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  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,602 Member Member Posts: 1,602 Member
    It's inconvenient, but TOM has showed up, and at least without all the usual symptoms to make me miserable beforehand. Though I did have a scorcher of a nightmare when I napped this afternoon. I can now keep on with the work I've been doing and wait for the extra water I'm carrying to be lost, and maybe another pound or so with it. That would be a nice way to start next month!
  • KeriAKeriA Member Posts: 3,609 Member Member Posts: 3,609 Member
    @pamiede Take care and heal! Congrats in making your goal weight! I hope rehab goes well.
    @Making_Impossible_Possible I think if you have been exercising a lot you may be not getting enough calories. You can calculate your TDEE and your BMR and eat between. Your TDEE is probably higher now. I had to up my calories and take a rest from a deficit in calories once when I was eating too little. It really felt funny to lose weight eating more.
    @changeforeverlj great progress photos.
    @KMC55 this is a hard time of year for me too to lose weight.
    @MuttiNM sorry to hear the concerning news for your Mom. Keep taking care of yourself. We are watching breast cancer with my Mom too. For now it is stable and it is a slow kind.
    @chupacabragumbo So sorry to hear about your loss. Take care.

    I read through all the posts since the last time I posted. I started yesterday and then my computer died on me twice so I gave up replying to each one.

    I am still transitioning trying to establish a healthy schedule with full time work. I am doing better with planning meals at home. But with a new job I find I am hungrier even though except for stairs I haven’t gotten as much exercise. I am having healthier breakfasts and lunches than when I was working before. Lately I would get hungry and snack and then read a MFP blog that suggested that it might mean that I needed more protein and that does seem to help when I am able to up my protein. I just think my brain is working harder and I need more to fuel it. So with less exercise I have been gaining. However I think this week I stopped that and this weekend it seems to be turning around. I think I should be able to get back down to my low soon. I think this weekend I will tackle the exercise issue. I knew it would take some work both due to this time of year and with working again. I gained a lot last fall. I also gained a lot when I went back to work the last time. So if I can turn this around now I will be doing better than before.

    Right now I am focusing on Thanksgiving. Usually we get together with family and I haven’t cooked a turkey for years. I know some are forgoing that this year but for us it was a chance to roast one ourselves and actually have leftovers. Our dairy that delivers offered free-range turkeys to be delivered on your delivery day so that is what we are doing. We had expanded our social bubble to our daughters boy friend and his uncle he lives with but our local leaders have asked that people just stay home with their household. So although the boyfriend is fine we are going to play it safe and not invite both over. We may take over some leftovers though. I would be devastated if anyone were to get COVID 19. We have had both over twice but now the risk is higher even though we are better off than many places in the country.

    So I have a short work week. So hopefully it won't be so long before I can check back here again. Happy Thanksgiving if I don't before then.
  • changeforeverljchangeforeverlj Member Posts: 176 Member Member Posts: 176 Member
    @KeriA Good luck with your meal planning and work this week! I think you are being wise about Thanksgiving and I'm sure your daughter and boyfriend will love the leftovers! Our city has spiked again, hospitals are inundated with icu cases, however our country cannot cope with another lock-down, so I'm wearing my mask out and sanitizing. We've had our second positive case at work, yet a few are still defiant about wearing a mask, it really makes me cross, my boss told us we have to wear masks and social distance in the office, ironically two of his admin ladies sat in the meeting, not wearing masks, UGH!! I think we have to think of others over our own comfort!

    @Pamiede Thinking of you as you start rehab this week. What a testimony you are going to have with everything you have endured, you are clearly a very strong woman!! x

    @uyister Goodluck with your exams, hope you have lots of healthy snacks to fuel up on! My son is in the middle of exams, I always get so stressed, and I'm not even writing!!

  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,602 Member Member Posts: 1,602 Member
    I am working on cleaning the house with a little emphasis on the corners and Under and Behind because my mother hasn't seen my house yet. All our visits have been me seeing her at her house all these weeks, because she had a bad shoulder and couldn't drive. And given that my ex was a hoarder and I COULD NOT keep a clean house because of all his crap, I have a certain deep need to make sure that when she sees this house it blinking SPARKLES. I recognize this is my own anxiety, and not hers; she will be fine with it as it sits. It's just that I want it perfect for her to see. So I'm managing that anxiety.

    I'm managing anxiety over the food, which is a combination of regular and low-FODMAP because Younger Son (lives with my mom) is dealing with IBS and is doing a low-FODMAP elimination diet to get things under control before he can cautiously add stuff back in and see what it is that's causing the problems. I sympathize: I had to do that about ten years ago. But I would like him to be able to eat a good meal, and so I am making as much as I can low-FODMAP. I am hoping the pans I ordered arrive today so I can try to get gluten-free bread rolls made for him. Failing that I am making some gluten-free cornbread muffins and he can have that for a bread with his meal, if the pans get lost in transit or the recipe fails me. Roasting of turkey is tomorrow, which gives me time to take it apart without an audience (I am not a good carver) and lets me cook the carcass in the crockpot overnight for a large quantity of turkey broth for gravy and other uses. My family has never carved the turkey at table, and if I put the meat into a 9 x 13 pan with plenty of broth and a tight lid and rewarm at 200 degrees, it will be just fine on Thursday.

    It doesn't help that things went very wrong psychologically for Boyfriend right about this time last year, and he is having anniversary reactions. (sigh) I probably have some subliminal anxiety about it myself, but not anything consciously.
  • Riddikulus89Riddikulus89 Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member

    Highest Weight: 265
    11/2: 249.2
    11/9: 245.2
    11/16: 245.0
    11/23: 245.0

    🍂 RE-CENTERING month is slipping and sliding all over the road, especially since TOM hit me like a freight train and I've been struggling with my meds, but I'm being kind to myself and I haven't given up. I feel more calm and centered even if my logging/losses haven't been perfect. I'm feeling much happier. For me, not gaining during my TOM is a big win.

    I'm going to make my goals a bit more specific this week. I'll make even more improvements and continue to build habits.

    Goals 11/16 - 11/22:
    🍂 Log everything
    🍂 Under 1800 calories except for Thanksgiving day
    🍂 Do exercise or outdoor chores each day
    🍂 Journal each day
  • fdgraziefdgrazie Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    Hello! I have been off MFP for some time for being on a medical WL program and a Bypass surgery Sept 1 of this year. I'm starting to eat a bit more and learning what my body can handle or can't. I felt it was time to try to better organize my healthy eating schedule a bit more as I can take down a bit more foods.

    High weight- 326
    CW- 211
    GW- 160
    Nov GW-209

    I was weighing every day; particularly after the surgery for the complications I had and the swelling but now am just weighing in on Fridays. Short term goal weights are difficult as I'm still adjusting to the surgery but still trying for the average 2 lbs a week.

    Exercise goals are to get back up to where I was before the surgery in my schedule. With the complications after surgery, recovery was a bit longer but hoping at the next Dr appt in Dec that I can add more to my exercise and my abs.

    Finally started a new job and feel so much better already. I'm not in a hurry to lose at a fast rate but rather work toward a healthy lifestyle at a reasonable rate and gaining more quality of life.

    So many successes this month! Feeling completely healed and able to move, breath and exist just so much better. Some activities I have been unable to do for my bad health, I am now able to do easily. It's still strange to have this new body and to feel so much more motivated to do more with family! Just working toward a healthy and steady weight loss toward goal and then to just maintain it.
  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,602 Member Member Posts: 1,602 Member
    I get a lot more enjoyment out of feeding people than I do of eating, I've found. As long as my food is good (which it is if I cook it) I'm fine. But I love to watch conversation stop and eyes close involuntarily when people are eating my cooking. So Thanksgiving is very satisfying for me in that way.

    My Thanksgiving plans are largely on track, though when I got the turkey out of the fridge it was still frozen inside, so we are doing a rapider thaw in the sink in water. But I allow plenty of time in my schedule for this sort of thing, and as long as I get it done today I don't fall off schedule.

    Otherwise, it's all good; Girlfriend's doing midterms, Boyfriend is up doing therapy, and I'll start lunch (hamburgers) soon.
  • orangequiltorangequilt Member Posts: 957 Member Member Posts: 957 Member
    @mamabearangie I have tried the intermittent fasting both ways, the 5:2 and the 16:8, I found I lost weight on both but the 16:8 was much easier to fit into my life. I felt with the 5:2 that my life was on hold on the fasting days. I'm back with the 16:8 at the moment. I find with that and if I don't snack I can pretty much eat what I like for those two meals. Some people go further and just eat one meal a day and have exact what they like.
    Good luck!
  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,602 Member Member Posts: 1,602 Member
    I just have to say I would be hurting way way more than I am now if I weighed what I weighed last year at this time. I'm not there yet, but I'm definitely on the way, and that is the biggest encouragement I can have; if I feel this much better with fifty pounds off me, how will I feel when I lose the eighty remaining pounds? That's really exciting.
  • MaxCat1000MaxCat1000 Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    woo hoo! to all of us for being here. Gotta hang on to the good.

    Today started out good - got to meet with my former quilt group, small numbers though they are at this time. It was a fairly nice day, for the Great White North!

    Didn't end great - just found out they are coming down with the covid hammer again - pretty much lockdown. No more "gatherings" of any size, except 10 people out doors but in this weather pretty much all you can do is play a pick up game of hockey, or maybe gather around a fire pit if you have one. No going in and out of the house/building either, so I guess if you have to go the bathroom, you have to go home. You can go to a restaurant, but only with family members. There's a couple of other slight differences, but if you live alone, and don't have a family, like me, then it's very isolating - they say "People who live alone can have up to the same 2 non-household contacts for the duration of the restriction." Great, that does actually mean only 2 people, so I am not even allowed to visit my friend(s) if their spouse/family are there... but I can go shopping with all the people as long as the store is only at 25% capacity.

    It will be very challenging not to stress/emotion eat these next three weeks (minimum... then we'll see, they say.)
  • KMC55KMC55 Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    I have had a pretty good week so far. We will see what tomorrow's weigh in brings but have been keeping my calories low and exercise high this week to get ready for Thanksgiving. I guess you could call it a NSV to know how healthy I have eaten the last 2 day and have felt really good. Just proves that I can eat healthy, without any junk and excess, and feel good. These are the times I need to remember when I just want to eat everything, it isn't that I need to eat it, just that my brain is struggling with something else and it isn't about food.
  • changeforeverljchangeforeverlj Member Posts: 176 Member Member Posts: 176 Member
    Happy Thanks Giving in the USA! Hope you get to spend time with your loved ones and to the ladies alone sending you extra love and hugs xoxo
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