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At ideal weight but family says too skinny



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    For the majority of people, especially the ones THINKING of lifting weights in the future, BMI is a perfectly valid guide to normal weight and (implied) FAT levels.

    Ideal weight is a specific term which generally defines a lower weight than the top of normal bmi and is also a term that is less defined than BMI.

    If BMI has some debate in terms of outliers being relatively common both in the over fat while normal BMI and in the normal fat at overweight BMI category (the category discussed above), ideal weight formulas have even less justification and validity for their recommendations.

    I would consider, absent years of physical training, the top of normal bmi as a goal. Waist to height ratio, us navy formula, doctor visit can all help define goals.

    Just lifting weights and exercising can also be positive by itself.

    Relatives finding your transition to above normal BMI as too skinny... I would seek an educated opinion to confirm that evaluation
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