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    Welcome to our new members!
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    Hi everyone. I'm Debbie (FLDebbie66). I'm in my mid-50s and have struggled with my weight since my second child was born 15 years ago. The pregnancy triggered Hashimoto's, but it took several doctors over many years to finally figure it out. It's hard for me to lose weight, but was even harder when I stopped working out and eating healthy meals (go figure). I've been on MFP for a while, but have not ventured out into the community or groups until now. The weekly challenges and structure of this group really looked interesting to me and I look forward to being part of this team.
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    A hearty WELCOME to our newbies of returning friends for December!! So far, that's:


    I am Jessica, one of your captains, so on behalf of myself, my cohort in crime @mulecanter (your other captain) and all the TrimStones, we're so glad you're here.

    Take a minute and introduce yourselves and let us know how we can best support this part of your journey. My one bit of advice is take baby steps...don't try to change everything all at once or it becomes overwhelming...habits and patterns are hard to change, so change them one or two at a time. Then build on that...and six months from now, you'll be, look and feel like a new person!

    I'm taking volunteers for our Step Challenge for the month. Let me know your daily step goal and that you want to participate and I'll add you to the chart once it comes out. Unlike your membership on our team (which DOES roll over month-to-month), the challenge resets monthly and it doesn't roll over, so if you want to participate you have to let me know every month. Also, if you're signing up, it's up to you to post your steps every 2-3 days and you'll see other people reporting. I like to keep the chart updated and with not a lot of empty spaces (pet peeve I guess)'s just easier to keep it up than to catch it up.

    Again, welcome and look forward to watching you succeed!!

    Jessica :smile:
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    Sorry, travelling and I blew my weigh in this week as I was not home and didn't have a scale.
    I'll get it in this weekend.
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    Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the welcome. Have been looking forward to joining a team all month!
    I am a 67 year old grandmother who has become rather unfit over the last few years and put on a few kilos.
    Quite a few kilos in fact!! Also I had to give up my walking/hiking a couple of years ago due to issues with my right foot but that seems to have sorted itself so I have been walking again.
    I returned to MFP late September and since then have lost 8 kilos (almost 18 lbs, I keep having to convert as we use kg here in Australia). I also started to look at the community and that is how I found this group.
    Please add me to the step challenge, I currently do 11,000 steps per day and am working on increasing.
    Looking forward to December
    Cheers to all
    Veronica (Veronica 676)
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    Thank you @jessicakrall8, and @jenready and everyone else for your welcome! 😄
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    Good Morning Trimstones .... You have a new member heading your way shortly .... Please welcome @Jakiracki :)

    Another one heading your way .. Please welcome @Dana_fitmom
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    angmarie28 wrote: »

    So far Covid isn't hitting me too bad. Everything has no taste, and I cant smell anything but that doesn't bother me. Yesterday my body ached so bad, and I had a horrible headache. Today i feel pretty good, I cant walk, or even stand really and talk at the same time without having to stop and catch my breath.

    So good to hear from you @angmarie28 and so sorry you're dealing with this. Make sure you get one of those machines that measures your oxygen levels...if it drops, that's when you'll need the hospital, I'm told by nursing friends. I hope you get stronger each day and I'm praying for you...good time to rest and read a good book...drink lots of liquids and force yourself to move around as much as you you gal!

    Jessica **BIG VIRTUAL HUGS**
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    Wed Weigh in
    PW: 319.2
    CW: 319.2 (I'm STUCK!)

    Let the turkey intake turkey year round, but it's usually lunch meat...looking forward to REAL turkey later. If you haven't tried it...get a warm piece of dark meat turkey and some cracker barrel extra sharp cheddar cheese...omg the world will move, trust me! And calorically, it's not too bad...

    Hope everyone has a nice, SAFE, socially distanced and masked up Thanksgiving!
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    Here's an article I thought might be helpful for the upcoming event tomorrow (for my US friends).

    Enjoy your meals tomorrow. Try not to overindulge, but if you do, make yourself get up and take a walk.

    Take care and stay safe!
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    Welcome to all the new members on here
    @KarlyMst @Veronica676 @JoDavo66
    @angemarie28 look after yourself
    And to all my American friends & team members have a Happy Thansgiving & enjoy your holiday break.Stay safe 🦃🦃🥧🍷
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    Thank you for the welcome.
    I'm Jo from Durham in NE England.
    I've always had to watch weight but become a serious battle after gaining thro' 4 years of perimenopause & it's seriously hard to loose anything.
    I'm 54, married with 2 teenage girls & I'm a Secondary (11-16 years) Science Teacher- I downshifted a few years ago from being Head of Dept then I moved schools and went part time. In 5 days but off 2 afternoons when I would go to gym- if it wasn't for current UK lockdown- expecting to be back on Wednesday 2nd Dec. I'm not the most mobile following a couple of accidents (1 fell over runningwith kids at work & the other car rear-ended) then gaining weight but I'm working on it.
    I desperately need motivation so "loosing for a team to win" seems like a good idea.
    Aiming to improve diet further increasing protein & decreasing carbs (I'm pescitarian but not too much fish- so that can be challenging). Aiming to increase exercise & cut right back on processed sugar and unnecessary treats.
    Not 100% sure where I need to record start weight. But I'll have to WI on Saturdays.
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    Wednesday weigh-in
    PW: 207.2
    CW: 207.0
    LTD: -59 lbs


    11/18: 4,909
    11/19: 3,494
    11/20: 9,981
    11/21: 5,738
    11/22: 4,411
    11/23: 8,822
    11/24: 7,225
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    Didn't do too shabby today...but it's one day a year, so I'm not beating myself up either...hope ya'll are having a great day! Happy Thanksgiving!
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    11/25: 7,407
    11/26: 4,890
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    rhilleshiem / bearchested (my name change finally processed)
    PW: 204.4
    CW: 206.8

    I knew this week would be a bump in the road. While I did well with my weightlifting goals, I didn't track my food even before Thanksgiving. I tend not to keep tracking for the day if I know I'm starting to go over my macros, when I really should stick to it regardless.
  • simbersea wrote: »
    Not a lot to share this last week. My moms house sold. Actually we got lucky, it sold twice. The first guy backed out. Turned out he had met a woman in our neighborhood online and decided to move to be near her. I guess she had a talk and told him “too soon” and he backed out and went back to California. But the house sold again within a day and it looks like this time it’ll go through.

    So I’m cleaning out all my moms stuff. This is a warning to all you moms out there. One day your child will have to clean out your space - and they will be shaking their heads, asking “ why did you need so many _______? In my moms case, we have at least 30 pairs of scissors (?), a dozen teapots and closets full of spare pillows.

    But it is causing me to go through my own house and de-clutter. I had way too many obsolete kitchen appliances - yogurt maker, bread machine, rotisserie....I got rid of them all. I don’t want someone coming in and going through my pantry thinking “what did she do with all this junk”?

    I'm doing it as well because we are selling my dad's house too. Our family is going to my dad's just to clear out stuff. We are going to sell in spring. My hallway is filled with stuff to get rid of lol I might be replacing some of it with my dad's stuff. As it begins again.
  • Thank you all for the encouraging words. It is draining to say and hear all the words.....but at the same time it is how we need to cope. I just want to say I really like this group even though I read things a little later.... and don't always say upbeat things :smiley :neutral :smiley: that I am here. I like the realness of this group. Life is up and down just like us all lol weight included. Had to do a pun there 😉. Keep strong fellow friends. Hello new people. Ang Marie hope all is going good for you and you are in my prayers. Restoration. Here's to having a great week guys.
    Weigh day Thursdays
    Sw 210
    Lw 178
    Cw 178.5
    Ltd 31.5
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    Sunday 11/22- 9760
    Monday 11/23- 15428
    Tuesday 11/24- 7252
    Wednesday 11/25- 6425
    Thursday 11/26- 5333
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