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Two my fitness pal accounts

francpamfrancpam Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
I have just put my fitness pal app back on my mobile after a Hiatus of a couple of years and I had to create a new password. Now when I go in to connect my fitbit app to the myfitness pal app it says "Another MyFitnessPal account has already been linked to this fitbit" so it is reading my old account. I have gone into my fitbit and revoked all my permission in regards to myfitnesspal but it still says my fitbit is connected to another myfitnesspal account - Any suggestions on how to get rid of the other MyFitbitPal account or how to rectify this issue - any help will be greatly appreciated


  • durdendurden Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium Posts: 237 MFP Staff Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium Posts: 237 MFP Staff
    Sorry you're having that issue. Unfortunately this board is not frequented by MFP staff and other members are typically not the best resource for troubleshooting software. That being said, our support team is more than able to help with this sort of thing if you reach out through the proper channels, and should be able to get you back up and running.

    To reach our support team for assistance, please visit or email directly to [email protected]

    I hope that helps!
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