy in my body. Also, looking in the mirror, my stomach has flattened out more so most, if not all, of my bloat seems to be gone. I watched my carbs yesterday along with fasting until 230. Finished my dinner by 615 and have been fasting since. 80oz in water, estimated under calories by 421 (96 of those "exercise" but that was really walking to get water, food, bathroom breaks, etc., not actually exercise haha estimated food intake as I wasn't 100% sure on the homemade potluck style dinner) Managed to eat until I was satisfied, but not overly full. I felt good all day, minus beginning to feel a tad bit lethargic early afternoon at which point I broke my fast and revived myself. It'll take me time to work up to these longer fasts without feeling major impacts on my life. This isn't a race, its a lifestyle change and I want my body to be happily adjusted alongside me.
    09/29 - Whoosh goes the high weigh in. Weighed in earlier than normal as I'm headed out to work for in-person training today. Feeling more bloated today but weight shows opposite. BF% also dropped back down to where it usually hovers. Ribs still in pretty good sharp pain so today will be interesting. Starting to make me think I need to see a doctor. Giving it a couple more days in hopes it'll ease down on its own. 70oz water yesterday, fasted 20hr, under calories by 203.
    09/30 - I think this is sodium and carbs from dinner. Feeling a bit bloated, but nothing terrible. Only could do a 16hr fast as I was in training with set lunch time. Water was about 72oz. Under 1015 calories but 659 from "exercise" from the walking and errands I had to run after I got home last night. Dinner was homemade chinese food - shrimp fried rice, miso soup, and egg rolls. Was still a touch hungry after lunch, my sandwich and babybel cheese did not cut it for me, though I felt satiated enough to hold off until dinner. Dinner was quite filling but not overly so. I need to eat a bit slower so I can listen to my body while I eat. Dinner is the worst for me, lunch I did well with taking my time and enjoying every bite. Ribs were absolutely killing me yesterday morning but had calmed down in the afternoon. Today they hurt quite a bit, but its still morning and I'm stiff from sleep. Have to take my car in today at 8 for some work so I'm up and dressed early which hopefully means I'll get some good steps in without straining my ribs more. I've been taking for granted my ability to lounge in pjs for an hour or two after I get up before changing haha
    10/01 - Back down I go, slowly. Still feeling a bit bloated but I think that's still sodium. I was craving a salty snack and had a few chips and salsa with dinner. 526 calories under, 528 of them from "exercise" so did really well eating enough but not too much. Not sure what dinner is tonight but going to watch carbs and sodium in hopes I can drop bloat for the end of the round. Still determined to see the 140s for my birthday. I have a fasting app to help me track fasting times and keep record to learn my body. I got 17 hours yesterday. 80oz of water (I need more today, I think) Ribs still hurt, morning stiffness, but has become less intense by late morning after I've woken up my body a bit more. Taking it easy and haven't done any walks or other exercise. The "exercise" calories are those my fitbit tracks and communicates with MFP through the day.
    10/02 - As much as I love this weigh-in, I was a bit sick yesterday (better today!!). My stomach ached and gurgled with an acid feeling and felt like I had a 10lb rock behind my ribs. BF made me chicken broth with some rice which helped a little but I couldn't eat near enough of it to get the calories (came in about 850 cals for the day). I took my stomach pills and those helped tremendously, as well. Also ate early so my 18 hour fast is almost over already. Woke up early but stayed in bed until 1045 because I found a happy position for my ribs and didn't want to miss that! Luckily, ribs don't hurt too much this morning thanks to staying in bed and resting. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll wake up completely pain free (: Thinking I'll extend my fast a little longer so my 6hr eating window will include dinner, which we usually eat about 7-730. Plus, I'm not hungry at all right now an I have plenty of water to focus on (I got 108oz yesterday but I'm feeling super dehydrated this morning)

  • quiltingjainequiltingjaine Member Posts: 3,242 Member Member Posts: 3,242 Member
    Female 5’0” Age 70 years
    Started Keto WOE 7/17/17 (mid-Rnd 10)
    *Travel - no scale part of the time
    Weight on 1/17/17 174.5
    OGW 137 (set by WW 2008, WW goal 1985 was 126)
    UGW 125 (HS weight 1968)

    SW Rnd 7 167 AW 165.8
    SW Rnd 8 168* AW 166.1
    SW Rnd 9 164.5* AW 165.5
    SW Rnd 10 167.5 AW 165.3 Start Keto
    SW Rnd 11 163 AW 163.5
    SW Rnd 12 162.5 AW 160.2
    SW Rnd 13 159.5 AW 159.1
    SW Rnd 14 158.5 AW 158.9
    SW Rnd 15 158 AW 157.25
    SW Rnd 16 156 AW 155.9
    SW Rnd 17 155.5 AW 156.5
    SW Rnd 18 157.5 AW 156.15
    SW Rnd 19 155.5 AW 155.6
    SW Rnd 20 155.5* AW 155
    SW Rnd 21 154.5 AW 152.15
    SW Rnd 22 152.5 AW 152.2
    SW Rnd 23 151 AW 150.2
    SW Rnd 24 150 AW 148.8
    SW Rnd 25 147.5 AW 147.3
    SW Rnd 26 148.5 AW 145.4
    SW Rnd 27 146* AW 144.72
    SW Rnd 28 145* AW 145.5
    SW Rnd 29 146.5 AW 145.8
    SW Rnd 30 146 AW 145.65
    SW Rnd 31 146.5 AW 144.45
    SW Rnd 32 144.5 AW 143.3
    SW Rnd 33 141.5 AW 140.6
    SW Rnd 34 140.0 AW 140.75
    SW Rnd 35 139.5 AW 139.25
    SW Rnd 36 138.5 AW 138.85
    SW Rnd 37 139.0 AW 138.2
    SW Rnd 38 139.5* AW 136.9
    SW Rnd 39 137.0* No end/avg weight
    SW Rnd 40 ???.?* 5 day avg 137.6
    SW Rnd 41 137.5 AW 138.2
    SW Rnd 42 my 36 138.0 AW 136.15
    SW Rnd 43 136.5 AW 135.5
    SW Rnd 44 133.5 AW 134.55
    SW Rnd 45 134.0 AW 134.35
    SW Rnd 46* 133.5 AW 133.28 (9 Days)
    SW Rnd 47* 133.5 AW 133.0 (9 Days)
    SW Rnd 48 133.5 AW 134.05
    SW Rnd 49 134.0 AW 133.85
    SW Rnd 50* 134.5 AW 134.6 (9 Days)
    SW Rnd 51* 133.5 No scale on ship
    SW Rnd 52* 134.0 AW 133.42 (6 Days)
    SW Rnd 53 131.5 AW 131.9
    SW Rnd 54 131.0 AW 131.6
    SW Rnd 55* 131.5 AW 129.66
    SW Rnd 56* 128.5 AW 130.7
    SW Rnd 57 131.5 AW 130.85
    SW Rnd 58 131.0 AW 130.6
    SW Rnd 59 132.0 AW 131.3
    SW Rnd 60 131.5 AW 131.85
    SW Rnd 61 130.0 AW 132.4
    SW Rnd 62 132.0 AW 131.6
    SW Rnd 63 132.5 AW 131.55
    SW Rnd 64 131.5 AW 130.65
    SW Rnd 65 129.5 AW 129.2
    SW Rnd 66 129.0 AW 128.75
    SW Rnd 67 128.0 AW 128.65
    SW Rnd 68* 129.0 AW 129.41 (6 days)
    SW Rnd 69* 131.0 (only 1 day left) AW 131.25
    SW Rnd 70 131.5 AW 129.5
    SW Rnd 71 129.0 AW 128.25
    SW Rnd 72 128.0. AW 128.8
    SW Rnd 73 129.5 AW 129.5
    SW Rnd 74 128.5 AW 127.9
    SW Rnd 75 126.5 AW 126.0
    SW Rnd 76* 126.0 AW 123.36(7 days
    SW Rnd 77 125.0 AW 125.7
    SW Rnd 78 125.5 AW 125.1
    SW Rnd 79 125.0 AW 124.0
    SW Rnd 80 124.0 AW 123.3
    SW RND 81 124.0 AW 124.65
    SW Rnd 82 125.5 AW 124.35
    SW Rnd 83 123.0 AW 121.75
    SW Rnd 84 121.0 AW 120.95
    SW Rnd 85 120.5 AW 120.5
    SW Rnd 86 120.5 AW 121.15
    SW Rnd 87* 121.0 ended on travel
    SW Rnd 88* 122.0 on 9/1 AW 121.75
    SW Rnd 89 120.5 AW 121.21
    SW Rnd 90 122.0 AW 121.35
    SW Rnd 91 121.0 AW 120.2
    SW Rnd 92 121.5 AW 120.9
    SW Rnd 93 120.5 AW 120.45
    SW Rnd 94 119.5 AW 121.45
    SW Rnd 95 123.5 AW 122.4
    SW Rnd 96 122.0 AW 121.6
    SW Rnd 97 121.0 AW 120.22
    SW Rnd **98 119.0 Travel NWIs
    SW Rnd **99(late) 126.5 😮 AW 123.79
    SW Rnd 100 121.0 AW 121.75
    SW Rnd 101 121.0 AW 120.95
    SW Rnd 102 120.5 AW 121.05
    SW Rnd 103 121.5 AW 121.05
    SW Rnd 104 120.0 AW 120.9
    Rnd 105 SW 122.5 AW 120.8
    Rnd 106 SW 121.0 AW 120.5
    Rnd 107 SW 122.0. AW 120.6
    Rnd 108 SW 122.0 AW 121.0
    Rnd 109 SW 120.5 AW 120.4
    Rnd 110 SW 121.0 AW 120.3
    Rnd 111 SW 120.5 AW 120.6
    Rnd 112 SW 120.0 AW 119.2
    Rnd 113 SW 119.5 AW 120.2
    Rnd 114 SW 119.0 AW 118.3
    Rnd 115 SW 117.5 AW 118.25
    Rnd 116 SW 118.0 AW 117.55
    Rnd 117 SW 116 AW 118.11
    Rnd 118 SW 121 AW 118.3
    Rnd 119 SW 119.0 AW 116.75
    Rnd 120 SW 117 AW 117.2
    Rnd 121 SW 116 AW 117.3
    Rnd 122 SW 118.0 AW 116.55
    Rnd 123 SW 115.5 AW 116.35
    Rnd 124 SW 117.0. AW 116.6
    Rnd 125 SW 115.5 AW 116.5
    Rnd 126 SW 115.0 AW 116.5

    We ALL have good rounds and bad but that is part of life. Don’t stay away, stay accountable. We don’t judge, we support.-Jpv,2/13/19

    What we need to succeed is a sustainable way of eating, not a DIET we go on and off.

    This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

    Rnd 127 SW 117.0 AW 116.2
    9/24 117.0 *16 hour fast broken at 11:30AM Had a lovely evening with friends yesterday. I made Mexican pork chops with rice and made myself Mexican cauliflower rice. I did eat a little real rice and a partial serving of ice cream (def not keto) making it another higher carb day. It’s all about learning what I can enjoy ON OCCASION and still maintain below my goal. Additionally, I’m working out at the gym an PT so hope I’m getting some muscle back. *15.5 hour fast done.
    9/25 116.5
    9/26 117.0 Talked to PT guy yesterday and since I’m back to the gym, seeking the machines that duplicate what I’m doing at PT, I’m going to go it alone. If I need to, I can get a referral back to PT. There are a few exercises that I will to continue at home, too. I feel so much better than I have for almost 2 years!
    9/27 116.0 I only ate one meal yesterday and didn’t snack. I just wasn’t hungry. Short gym session and haircut - first since COVID, over 29 weeks
    9/28 115.5 Early morning blood draw. No gym 😢
    9/29 117.5. Totally expected. KFC for lunch yesterday. EPL for lunch with the girls today, then I’m fasting for ?? hours.
    9/30 116.5 DH made an airport trip for a neighbor so I went to the gym alone. Fast started at 6PM, 9/29 (Tuesday evening)
    10/1 115.0 Fast is going well, I did have one cup of homemade chicken broth. Did short workout at the gym yesterday and will again today. As I was catching up on posts today, I had a cup of HM chicken broth with extra pink Himalayan salt to see if that will help my mild headache. Arthritis in my neck means almost daily morning headaches.
    10/2 115.5 Ended my fast yesterday after 42:20. I broke it with 1 egg and less than an ounce of bacon and later had coffee with HWC while chicken was baking. Cauliflower and small chicken breast for dinner and I felt stuffed. I need to learn how to refeed after the fast. I’m confident that I could have gone to 48 hours and will do that the next time. I had a doctor appointment today. I weighed on my scale after dressed and was 117.0, on his scale I was 116.0!
    10/3 115.5
  • quiltingjainequiltingjaine Member Posts: 3,242 Member Member Posts: 3,242 Member
  • MommaGemzMommaGemz Member Posts: 462 Member Member Posts: 462 Member
    ROUND 127

    I’m a 5’ 8”, 45 yo Mom of 2 young ones. The lockdown had me squeaking toward 200, so I knew I had to start taking better care of myself!

    Original SW: 196.2 lb (6/11/20)
    GOAL Weight: 165 lb
    Total weight loss to date: 19.6 lb
    11.6 lbs to go!

    R121: -3.1 lb✔️
    R122: -1 lb ✔️
    R123: -.2 lb ✔️
    R124: -3.4 lb ✔️
    R125: -1.2 lb ✔️
    R126: -1.1 lb ✔️

    Round 127 SW: 176.6 (on 9/23/20)

    09/24 – 176.1 – 20 pounds are now gone!! I’m so excited to have hit that milestone!
    09/25 - 176.1 - Hanging in steady today.
    09/26 - 176.6 - Looks like I grabbed onto a bit of water weight.
    09/27 - 176.3 - Just hanging in there.
    09/28 - 176.1 - I seem to be just dancing around in the 176 range. I'm going to try to make a nice push for progress for the end of the month
    09/29 - 175.6 - There it is, it's creeping back down!
    09/30 - 174.7- Wow! An unexpected "whoosh" - oh happy morning!
    10/01 -174.7
    10/02 - 176.1 - Had a horrible day yesterday and comfort ate.
    10/03 – 175.1 - Vacation starts tomorrow, so I will be in Vacation Mode for about a week

    1.5 lb loss!
    edited October 2020
  • SModa61SModa61 Member Posts: 1,354 Member Member Posts: 1,354 Member
    SModa61 wrote: »
    @SModa61 After years of weighing each day, I realized that it can take 2-3 days for my food choices to be reflected on the scale.

    I'm not sure what in my reply to @anlaing016 was inappropriate. My primary concern from her note to the community is the stress she is feeling about her erratic schedule and that impact on her daily numbers.

    I wasn’t implying that your remark was inappropriate, simply what I have learned about MY OWN body over the last 50 of my 70 years I’m a former WW member and lecturer also but not as many members since there was the only one meeting in the county.

    Written word can be challenging to parse sometimes. <3

  • nedw3nedw3 Member, Premium Posts: 277 Member Member, Premium Posts: 277 Member
    Starting weight 170.1
    Long term goal 125
    Goal weight this round 167

    09/24- 169.2
    09/25- 168.1
    09/26- 167.3
    09/27- 167.1 I ate a bunch of stuff I shouldn't have yesterday. Thought for sure I would have gained today. It will probably show up tomorrow.
    09/28- 168.3 I seen this coming, so I just have to be extra vigilant the next few days.
    09/29- 167.9 I am always amazed at how fast the weight goes up and how slow it goes down.
    09/30- 167.1 Ok back on track, hopefully I keep it going.
    10/01- 166.8 Its not much but I'll take it.:)

    10/02- 166.8 No change today
    10/03- 165.1 Yay, I made it passed my goal.

    5 lbs down! :)
  • kmort009kmort009 Member Posts: 221 Member Member Posts: 221 Member
    Round 127

    Age: 39
    Height: 5’ 4”
    SW: 163
    CW: 153.2
    GW: 145
    UGW: 130

    GW for this round: 150

    Round 126 (1): 156 to 153.2 (-2.8 lbs)

    09/24 - 152.4(!) - And that’s 10 lbs! What a great way to start a new round. 😊. I know I still have a long way to go, and that many of the changes I’m making are permanent, but seeing progress is really uplifting. I got in a good workout this morning and I’m motivated to come up with a good meal plan for this weekend and next week.

    09/25 - 152.2 - Had takeout pizza last night, so happy it didn’t hit me too hard on the scale today (stayed within my calories, but sodium!) Rough night with the little guy; he woke a few times so I only got very broken sleep. Still got up at 6 this morning and got a run in with him before the rest of the family woke up. I enjoy morning runs with him, but it’s much more of a hassle than working out on the Switch! Got to get snacks, water, toys - get him dressed and his jacket on - get him all strapped in....definitely can’t just head out the door. But it’s going to be getting cold and rainy here soon, so I feel like I should be getting out while we can.

    09/26 - 152.4 - I’m okay with that - had pizza again last night, as well as a slice of the lemon bread I’d made. Put me at 1,800 calories for the day which is about 200 calories more than usual. Woke up feeling tired and bloated this morning too - exercise helped. I meal planned for the week (chili, stuffed sweet potatoes, chicken and veggie casserole!) and went out and did some weeding while the kids played. Now have to get the energy to get the groceries and figure out what to do with all the lemons I picked from our tree yesterday - 4 dozen! Even after zesting and juicing a bunch, making lemonade for the kids, making lemon bread and giving a dozen to a friend, I still have about 15. 😂

    09/27 - 153.4 - Well, that’s not the way I want it to go! 😂 Feels like TOM might be starting soon, so that could be part of it. Will just keep trusting the process. I spent an hour and a half doing heavy gardening yesterday: breaking up ground and mixing compost into it. I hope that will make up for me skipping my workout this morning to plant the fall garden.

    09/28 - 151.6 - That’s much better! Feeling sore this morning, but we got the garden planted yesterday - broccoli, 2 types of cauliflower, kale, spinach, lettuce, brussel sprouts, carrots and onions! Hopefully some of them will grow. 😊 Continuing to stay around 1,500-1,600 calories a day, which is the baseline that MFP gives me; I don’t trust the calculations of exercise calories enough to eat any of them back. Closing in on 30 days of exercising and weight loss!

    09/29 - 151.6 - Sooooooo tired today. Little guy must be having another molar come in - he was up crying multiple times last night and had to be rocked back to sleep each time. Of course he’s not acting tired at all today, so it’s chasing after both kids like usual. At least I get all my steps in! We got outside to a park this morning before it started “snowing” ash this afternoon. I made my meal planned lunches today, so I’m set there for the rest of the week.

    09/30 - 151.0 - When I stepped on the scale 30 days ago and saw 165, I was done. Done with dedicating my body to my kids like I’d been doing for the last 5 years. Done feeling flabby, out of shape and uncomfortable in my clothes. Done being embarrassed of how I look in pictures. And I was done making excuses and not doing anything about it. So I opened MFP again and started tracking. I started exercising each morning with the Ring Fit Adventure game my husband had gotten on the Switch. And I started extending the evening walk with the dog to be over a mile instead of just around the block.

    30 days later - I’m down 12 lbs!!! (Got to take the new scale into account.). My character is level 103 on Ring Fit. My clothes fit better, and I’m down a size in my jeans. I’m managing to make meals that the kids will eat - and have a dessert - AND still stay within my calorie goal each day. And we have a happy doggie who gets a nice long walk before bedtime. 😂

    I’m sorry this post is long - and a little self-congratulatory. But I’m amazed at how far I’ve come already, and a little proud of myself for sticking with it. I thought I’d be doing well if I got to 160 by this point - so closing in on 150 seems unreal. We’ll see if I can get any lower by the end of the round, but I’m calling this month a huge win.

    10/01 - 150.8 - Happy October! Thanks for all the likes and well-wishes - finding this group has been so helpful with the encouragement and motivation. 😊. Hoping to keep moving towards 145 and start working on toning and strength too.

    10/02 - 150.4 - Air is terrible again, so it’s another day stuck inside. I downloaded Pokémon Go again (haven’t touched it for years) to give me another motivation to extend my walks in the evening. Feeling very hungry today for some reason - will need to focus on eating nutritious food and not snack randomly.

    10/03 - 150.4 - Holding steady for the end of the round. Didn’t quite make it to my reach goal of 150, but I’m really close. Next round, here I come! Let’s see if I can hit 145 (and “normal” BMI by the end of October!)

    Total round loss: 2.8 lbs
  • MTW70MTW70 Member Posts: 142 Member Member Posts: 142 Member
    Female, Age 50, 5'4"
    Highest Weight = 181.4
    Ultimate Goal Weight = 134

    Round 124 = 173.4 (4.6 lbs lost)
    Round 125 = 171.6 (1.8 lbs lost)
    Round 126 = 171.0 (0.6 lbs lost)


    09/24 = 171.0 (no change from yesterday) being having an inner ear issues this week so haven't been able to go running, hoping to get a nice run in today. This round ends the day before my 17th wedding anniversary, so would like to reach my 1st major goal of being in the 160s by then.

    09/25 = 171.0 (no change from yesterday)

    09/26 = 171.0 (no change from yesterday)

    09/27 = DNW (slept in too late to weigh)

    09/28 = 170.6 (down .4 lbs) I did all my weekend posts on my phone and when I logged in this morning on my laptop could not find any of them, maybe they never posted?? Anyway, I got in my 3 weekly runs on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday - none of them felt "great" but at least I stayed committed to being consistent to my scheduled runs. This week I am going to start to get back into strength training on the days I'm not running. Hopefully it well help make my runs stronger and get this scale moving again in the right direction! Still doing well with IF 16/8 (some days longer) and but need to be better with my AF days, goal is 4 per week but having only been getting 3 AF days the last 2 weeks which I know is affecting the scale.

    09/29 = 171.6 (up 1.0 lbs from yesterday) I ate within my calories yesterday but instead of starting my fast at 7 p.m. as I do most nights, I had popcorn watching a show with my husband around 11 p.m. So not surprised to see this bump up on the scale. So today, I will be drinking lots of water and OMAD, fasting until dinner, hoping for close to a 20 hour fast. Will try to get out for a run today but may put it off until tomorrow if I feel too sluggish.

    09/30 = 170.6 (down 1.0 lbs from yesterday) I fasted all day yesterday until dinner, but made it an early dinner, so didn't quite make it to 20 but instead 19 hours. Yesterday's run was a little humid but felt good, definitely felt some of my old running strength coming back on the 2nd half of the run. Yay!

    10/01 = DNW Busy morning and did not get a chance to weight in, until after my normal time and after having water, so skipped it for today. Ordered take-out last night, so it might be a good thing to miss the scale today as well. Just got in a great mid-day run, nice cooler temps and calories are on track for today. Don't think I will show much of a loss this round but at least my head is in the right place making good choices that will eventually show on the scale.

    10/02 = 170.0 (down .6lbs) inching my my closer to being under 170!

    10/03 = 170.0 (loss of 1.0 lb this round) On track for today is a nice long run, some housework, and being very mindful of my calories. I expect a bounce up in the next round from our anniversary tomorrow but after that need to double down and really focus on dropping some pounds!
  • antiderivativeantiderivative Member Posts: 99 Member Member Posts: 99 Member
    Round 127
    Excited for My Round 5! I can't believe it's been over a month! Let's go!

    Jillian Age 34 and 5'1"

    HSW: 179.8
    CSW: 164.4
    GW: 130
    UGW: 116
    Mini GW: 158 will get me out of the obesity category and into the overweight category according to the BMI.

    RGW: 162 and Exercise More

    Round 123 (1): 179.8 to 176.4 (-3.4)
    Round 124 (2): 176.4 to 170 (-6.4)
    Round 125 (3): 170.0 to 169.2 (-0.8)
    Round 126 (3): 167.8 to 164.4 (-3.4)

    🏃 09/24: 164.4 I'm holding steady, which is fine since I lost so much in the last half of the previous round. The poke last night was delicious.
    🏃 09/25: 165.2 I ate under my calorie goal, so this must be water weight from not drinking enough water ---- or something. I don't know. I'm going to play my Switch fitness games today. I heard a new Boxing game is coming soon in December, so I already know one of my birthday presents.
    🏃 09/26: 163.4 That's more like it. I played my Ring Fit Adventure game and the plank reps were killer.
    🏃 09/27: 164.0 I'm not concerned about this, especially because Mark wanted fried chicken last night. I had some too, and knew the consequences.
    🏃 09/28: 162.6 Hooray! I had salad for lunch and then ate pizza for dinner, but it was from a local restaurant. I think they use fresh ingredients because I don't feel gross after like when I have Pizza Hut. It was apparantly exactly what I needed.
    🏃 09/29: 162.6
    🏃 09/30: 162.0
    🏃 10/01: 162
    🏃 10/02: 161.8 I've only been food tracking and staying within my calorie goal. That is still working OK for maintenance at 162, but it's about time to play Switch games so I can work toward another drop soon.
    🏃 10/03: 160.4 You might suspect that I finally exercised yesterday to achieve this, but I did not. This is the second time I've had pasta and the second time it has helped me lose weight. Yesterday, my husband wanted pasta, so I ordered shrimp scampi with linguini as the noodle. I checked website after website which claimed the total calorie intake for this meal hovered around 1800! I couldn't really see how, but I decided to trust it. Given this, I put half in the fridge. Then, I cut the meal in half again and gave that half to my baby, who loved it. That left me with a 450ish calorie serving, which amounted to the calories I had left to eat that day. It was also enough to keep me satisfied all evening. I am just glad that my body loves pasta as much as I do. Lmao.


    My Weight Chart:

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  • _JeffreyD__JeffreyD_ Member Posts: 706 Member Member Posts: 706 Member
    Male: 63
    OSW: 237.8 (Nov. 2016)
    OGW: 199 (just to say I did)
    Maintenance Range Goal: 200-205

    Goal this round: To lower my ten-day average below 207.3. If not, at least a reduction from previous round.

    Historical Averages:
    R 94: 210.7 (20191108 = date of the last day of the round)
    R 95: 210.3
    R 96: 210.5
    R 97: 211.3 (20191208)
    R 98: 212.7
    R 99: 212.5* (some ghost vaycay entries)
    R 100: 215.0* (ghost vaycay entries) (20200107)
    R 101: 216.0* (some ghost vaycay entries)
    R 102: 212.6
    R 103: 211.9 (20200206)
    R 104: 210.9
    R 105: 212.5
    R 106: 211.2 (20200307)
    R 107: DNF
    R 115: 215.6 (20200605)
    R 116: 213.7
    R 117: 213.1
    R 118: 212.1 (20200705)
    R 119: 212.4
    R 120: 211.5
    R 121: 207.9 (20200804)
    R 122: 207.4
    R 123: 207.3
    R 124: 209.4 (20200903)
    R 125: 208.9
    R 126: 209.6

    I like to track averages due to my wild fluctuations. For the same reason, I like to weigh daily so I can see the lows from time to time. It gives me hope.

    Round 127
    Month/Day: Weight / Comment

    09/24: 208.2 / Starting this round in one of my prototypical valleys. Maybe I can try to get a little lower. I would love to touch my maintenance range a time or two this round. 😊 Having lunch with a couple friends, outdoors today. Going to be a nice one weather-wise. I will try to choose a salad instead of the awesome burgers they have at this place.

    09/25: 209 / Yesterday I chose half sandwich and salad for lunch. It was a fancy BLT. Delicious. For supper DW had planned BLT’s. Yay! No evening snacks.

    09/26: 207.8
    09/27: 211
    09/28: 211 / I was not near a computer over the weekend so I am post three days today. Saturday was a feast at a friend’s house. Fried Fish, baked beans (special kind with smoked sausage and apple pie filling in it) , corn bread and dessert.

    Yesterday I went crappie fishing with DW and we fried up our catch for supper! Two nights in a row with fried fish. Gave some to DS’s family and to our neighbor, and, leftovers tonight.

    I ate a lot, but it is also VERY salty. Blew up my average for this round. 😊

    09/29: 209 / rinsed a little salt from my system and stayed under calories.

    09/30: 209.2 / Pretty close to calories, if logged correctly. By the way, this may be one of my issues. Logging correctly. Some things are easy and simple, like a boiled egg. Others, like the delicious soup my DW made last night from scratch? A dash of this, a dollop of that, a bullion cube here and a cup of broth there, and water. And, how much of the meat did I get in my bowl? Did she salt it? How many oyster crackers did I eat?

    And DW is not too patient with me when I ask for the details. 😊 I do not blame her.

    10/01: 208.2 / Back to my round beginning weight. A huge missing component of my life is exercising these days. Also, daylight. I do not have an official diagnosis of SAD, but I feel it. Happy October everyone! Where does time go?

    10/02: 209.2 / Amazingly low considering how “well” I ate yesterday. Glad it’s under 210.

    10/03: 208 / This round is a success even though I did not reach my primary goal. The fact is that my scale is less than the end of last round, and, my 10 day average is less than last round. So I will take this victory. Hope to see you all next round.
  • Indigo3288Indigo3288 Member Posts: 139 Member Member Posts: 139 Member
    5’4.5”, 32 years old, female
    Highest weight: 275 (12/25/2019)
    Ultimate goal weight: 150
    Round 126 SW: 266.6 (+.4)
    Round 127 SW: 267.0

    9/24: DNW ~ Just didn’t have a chance to weigh in. Busy day. But ate reasonably and hit my steps, so counting those as wins!

    9/25: 266.4 ~ Planning to make actual progress in this round! Last round was more maintaining than losing.

    9/26: DNW

    9/27: 266.0 ~ I haven’t been logging calories lately. But I logged everything yesterday, and it felt like a step in the right direction again, after weeks of a diet break.

    9/28: 267.0 ~ I didn’t drink enough water yesterday. Caught up with me! But I’ve already accomplished today’s workout and today is going to be better. 🙂

    9/29: 266.6 ~ Another good day of tracking yesterday. Trying to make that back into a habit.

    9/30: DNW ~ I ate a massive burrito last night and just didn’t want to know what the scale had to say this morning 😂. Walked this morning and will stay within my calories today lol.

    10/1: 267.8 ~ Highest weight I’ve had in months. I ate well under on calories yesterday, walked almost 11,000 steps and drank a ton of fluid. Maybe I needed a couple high weigh ins to get properly convinced my lazy approach wasn’t working.

    10/2: 267.4 ~ Better than yesterday, anyway.

    10/3: 266.8 ~ So down .2 this round, and I’m happy with that!
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