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    October done 🎈🎊🎉
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    Hey all,

    Just a quick heads up but I will not be working to lose weight until the end of the year, so I will be doing maintenance until January. I want to do some strength training and will be cutting last 20 pounds at the beginning of 2021. I will be popping in at times just to keep up. I did strength training this month as a trial and like where its gotten me so far. I figured since I eat more during the holidays, I might as well but it to work for me.

    Hi @Jax_Grim
    I'm jumping in here to say that you will be put on the Support Team (aka the cheer squad!) for November and on until you say you want to be back on the regular team. Great job on your strength training - keep it up, and keep in touch!
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    The October chat is now officially closed! Head on over to November -
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