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Women 200lb+, Let's Be Fang-tastic This October!!!



  • Tarzan37
    Tarzan37 Posts: 152 Member
    edited October 2020
    Height: 5'7"
    Highest Weight: 254
    End of December: 246.7
    End of January: 244.7
    End of Feb.: 242.2
    End of March: 240
    End of April: 240.4
    End of May: 235.6
    End of June: 236.2
    End of July: 236.4
    August/Sept: Break
    End of Sept Weight: 236.9
    10/9: 237.5 (+0.6)
    10/16: 236.1 (-1.4)
    10/23: 233 (-3.1)
    10/30: 232.5 (-0.5)

    I'm using yesterday's weekly weigh in as my end of the month weight as well this month. My sister arrived for a visit on Thursday evening and we had a nice dinner last night and will have a dinner out tonight to celebrate her Halloween birthday.

    I'm very happy with my weight loss progress this month. Most of it has been due to the increase in walking due to not having a car and having the part time job, but I have also done better with eating less as well.

    Verdict on my car was that it was too expensive to fix. I got a rental to have while my sister is here since we have plans that will require transportation. I reserved an economy car but they were all out so I ended up with a free upgrade to a bright red Chevy Camaro which has been a lot of fun! I will be returning it next week after she leaves and then it will be back to walking until I get my new to me car.

    In other news, I caught two mice in the humane traps and released them into the great outdoors far away from the house. I'm hoping to adopt a kitten soon. I have an application in for a three month old orange Maine Coon mix at one rescue and then a pair of kittens (littermates) on hold at our city's shelter if the Maine Coon doesn't pan out. Sometimes they are adopted out and the website isn't updated right away so I don't want to get my hopes up about him but I really love that breed. My cat that I lost to cancer in September had that breed in the mix I think and they are so goofy and loving.

    Anyway, hope you all have a great Halloween! No candy in the house here but I did get my sister one of those big cookies that is decorated like a cake with a Halloween scene on it. We've been slowly working on it having small pieces each day. I'm the same as the majority of you in that I can't normally have "foods" like that in the house without devouring them quickly but have been doing well with the cookie cake so far - a small victory!
  • uyister
    uyister Posts: 150 Member
    Final stats for October 2020

    38 years old
    Height: 5' 7"
    SW (6/9/2020): 330.0 lbs
    Month SW (9/26/20): 269 lbs
    Goal weight: 180 lbs
    I generally weigh on Saturdays and those are the weights I log.
    10/3: 267.0 lbs
    10/10: 264.2 lbs
    10/17: 266.6 lbs
    10/24: 260.6 lbs
    10/31: 259.8 lbs :)

    Weekly and Monthly Goals Recap:
    * Keep logging in MFP -> Done :)
    * Finish the T-25 Gamma cycle and start the Gamma Hybrid Strength cycle workouts -> Done; :)
    * Do either a quick yoga, stretch, or cardio workout in the evenings in addition to my T-25 morning workouts-> Did not happen! :#
    * Make time for me to relax even though classes have started again -> Hmmn!! Not really happening! :(
    * Continue with my Duolingo streak for at least 3 of the 4 languages I am trying to learn -> Streak remains :)

    3 Month Goals:
    Pass my classes - > still working on it :)
    Maybe lose 20 - 30 lbs by Dec 31st, 2020 -> Went down ~9lbs (so yay)!! ;)
  • uyister
    uyister Posts: 150 Member
    @LasmartchikaLasmartchika Congrats on reaching your first goal. Keep it up

    @alisampm awesome job!!

    @xofarrah when I have some cravings, I make sure to look at and log the number of calories of whatever it is, that usually helps me feel like...'OMG, it's only 4 pm and I am almost done with my daily calorie requirements'. That usually snaps me out of eating more than I would have normally.

    @JAC581 Welcome. Here are some channels I like when I want a little extra fun workout.
    Reps to the Rhythm: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3lEhUBNqIrFMatB9Zgxo0g

    The fitness marshall: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFitnessMarshall

    Popsugar fitness: https://www.youtube.com/c/POPSUGARFitness

    Body project: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFjc9H89-RpWuIStDqhO7AQ

    Mo Better Me Hiphop Zumba:

    Wish I could reply/send a message to everyone. You all have been such inspirations!! Success to everyone and I will see you all in the November thread!!

    Time for me to get back to studying!! :#:|
  • speyerj
    speyerj Posts: 1,265 Member
    Forgot to post yesterday

    Name: Jane
    Age: 55
    Height: 5' 9''
    SW: 286.5 (6/3/19)
    9/30 weight: 166.1
    Maintenance Weight Range:162-168

    Weekly tracking:
    10/3: 167.6
    10/10: 162.4
    10/17: 163.5
    10/24: 161.5
    10/31: 161.1

    October Goals goals:
    Maintain my weight between 162 and 168 πŸŽƒ - Slightly below target, so much the better.
    Log food daily πŸ‘» - I failed to log complete 4 days this week. But didn't gain.
    Row or Run at least 6x's a week πŸŽƒ
    Get at least 45 "active" minutes a day πŸŽƒ
    Get at least 10,000 steps/day πŸŽƒ

    Did well with exercise - despite only being able to row one day a week. Ran 9 miles yesterday at a 10 minute pace. Rather sore today. I'm relaxing my logging on days when I do vigorous exercise. Which means I need to keep a close watch on my weight. One day, I'd like to be able not have to log every meal. So this is kind of an experiment to see how things go.
  • orangequilt
    orangequilt Posts: 2,037 Member
    Highest weight 105.5kg (aug 2018)
    Lowest weight 94.7kg (Mar 2020)
    Goal for end of month 98.0kg - I actually made it!!!

    5/10 - 99.5kg
    12/10 - 100.0kg
    26/10 - 96.2kg
    2/11 - 95.8kg

    πŸ’› To keep average cals for the week under 2000 - 5 out of 9 weeks
    πŸ’› To keep snacks under 25% of cals - 6 out of 9 weeks
    πŸ’› To plan meals in advance for the week - not really
    πŸ’› 16:8 - intermittent fasting - not really
    πŸ’› Mediterranean eating - not really
    πŸ’› Using non food ways to manage my emotions - yes a bit

    It looks better than it is, the truth is I have had sciatica pain and not able to go to the shops and preparing and eating meals has been painful, but it's easing now and I'm hoping to be able to maintain the loss now.