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  • mtaratootmtaratoot Member Posts: 3,952 Member Member Posts: 3,952 Member

    Heaviest weight: 175.4 in early 2013.
    Original MFP starting weight (January 2018) - 168.2
    October End (November Starting) Weight - 151.2 (10-day average 149.9)
    October goal - 145
    Ultimate goal - Range between 142 - 148

    I report scale weight and (ten day average weight), and I post on Saturdays.

    October 31: 151.2 (10-day average 149.9)
    November 7: 148.4 (10-day average 150.1)
    November 14: 150.8 (10-day average 150.4)
    November 21: 148.0 (10-day average 150.6)
    November 28:
    November 31:

    Total loss for November: The scale is finally coming back down, and the trend will too. It is down a half-pound from mid-week when it was the highest in a couple years. I've been trying to be more mindful and not eat just because I want to eat if I'm not hungry and even if I have lots of tasty food in the house. Even if it's healthy food choices, it's still fuel, and if the tank is full, it won't fit without spilling over.
  • deepwoodsladydeepwoodslady Member Posts: 3,401 Member Member Posts: 3,401 Member
    Highest Weight: 253
    Original MFP Starting Weight: 235
    November End (November Starting) Weight: 208.4
    November Goal Weight: 203.4
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 147-153 (I will know more when I get closer)

    October 31: 208.4
    November 7: 205.2 Much better! Better choices have been on the menu!
    November 14:
    November 21: 208.1 I am in the middle of a major move and a retirement process. Please forgive me if I'm late on posts. Trying to stay mindful but it's difficult when I am living out of boxes!
    November 28:
    November 31:
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