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Less Alcohol - NOVEMBER 2020 - One Day at a Time



  • Lilylady3kLilylady3k Member, Premium Posts: 815 Member Member, Premium Posts: 815 Member
    Tonight Torchy's Tini with a taco. No plans to be AF today but also not wildly out of control.
    Nov accountability: 11/21 days AF

    My youngest son in Austin was on phone with teledoc yesterday ... he had to get tested for Covid. He & his wife are not coming for Thanksgiving now one way or the other. Cold, Flu or Covid ... they don't want to transmit it to us.

    My daughter had an outbreak of Covid on the other side of her office in another team. She & her husband got tested for Covid yesterday too.

    My oldest son & his wife had Covid in July so they currently tested and have the antibodies.

    I'm still grocery shopping in person but spend little time inside as possible and usually every other week during the weekdays.

    I spent time with my mom today while she was at my sisters. Mom spent the last 1.5 weeks traveling all over Arkansas visiting family & friends. Praying that she doesn't have it.

    Hang in there folks!
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 3,028 Member Member Posts: 3,028 Member
    I am Dawn and live in South East British Columbia. I am 60.
    My goal remains the same as it has been for quite some time, 16-20 AF days per month.

    I check in diary style. It works for me.

    Tuesday Nov 10 - Drinks. Seemingly back to making Tuesday my drinks day.
    Wednesday Nov 11 - AF - Remembrance Day.
    Thursday Nov 12 - AF
    Friday Nov 13 - Drinks. Friday the 13th!! We had that one teaser snowfall 2 weeks ago and then it all melted away. Today we got a really exciting big dump of the stuff. I got out to a circular trail that normally takes me about 15 minutes, but 10 inches of snow made it take blissfully longer. The sound of deep snow with my new hearing aid was so wonderfully overwhelming for me. Photos to come...if y'all don't mind : - )
    Saturday Nov 14 - Drinks. Not planned, just low willpower today I guess. The month is not over.
    Sunday Nov 15 - AF - Lovely day, but all of that beautiful snow melted away, not much left on the trails now, and none left in town.
    Monday Nov 16 - AF
    Tuesday Nov 17 - AF - I have one of my favourite jobs at a store in another town tomorrow, up a mountain, so want to make sure that I am alert for the drive and for the day, thus AF tonight.
    Wednesday Nov 18 - AF - Very early busy work day tomorrow, so AF tonight
    Thursday Nov 19 - Drinks. Well, I haven't had any yet, but am planning on having a couple tonight.
    Friday Nov 20 - AF - Got one more garden bed weeded, turned over, added compost, mulched, and covered until tomato planting season next year. 3 more to go, my aim this weekend before everything freezes again.
    Saturday Nov 21 - Drinks - Kind of rewarded myself for a big amount done in the garden today after a great hike with a treat of Apricot Brandy mixed with Bailey's. Open water still on the first lake that will be frozen enough to skate, but it is getting there.

    Rolling total. 14AF days out of 21 days
  • MissMayMissMay Member Posts: 1,888 Member Member Posts: 1,888 Member
    So scary this Covid. People here are getting it a second time.
    I am laying low.

    Stay safe my friends

    WHAT? this is not good. Folks were really hoping it was like measles and that you could never get a second round of the virus. This ostrich (me) needs to get her head of of the sand and listen to covid reports more. Thank you gor bringing this to our attention Dawn.
  • globalhikerglobalhiker Member Posts: 567 Member Member Posts: 567 Member
    I am trying not to let Covid anxiety (yes I have that) undermine my health improvement efforts. DH and I going out for a long trail run now before the mountain bikers come out en masse as they do around 9am. Still in quarantine, we need to stay away from people.

    I feel fine. DH could not get a Covid test appointment for today which would've been the optimal day to take the test after his exposure (all local sites booked up!!- everybody is getting tested to get results before Thanksgiving).

    I'm over the fact that we're having a non-Thanksgiving and there will be no mall shopping the day after. Hey, it's better than landing in the ICU not knowing if you'll make it out.

    I'll just fast-forward and focus on Christmas and put up my tree and plan out photos for christmas cards.

  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 3,028 Member Member Posts: 3,028 Member
    So sorry about your pal!
    Please let us know how she is doing.
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