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  • RangerRickL
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    @ginadomaszewicz I do appreciate you and thank you for your genuine goodness.
    You are absolutely right to praise everyone on your post.

    I am organized but definitely not OCD.
    I am grateful that the UAC works for you. It all started because I did and I still do need accountability.
    Thanksgiving through Christmas are celebratory times for me and I always gain weight. UAC keeps me on a short leash and I will get back on track in January.

    @MadisonMolly2017 goes out of her way to consistently be a true friend and inspiration to me. She is my personal hero and she is a UAC hero too.
  • fatbambi2017
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    Pass day #8
    Exercise yes 10 min quigong, 20 min yoga, 40 min walk
    Tracking no, calories probably not
  • getitamb
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    yes, yes, yes

    1 pass left