Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 128



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    You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be better than you were before

    29, 5'5"
    OSW: 164.2
    GW: 135

    Previous Rounds:
    R69 EW: 158.1
    R70 EW: 156.5
    R71 EW: 156.3
    R72 EW: 156.3
    R73 EW: 155.2
    R74 EW: 155.4
    R75 EW: 156.1
    R76 EW: 155.6
    R80 EW: 153.2
    R81 EW: 154.3
    R82 EW: 154.1
    R84 EW: 156.5
    R89 EW: 156.7
    R91 EW: 160.1
    R93 EW: 159.3
    R94 EW: 156.1
    R98 EW: 154.5
    R99 EW: 155.9
    <3 R100 <3 EW: 152.8
    R101 EW: 149.7 (1/15)
    R102 EW: 149.0
    R103 EW: 149.0
    R104 EW: 146.2
    R105 EW: 146.6
    R106 EW: 144.6
    R107 EW: 146.8 (spring break, only 2 days weight)
    R108 EW: 147.7 (Moving out of state, starting new job)
    R109 EW: 148.1
    R110 EW: 150.1
    R111 EW: 154.3
    R112 EW: 152.6
    R113 EW: 151.7
    R121 EW: 153.0
    R122 EW: 154.8
    R123 EW: 153.9
    R124 EW: 153.4
    R125 EW: 155.6
    R126 EW: 152.3
    R127 EW: 151.5

    Last weight
    10/03 - 151.5

    Round GW: 149.9 (hopefully, as my belated birthday gift to myself)

    Day, Weight, Comment
    10/04 - 151.0
    10/05 - 151.7
    10/06 - 151.7
    10/07 - 150.8
    10/08 - 151.2
    10/09 - 151.0
    10/10 - DNW
    10/11 - 152.8
    10/12 - 152.1
    10/13 - 151.0 - Back down I go! I read someone posted about BMI so I did a little research. I had no idea I'm still in the "overweight" range!! I need to hit 149.5 or lower to be considered "normal" BMI. It was definitely interesting, not in a particularly bad way, to learn that this morning. Yesterday was good. Broke my fast at 16.5hrs as my body wanted food and I heard that signal loud and clear. Water in afternoon was not great. More like non-existent. Did get a nice walk in with the pup, though. Today I'm extremely tired as I stayed up to watch the football game (Overtime, WHAAAAT?!) and have more meetings than normal this morning so a workout may not be in the books. Maybe, if I can get motivated and find time, I'll do a 15 minute morning stretch yoga to help get the blood flowing. I'm definitely thinking hard about a nap right now and I've only been up 30 minutes! I did it to myself, though. Just happy to be working remote so I can sleep in the extra 2hrs I wouldn't be getting while commuting.

    Round stats: -0.5lbs

    Previous Day's Comments
    10/04 - TOM arrived so I think the drop was more from that than anything. Went out for a couple drinks with the Entire Texas Fam after some outside drama almost split us apart and things got hectic. We are all good and it was muuuuch needed for us all to go have fun like we did beginning of summer (with COVID restrictions -- Oktoberfest is happening in town but they knew of a little outdoor bar/food/live music place that was NOT at all crowded, thankfully). Didn't track because I was taste testing some different foods that were ordered and not entirely sure of counts. Stopped when I felt satiated. Eating window was extended a bit so I switched back to 16-8 for the weekend. I need to be flexible and fast AROUND my life, not live around my fast. With our football weekends, 16-8 is way more in-line and doable with my life, while 18-6 or 20-4 is much easier/more natural for me on weekdays. Being flexible will also help me continue fasting instead of falling off on weekends. Ribs are good this morning so tomorrow should be good for walking with the pup again. Making my beloved spinach artichoke dip today for football watching, not sure what else is on the menu.
    10/05 - All good, expected sodium bump. Ended up having finger foods for the games yesterday so not real set meal times and everybody brought a little something. Based on my best estimates of tracking, I managed my calorie goal but my fast was shorter (13.5hr) and eating window a little longer. Switching back to 18+hr fast today (130pm or later). Water was good, not the best, but I'll take it. Food was delicious and my spinach artichoke dip was a hit with everyone -- even requests to make it again! Going to try for a walk today once doggo decides to wake up (she stayed in bed with dad). Hoping to drop sodium weight in hopes that come Friday/Saturday, I'm in a good place for birthday celebrations. Our friend's daughter's boyfriend turns 21 on Saturday (we have a surprise party for him) and she opens her coffee shop on Friday. I'll celebrate her (re)opening and my birthday Friday with a coffee and snack. She lost her shop due to covid when the renters wouldn't allow her to do curbside and are now not allowing her to renew. Luckily, she was able to find another place to rent and set up (: So proud of her (she's 20 and already owns a business!)
    10/06 - Its okay, sticking with it and it'll drop. Feeling bloated and a bit crampy all over- probably combination of hormones, sleeping funny, and pizza for dinner. Was watching football and working on bug only to see pizza arrive. Guess its that or nothing so I had a couple slices and was satisfied. Was quite salty and thin crust so believing its more sodium bloat being maintained than carb bloat which would explain fingers being a tad puffy. Slept ok, but definitely woke up in a couple odd positions a few times. Probably won't walk today, yoga instead? My new yoga mat came in so I can finally get back to that. Walking is my cardio, yoga is my "weights" since I always get shaking muscles (: Walk yesterday was good, but I can tell I'm getting bored of my route through the neighborhood. Its tiny, so no way to switch it up, really. I'll have to ask around where dogs are allowed that aren't likely to be crowded so we can do something different and enjoy it. BF made breakfast yesterday so broke fast at 16hrs yesterday. Going for 18+ today with plenty of water to flush the bloat out and be on my merry way!
    10/07 - There's the drop I was waiting for. Definitely FEELING (and weighing) less bloated, but looking more bloated in the belly? My BF% went up 1% since yesterday so there's something more to drop, but I can be patient (to a point). Reading "Fast, Feast, Repeat" by Gin Stephens. I'm already past the start point of her FAST Start 28 day, but I figured I'd follow her instructions and take measurements bi-weekly as body recomposition will not always show on the scale as a drop (hello muscles!) Fasted 18hrs yesterday, happily. Was veeeery hungry by the time dinner hit, as it was a bit later than normal (eating window extended by 10 minutes to allow me time to eat once it was done) despite having lunch. Didn't get to do yoga yesterday so hoping I'll feel more inclined today before I break my fast -- depends on my headache and general grogginess. Woke up at 330 only to toss and turn until my alarm ): On the fasted workouts chapter and excited to learn the science behind it. I've always had to work out in a semi-fasted state (3-4hrs since last meal) or I'll get nauseous. Walking is okay, but I am slower if I'm full. Yoga is definitely a no-no with anything in my belly (even too much water).
    10/08 - All good! Normal sodium fluctuation from homemade shrimp lo mein last night. Actually expected to be much higher than this, honestly. Fasted 18hrs no issue. Didn't quite hit water goal. Got a nice yoga practice in, though! Meetings for work today so may try to squeeze in a yoga practice in between them. Not sure what's for dinner today, but its Thursday Night Football so there will be something delicious (: Still learning my ghrelin and leptin cues from my body instead of counting calories so we shall see how the weekend goes for me doing that (today is my Friday at work).
    10/09 - Officially my birthday. Surprised the scale went down, I had a longer eating window (but managed a 17.5hr fast prior to it) because they all threw me a little bitty surprise party! Some friends left early this morning for Colorado so we made my party last night instead of today. Couldn't get tamales so had homemade street tacos and our dear friend made banana cupcakes (usually not a sweets eater, but I had to try one! Plus BF smushed half of his in my face as is his little tradition). It was fun, though. Opened up my window to 16-8 but may push it a little further out into afternoon, depending on how I feel. Eating was so late, my 16hr fast ends around the same time my normal 18hr fast ends hahah! There was also talk of going out tonight on the town for a few drinks to celebrate on my actual birthday and I want to make sure I'm not going too overboard. I'm a little peckish right now but that will pass soon enough, I think, and I can push further. Tomorrow is the big OU-Longhorn game (BF huge OU fan) at noon and another bday party at around 530 (when birthday boy gets off work) so I'm not sure how that will go. Don't want to stress it, but I'm also in a transition period when my body is adjusting to longer, more true clean fasts that I don't want to completely undo all my work so far and feel as if I'm starting over. Hopefully my body is willing to communicate in ways I can now understand! I might be able to get away with water looking like a mixed drink so I don't get questioned (:
    10/10 - DNP
    10/11 - Birthday celebrations, yay! Don't remember if I mentioned my NSV of my belt getting one notch tighter, but despite the weight gain, the belt has stayed one notch tighter. My belly stayed flatter, too, so I'm not at all worried. The shorter fasts I've done have still managed to keep my bloating down, yay! I'd love to see the 140s, but after reading the books on fasting (and finding yet another book), I'm quite content with my NSVs regardless of weight. I'm fasting today, hopefully 18hrs as I'm already sitting at 14hrs in now. Just need to focus on water until then (and during my window). Going to take a walk to Fam's house later (BF and FamWife have work so they're teaming up to help each other knock as much out before football starts as possible. He already left without telling me). I haven't been very good about getting movement in, so I may take the long way to their house to up my steps a bit more. Have a beautiful day, everyone!
    10/12 - Coming back down. There was pizza yesterday and that's likely what's holding me higher than I'd like. Fasted for 18.5hrs yesterday and was good about it. Starting getting a little hunger-nauseous when discussing food. so I think my body was trying to tell me it was hungry. Still learning to recognize those signals again. Going for a 19hr fast today to readjust my eating window to dinner timeframe (I finished dinner quite early compared to our normal time). Hoping for a walk today, but dependent on how work is. Going out to the far west of Texas, near Mexican border on Friday to camp and hike, which I'm really excited about. Its my birthday present from Fam (they've never been, either, and wanted to go). I need to get out there and push myself on some walks to be prepared!