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  • jugar
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    After procrastinating a lot, then cooking a lot, I'm finally dropping in here. I didn't even put my fitbit on until after lunch, so I had better do some catching up this afternoon :grin:

    Sounds like everyone is feeling the grind. It is snowy here today, and I need to go out in it for a while to cool off the feelings of cooped up craziness. I'll be back this evening!
  • YinxFed
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    Steps and Exercise update for 16th November-

    Steps - 6343 (including 30 mins walking)
    Exercise - 20 mins HIIT (with weights)

  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 10,015 Member
    I like the idea of days turning around! Especially when lots of waiting for no good reason is involved - turn that stuff around for sure :trollface:

    So, as usual, @coffeetwist has kicked off Wednesday! Good loss this week, Krista - it sounds like you're in the thick of all the things, so keep on track and you'll sail through like a pro.

    Here are the rest of the Wednesday people -
    Hoping it has been a good week with more downs (in weight!) than ups - so that it all feels like more ups than down.

    Overdue - let's hear from you folks:

    No matter if you're late - it happens - but if you need the week off, let me know!
  • CurvyCalorie
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    Step update for November 17

    Thank you
  • MandiSaysHey
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    @Gidgitgoescrazy sorry you had a frustrating monday but glad it is over for you. Hope the rest of the week is exponentially better!!
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 10,015 Member
    AND you come here and cheer us on, keep on your path, and provide plenty of inspiration. Thanks.
  • MandiSaysHey
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    @jugar thanks ❤ it had been nice to have a specific place to come and check in every day, gives an extra sense of accounatbility.

    @micki48 steps today 15,055
  • micki48
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    Tuesday is almost over. Today was so so. I reached my step goal, logged most of my food. Still have dessert to add. But no specific exercise today. Just running around. My food was ok. Could have added more fruit and veggies. I need some water right this second.

    I know this pandemic has been hard on everyone and it looks like it's going to get considerably harder in the coming weeks. Wishing you all health and safety as we move forward.

    @conleywoods Oooh oooh Favorite Christmas gift? Well, I remember when I was about 6 or 7 getting a whole avocado green kitchen (sink, stove, refrigerator) and I snuck down the stairs when I heard a noise and saw Santa putting it in my living room. One funny memory...my older sister gave me a present and when I opened it, it was a camera box. I was so stinkin' excited. When I opened it, it wasn't a camera, but tiny pewter candle sticks. (We still have them.) Needless to say I was pretty disappointed. What a weird gift it was! However, I did get a camera from her as the next gift. She saw the disappointment on my face. LOL. We do make it a habit of giving gifts in the wrong boxes.

    Hang in there everyone!
  • Steph1498
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    I’ve dropped off logging and checking in. Now it’s Wednesday for me! 😖 okay back to logging and the habit tracker. I feel like I’m always in this loop.
  • Steph1498
    Steph1498 Posts: 307 Member
    @conleywoods those stereos were the best! It would be fun to have one now maybe that connects with Bluetooth!!

    I couldn’t think of my favorite Christmas present from childhood. I did love traveling to my grandparents house and singing random Christmas songs for most of the 4 hour trip with my mom and sister. 🥰
  • Gidgitgoescrazy
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    @kmriedell Congrats ! So happy for you, it's such a good feeling...
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    @MandiSaysHey I am so sorry. Working during Covid is scary. They will actually close businesses here once they have 2 or 4 positives in a 2 week period. We also officially went back on lockdown Monday. Actually, they call it shelter in place.

    @conleywoods My favorite Christmas gift was that 80s cabbage patch kid. I also remember when my brothers got their Nintendo. This year, I bought my two oldest the 2020 Boombox- Echos

    @kmriedell that's such a good feeling!!! I hope I am in a new decade next week
  • PlaneMonkey
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    PW: 217.4
    LTD 27lbs

    @jugar, would you be able to update my location on the team spreadsheet? I live in Quebec, I only work in Ontario cause that's where they stuck the bigger airport. I'm a Montreal girl trapped in the Outaouais for my job.

    I finally managed to login on a computer instead of a phone so I could check out the Habit Tracker and everything. I think I need to get into the Habit Tracking cause my weightloss has taken a bit of a plateau. I originally set my goals up to lose 1.5lbs per week and didn't allow myself exercise calories but then I wanted to ramp it up, so I changed it to lose 2lbs per week but allowed myself the exercise calories cause I had sticker shock on the program dropping 400 calories a day from my allowance for that extra half a pound! My Garmin tracks exercise a tad weird, and if I synchronize the Garmin with MFP on my phone after 4pm, I only get a fraction of the exercise credit than if I synchronized it before 4pm. Very strange. I'm thinking I should just go back to the 1.5lbs a week and give up the exercise calories so I can plan better and not just go over my goal everyday and say to myself, "It's fine! I worked it off, it just didn't track it....." cause I didn't! We're slowing down on the Home Reno's but I still not able to find time to dedicate to actual exercise. The only exception is the city has modified our COVID protocols and my Hockey league is starting up again, my first game is Thursday night! Can't wait to get back on the ice. Hopefully that will motivate me to start more cadio on other days cause it sure is humbling to have to sit on the bench for a couple of shifts, doubled over out-of-breath after the first rush down the ice! I haven't skated since March so it's going to be special! Fingers crossed....

    Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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