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Can a "foodie" lose weight and keep it off?



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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    Flavor and complexities of a food don't make them "wrong"...flavor is the spice of life. I am personally partial to dishes either authentic or inspired by the Caribbean, parts of Africa, and Southeast Asia...particularly Thailand. These foods are not complex really in preparation, but very complex in flavor and layers of what hits the palate and when and that is what makes them so lovely...they are so simple and yet deliver such complex palate gratification.


    I just love Thai food. The combination of tastes is just perfect for me.

    Unfortunately, my OH is a not a big fan and I mostly don't feel like making the effort for just me. I do have a stir fry that's in the rotation about once a month, but I cannot use cilantro or fresh ginger in it. (He knew he didn't like cilantro; it took us a while to figure out that ginger root was a no-go for him as well.)

    In the summer when he grills steak, I make potato salad and a green salad for him and turn my steak into Thai beef salad. I plant Thai basil for this each year and will never be able to completely rid my garden of mint, lol.

    He'll eat one serving of Tom Ka Gai or Masaman curry so I often make a whole batch and freeze the leftovers for me. I also make a beef ramen soup using Thai ingredients. I freeze the beef and soup and don't do the noodles until I'm ready to eat it. Just had some yesterday - oh, so good!

    I've been wondering what to do with my turkey carcass and was not feeling inspired by the idea of American turkey soup/stew, but not I have my answer - make stock and use in various Thai soups!
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    Can a "foodie" lose weight and keep it off? — I think yes, because you can eat good quality and interesting food in moderation.
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    I love to cook. I spend a lot of time watching cooking shows, searching recipes, and preparing food. It’s one of my favorite pastimes.

    Call it what you will, foodie, culinary snob, someone that appreciates, and strives for deliciousness. For me, the presentation isn’t at all important. I prefer family style serving. I grew up with 6 sisters, so with 9 people around the table, it was the practical way of service.

    A meal that is beautifully plated, doesn’t make it taste better for me, nor is it necessary for my enjoyment. I will agree that the extra effort, may be important for some people and may add to their enjoyment of a meal. Not me. My enjoyment is the overall taste, and textures, of well prepared foods. The conversation and company of those I share a meal with.

    Can a so called “foodie” lose weight and keep it off? Of course they can. The same way anyone can, through diligence, moderation, portion control, and awareness on total calories consumed, whether losing or maintaining weight loss. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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