Anyone do 10-35,000 steps a day?



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    I work from home right now and walk between 15 and 20k steps a day. Even when I worked in the office, though, I would still average around 15K. This was due to me making a point to walk to people's desks instead of calling, walking to meetings n one if the other buildings instead of phoning in, taking walks at lunch, parking further away, taking the stairs vs the elevator, etc..and taking walks or working out before/after work. I usually pace the house when I'm cooking or talking on the phone too. 10K steps isn't too hard to achieve as long as you make it a priority.
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    I average 20,000 steps most weekdays and maybe a few more on weekends. But I don’t log steps. I log miles.
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    I'm between 11,000 & 14,000 6 days a week with 1 day scheduled that's super low...usually Sundays where I work OT and am sitting 4-6 hours. I don't usually have too much variation as my schedule is pretty consistent but I need to get at least 11,000 6/7 days. I also use my low step day to rest and my body really appreciates it when I wake up Mondays
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    This is really hard to do in summer! I'm not a big fan of the treadmill. The one at home slips a bit under my feet and freaks me out.

    I would have thought the summer would be the best time to go out walking.

    It's not, because I don't like to get all hot and sweaty, I chaff and I hate wearing sunscreen or getting burnt. I do love the longer days though. I tend to sleep in so I can't walk the dog early in the morning, and in the evening, it's not always cool enough to walk.

    Daylight savings is over next month, so I'll be able to walk all daylight hours again :-)

    Early mornings or late afternoon/early evening. If you want to walk and don't like the heat, get over the sleeping in.

    The dog will be fine with it.

    Now that the ice is off the sidewalks I'll be back to four miles daily with a 20 pound weight vest before I clean up and start WFH at 7:00 AM. That will give close to 10k steps before breakfast. Will lift and probably do something else active after work.