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Scan food into database

lindastevens5688lindastevens5688 Member, Premium Posts: 5 Member Member, Premium Posts: 5 Member
I'm a flight attendant
I pack several days worth of food at a time and do not bring the original packaging
Is there a way to scan that food into a database?
Thanks so much!


  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,698 Member Member Posts: 18,698 Member
    It likely is already in the database, so no need to scan it in as if you were the first to use it.

    But the way SKU codes will stay the same while manufacturers change the nutrition info - you'll need to confirm the current entry tied to the SKU, likely will be wrong.

    If it is correct, or you find the correct entry while you have label in hand - save it to future date in your diary, a week out or more.

    That will at least cause it to be saved in Recent and Frequent list for finding faster, then when you use it for the actual day eaten, it registers it again.

    When you reach that future date with the entries there - delete them. Or correct quantities if actually eaten.

    It's all about finding the correct entries (please don't add to problem by just creating your own, you'll hate that down the road too) and having them stick in Recent & Frequent lists.

    I'll even be consistent with only using an entry for certain Meals, so it stays in those lists easy to find.
    If I have a bowl of cereal with or after dinner, I log it under breakfast.
    If I eat a normal dinner item for lunch I'll still log under dinner so I don't have to search it down again.
  • PAV8888PAV8888 Member Posts: 7,852 Member Member Posts: 7,852 Member
    You could pre-log daya

    You could also create meals for each container and log the meals on the day you eat them.

    Recently used database entries stay in the recently used list as heybales said.

    So as long as you log one of each item at a far future date, the item will be in your recent list to be found for logging purposes. You can then delete it from the future date.

    Sometimes I log half my food in one day and copy the meal to the next day. If I eat a bit more or less on each day... It still goes in the same tummy! You could extend that to more days.

    It won't be ideal. Then again figuring out your weight trend with travel and time differences won't be easy either.

    But longer term the results will be visible
    edited October 2020
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