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  • jugar
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    So happy my sister is back! @evelynladams527

    It is hard being only 3 hours apart by car, but with a closed border. We cannot visit and it has been a LONG time. So being together here on the team is great. :heart:

    WHAT a moonrise tonight. Full moon, halloween, Mars, clear sky - all the elements are there. Of course, we are laughing about the full moon of March 13 (same digits), also a time change weekend, it was Friday the 13th and this time is halloween, and the world has hopped into a handbasket ever since that time. Maybe it will get better now????

    I'm still dreaming of more numbers so I don't have to scramble first thing tomorrow morning. You can do that??? Hope so -


    Hugs flying with the witches tonight ---
  • micki48
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    Saturday weigh in

    PW 193.6
    CW 196.1

    Not unexpected 😢
  • lovethyneighbor
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    Cw : 213.0
  • spyro88
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    @jugar I've just weighed myself again this morning and it has now gone down to 92.1. Not sure which number to use - the 93.7 seemed like a bit of a freak gain over such a short time! I will let you decide!

    I'm a bit down this morning because England is going back into lockdown on Thursday for 1 month. This means that my gym will close :( I'm quite worried about this because my routine for losing weight has been to go to the gym around 4 times a week to do cardio (usually 25 mins on the elliptical and a 25 min uphill walk on the treadmill). I've never been very good with home exercise, even though I do have a few bits (kettlebell, yoga mat, small dumbells) I just don't seem to ever be able to maintain my routine and motivation with it for some reason!

    Any suggestions/ support would be very appreciated! I'm trying not to be too negative about it but am worried I won't be able to maintain even my calories if I'm not seeing a loss :s Sigh. Down with Covid!
  • Pearl4686
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    Hi all
    So I've had another junkie weekend. Once i let go, I just can't stop. I know many here struggle with the same thing. It's really getting me down. I started with treating myself to 1 biscuit in the morning and ended up finishing 2 packets. I'm so black and white, my brain says, sod it, the day's ruined anyway, I might as well enjoy and ended up eating a ridiculous amount over 2 days.
    URGH how to stop doing this. I now risk letting it carry on all week as 'i probably won't lose anything this week'.
    Sorry for venting....

    @spyro88 I've never been into gyms but on my runs I've noticed a lot of local parks have outdoor gyms. Would that help? I find it very calming to workout outdoors. It might be 'different' the first couple of times but you will get used to it and with the current situation it might be awhile before life returns to normality. Good luck!
  • jugar
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    There are SO many good videos to exercise at home. If you use the gym mostly for cardio, a lot of people like the Leslie Sansone "walk at home" videos - some are pretty basic and don't get you too sweaty, but others are more intense. Popsugar has tons of workouts, many cardio/dance or just cardio and toning so you can get a really good workout with no equipment. If you want a "buddy" to workout the same days using the same videos, I'm sure one of us would be happy to pick out a program with you and then make sure we do them.
  • jugar
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    Your assignment is to have ONE perfect day. Plan it, stick to it, measure everything, drink lots of water (slowly), calm the monster down with some deep breathing and a good outdoor walk if you can get one, or an indoor exercise of some kind if you can't. One day. Then report back - it will be much easier to get back on track after you are feeling as wonderful as that one day will help you feel.
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