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    kmriedell wrote: »
    Hi y’all!
    I’m new and trying to figure out this app. It’s a bit daunting sorting through all the messages. Any suggestions will be appropriated. I’ll be starting in the November challenge, and my weigh in date is on Mondays. With that said do I report my weight this week or on the 2nd?

    Also... I had an appointment with my nutritionist today and she said I wasn’t eating enough. 🤔😲 How is that even possible?? She suggested 1200-1400 calories a day. I always thought that eating was my superpower. 😂😂

    Thank you for all your help.
    Cheers! 🍻

    Hi kmriedell! Welcome. The main tip I'll share - don't start a post and then scroll back through all the messages that you want to comment on....you'll lose your whole post and have to start over - frustrating. I use the computer, not the app on my phone - I believe @PlaneMonkey had repeated issues with hitting the 'done' button on the phone app - wiping out her post.
    Have you used the My Fitness Pal - goal creator tool? It should also be a reasonable guide for your calorie goal per day. And as you start to drop weight and log your weight in MFP, you want to go in and set up your goal again (even if it's the same) as MFP will recalculate the calories to work with your new weight. I think mine were at 1370 at one point and finally now it's at 1200 max per day.
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    @eggfreak Oh my gosh! I have hit that done button more times than I care to admit!!

    That’s good to know about the goal setting. I’m going to take advantage of that!!
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    kmriedell wrote: »
    Good morning!
    Thank you for adding me to the team. I start in November. I’m super excited, and ready for my journey.
    I started October 1 at 200 pounds.
    I think having a team will make all the difference.
    You are here now so you can start to get to know how things work, and meet your teammates. Please tell us a bit about yourself - name, where you are, or whatever you are comfortable sharing. Your journey - how you got to where you are now, and what are your goals - all that fun stuff. Thanks!
    @jugar It's so crazy for me to hear you talk about gearing up for winter when summer and beach season is starting in my corner of the world! :smiley: snowshoeing sounds so fun though!
    I love that we have someone in the Southern hemisphere. It gives you hope that the winter will return, and us hope that the sun is still making the world warm somewhere!
    Hi everyone! I am glad to be here. I am a 33yo mom to a 10yo boy. I have struggled with weight my entire life, but especially as an adult. I have been an emotional eater and a stress eater. I have been heavy since childhood but it's been the worst since my son was small and I was struggling through working retail and eating out a lot along with being a young single mom with limited cooking skills. As my son has grown I have learned to enjoy cooking more and more. I have had an up and down weight for the last 10 years but currently at my lowest since 2009 and less than 4 lbs from my first mini goal of 235 which is what I weighed when I found out I was pregnant with my son in 2009. I am excited to be here. 😊
    Congratulations for starting out here at such a good place! Getting back to pre-pregnancy weight is such a huge win. Now you can start working on the rest! What is your next mini-goal? I have loved watching people on this team hit their mini goals and setting new ones. Now that we are heading into decoration seasons, maybe @micki48 Michele will show us photos of her weight paper chains. They are amazing, and could be used to decorate for all the upcoming holidays, or just for fun, birthdays, whatever we want. Remember those @micki48 ? Drag those out again! They are amazing.

    I had a fun day with 3 workouts so far! It is freezing in our house because the chimney sweep is coming tomorrow morning and we could not have a fire today. What a great way to make myself work out! I should have done this before. To keep warm I did a TRX suspension workout video (which I could not do all of, but had fun trying), two different Pilates workouts, and now I'm getting on the exercise bike in a bit while watching something on Netflix. I have my hot breakfast all prepped and will be very glad to see our chimney people here in the morning! They are usually earlier than this, but everything is running late this year. I finally forbade my taller half from doing this job himself - our roof is crazy steep and slippery, and he has 2 knee replacements, a shoulder replacement, and even though he is quite awesome for his age, well, there is his age. We're ok with having a chilly day!

    OK - tomorrow there is only 1 weigh-in @conleywoods

    Late! please get your weights in:

    Tally ho!
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    edited October 2020
    I second all the info about the app vs the website via computer. The app is great for adding food and exercise to your diary, but for the community (including this group), I always find the laptop a much better way to go whenever possible.

    It is true that 1400 calories sounds perfectly reasonable at the stage you are now. When you get to a lower weight, you might go down as far as 1200, but that is about as low as you'd want to go. I maintain at 1200 as long as I get a good amount of exercise - but I'm only just over 5 feet tall! So I'm sure you can get away with more than that :smiley:

    In any case - good for you for going to a nutritionist! It really helps. Keep asking any questions and we'll do our best to answer. Hopefully we won't confuse the heck out of you!
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    First I want to welcome the many, many new teammates. We are so glad you are here.

    I just finished reading all 46 messages I missed by not checking in yesterday and it’s already 11pm tonight. Sorry I have been soo MIA and off the rails. It’s true! I’ve lost the wagon I’m so off of it.

    I need to make my November plan. I hear you @jugar. Maybe tomorrow I will make some of those weight rings. I have only done Pilates once or twice this month and I really do miss it. No excuse. Just not making time for it. I am walking, but at night I am plopping myself on the sofa and not getting up...like all night. I need to shake this funk off.

    @conleywoods So glad you are out of your funk. I hope to get there soon. Thanks for the freezer idea for the cookies. Great idea because we all know they are best immediately after they are made.

    Our new member from NJ (can’t remember your username) asked what kind? Chocolate chip 🍪 That’s my signature cookie. I’ve been baking them since I was in third grade and I’m 56.

    I can’t scroll back without losing this post, but I think it was @Kali225 who mentioned that she appreciates me sharing my struggles. I am glad that my struggles and honesty about it is helpful to you and anyone else here. The struggle is real as we all know so well, but I’m not giving up. I’m going to find my way back.

    A slice of pizza or cookies are never off limits, but I am not being careful at all. I am not looking forward to my next weigh in and I’m pretty sure it won’t be pretty. At this point, I have just maintained over the last year.

    I know there is more I wanted to comment on but it’s late and my brain is just tired. I really do appreciate reading all your wonderful posts.

    I KNOW one thing I need to do is start logging again. It’s just not working to not do it. I’m just so tired of doing it. I need to change that mindset.

    More tomorrow...🙂🤗❤️
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    @jugar I am at 238.8 as of weigh in on Monday this week, 235 is the first mini goal which is pre-pregnancy weight. After that it will be 199, as I dont think I've been under 200 sincewhifh school. 😬
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    Hi friends! Hope you all had a good day! Great job @jguldi11 for making it to the gym and @Terytha for saying no to doughnuts. Hooray for mini goals nearly met and @jugar stay warm workout! @yinxfed I hate when you're happily walking along and you get your arm ripped off because you didn't realize your dog stopped to investigate something. Glad to see you @micki48 and love the November plans @Kali225 .

    Today was pretty good. Food was on target but I was tired today so no workout today. Thats fine and I will get some exercise this weekend. It has warmed up a bit here which is nice. Maybe I can get a few more walks in before I wait with @jugar for snowshoe season! Tomorrow is my weigh in after bumping my calories up for 2 weeks. I am hopeful it will be down 🤞we will see! I started knitting and I forgot how sore it can make the small muscles in your upper body! 😬 yikes! I remember more than I thought I would but thankfully there is youtube!
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    Good Morning Waist Away... You have another one heading your way ... Please welcome @JvalaNavin :)
  • Gidgitgoescrazy
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    Yesterday was a bad day, I took a mental health day, slept till 9.30 - took the dogs for a walk, then chilled and ate the rest of the day !

    Today is a new day, I don't feel guilty for yesterday, I do feel yucky cause I ate too much, and I'm very bloated, but there is no guilt...

    Have a great day !
  • jugar
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    Happy Thursday!
    I'm so happy our woodstove is now starting up - it will feel good to have a warm house again. And I kind of overdid it yesterday with my 3 workouts, so today is more of a rest day!

    The seasonal transition, whether autumnal (most of us) or vernal ( @coffeetwist ) can throw us into some weird eating and mental places - I'm right with you on salads @eggfreak - they just don't appeal the way they did all summer. I am growing salad greens indoors this year for the first time, so I'll see if that inspires me to eat them for lunch the way I usually do. But I probably will still want soup for lunch anyhow! I have 3 stand-by soups: green soup (zucchini, broth, spinach, ginger, all blended smooth), orange soup (sweet potato, carrot, ginger, turmeric, red lentils, also all blended smooth), and brown soup (mushrooms, broth, white navy beans, thyme - guess what? blended smooth). They get me through.

    I gotta go rescue a friend and lend her a wrist brace I'm no longer using, and give her some awesome shoes my daughter left behind. See you all later!
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    Steps and exercise update for 28th October:

    Steps - 5351 including 33 min dog walk
  • JvalaNavin
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    Hi o/ I just recently joined and first time doing this. As well as using forums so Imight be a bit slow with this for now. I'm Jvala and I joined thanks to my friend who has helped me start my journey in losing weight. I'm currently at 155lbs and hoping I'm able to shed someone pounds thought this weight lose journey. Thanks for having me.
  • jugar
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    JvalaNavin wrote: »
    Hi o/ I just recently joined and first time doing this. As well as using forums so Imight be a bit slow with this for now. I'm Jvala and I joined thanks to my friend who has helped me start my journey in losing weight. I'm currently at 155lbs and hoping I'm able to shed someone pounds thought this weight lose journey. Thanks for having me.

    Welcome @JvalaNavin ! We almost missed you - just after you asked to join, we decided to increase the team capacities and I was afraid you were turned away. So glad to see you! Don't worry about being slow -- it takes a while to find your way around. You certainly do not need to go back and read the whole month's worth of messages - just get a feel of who is here, how the weigh-ins work, and then ask all your questions any time. Tell us a bit about yourself too - we have members from all kinds of places in all walks of life. It is fun to connect here and get this done!

    Thanks for the salad idea @kali225 -- this sounds like a real honest to goodness winter salad. I might use savoury instead of sage - there is a ton of it dried from my herb garden this year, and it tastes amazing.

    You survived your break! I bet you could not have done that a year ago...

    You needed a mental health day. You took it and will move on! Very inspiring.
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    The big Friday Weigh-in Fest is happening soon - here are all of you who will amaze us tomorrow:

    Even if you are not amazing us, don't be late this week! We need to be ready to go for a new month on Sunday :smiley:
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    @micki48 I think it was actually @jguldi11 who thanked you for sharing the struggles, but only because she beat me to saying the same thing! 100% appreciated. It's real talk in here haha.

    @kali225 Thank you and thank you @jguldi11.

    I did my pT exercises today and took a walk after the hurricane Zeta passed through. It was a wild one. Debris everywhere and bark stripped off downed branches.

    I did some work in my notebook today. Working on getting myself psyched up for a good November. More on that once I figure it all out.

    Had dinner for my daughter and her husband and of course Juliet. Swept in front of my house, made it to 9k steps even though I didn’t get my Fitbit on until I was up 2 hours.

    @eggfreak I’m right there with you. Logging needs to be a thing again. I was so good for almost 2 years and the last 2 months—just awful. I’m ready to recommit. Those few pounds, I definitely feel them.

    @conleywoods Congratulations on doing so well on your break. You’re inspiring! 😘

    I promise I will get the step report done tomorrow. I am so sorry. Excuses, excuses. But hubby has been using the laptop a lot when I get the chance. Talk about feeling like an imposter. 🤫😯

    Again, so late. I must get to bed. Sleep is important. 🤗
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