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    Thanks for the reply. I’m weary about taking supplements, because I don’t want to go through the pain of dropping another kidney stone. I do believe that improper or lack of water intake made the stone form. According to the labs I had done when they discovered the stone, there are two more lodged in my right kidney. I’m concerned about them dropping if I take protein powder and do not properly hydrate. Unfortunately, I have a habit of not drinking enough water. 😦

    Also have issues with lactose, so I don’t do much dairy.
    I think that explains it then. I understand feeling wary, but you should probably look into non-dairy protein powders. It'll certainly make it easier to keep a good protein intake without having too many calories. First thing I consume every morning is a big glass of water, and then always have water close by for the rest of the day.
    I do tend to eat a bit more on some days, but it’s usually when I cheat.
    I understand the desire to cheat. I'd often cheat on rest days. There's a psychological effect to working out that makes you more focused on your diet, so on rest days it's easy to lapse. However, that's the complete opposite of what you want. With body recomp, you should have more calories on resistance training days than rest days, to give your body fuel to build muscle, and on the rest days you can do the higher deficits to meet your weekly calorie goal.

    I agree with others that 1,200 per day sounds too low, even assuming you're adding back the calories burned in all those workouts.

    Btw, crunches are bad for the lower back. I suggest planks instead. And don't skip leg day :)
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    mockchoc wrote: »
    You look amazing! Glad I deleted the rest but yep drool worthy lol

    Ha. Not sure what additional comments you added, but thanks for the compliment. Much appreciated. 😃👍
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    Good luck 2u!
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