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    There's a book called, "Running With the Police Escort". It's about a woman that has always hated running and got started in her adult life. During races, she is almost always the last runner to finish. I only got to read the first chapter or two (I've been meaning to buy it), but it's really good . I related so much to her story (she also talks about being the heavy, non-athletic girl growing up).
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    @SwtHedgehog interesting! Yea, I'm not able to run much due to back problems, until the last 2 years- but I've got bad genes for knees so I'm still weary, but man. It was so incredible feeling when I was able to finally run just 2 blocks ha.
    Now I can run with my husband with the babe in the stroller for a much longer distance than I think I've ever done - and not hurt after! It's crazy.
    I use the elliptical to get my running in, without hurting my knees. 💃💃

    Cloudy- hope you've survived your classes!! Never easy teaching, but I can tell you are gonna rock it! 🤗🤗🤗

    We've survived the first big event- baptism this weekend, and his bday. I got him the Fit Ring Adventure game for Nintendo- he loves it. I'm intimidated 🤣 I'll stick to my zumba tyvm ...

    Two weekends till Easter! Then we can start weening her off med!! Wahoooo!!!

    She's also starting more solids so maybe she'll sleep more through the night thus letting me get more sleep, which would let me get up easily for workouts before work .... ahhh well

    I'm off to workout! Determination guys! It may ebb n flow, but that's expected - just keep charging! 💃💃💃💃💃💃🦹‍♂️
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    Worked out. Check.
    Showered. Check.
    Made breakfast, lunches, and a full dinner? Check.
    Made Banana Bread. Check.
    Put in 7 hrs. Of work. Check.
    Cared for baby. Double Check.
    In bed by 9. Boom. Ya.
    Cooked and baked on Husband's dishes night? Why yes. Yes I did 🤣


    I make a mean meatloaf, mash, n veggies, annnnd banana bread guys. Just sayin. 🤤🤤

    I only had half a package of Thin Mints too! Hurray! 😆

    Tomorrow is shopping day, and let's hope we can get out to the park too! He wants to Try and beat me at Basketball (4-0 so far....Mwahahaha)

    Hope your Mondays went swimmingly! 🤗🤗
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    Loving the way happiness shines out of your posts @Dukare!

    My Monday was good too, with two lessons (out of my 3 remaining at this school) taught, kids doing happy healthy activities and the day ended with my husband joining me for yoga. Holding hands during corpse pose at the end was perhaps not entirely what the teacher had planned, but was pure happiness.

    Today I thought I was giving myself a treat but it turns out that marmalade on toast is no substitute for porridge in terms of keeping me full till lunchtime. Oh well, with only what I packed this morning I'm not going to have the option of overeating, but it's not comfortable feeling HUNGRY :(
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    Hey everyone, I'm sorry I've not been online for a LONG time - it started out just a couple of days and then a blip with family birthdays, then some really tough times with work and some other volunteering, and then the days just kept ticking on. I kept thinking about everyone and logged on to look at the conversation a couple of times but had lost my way and my enthusiasm for a bit.

    Anyway, so great to see you guys still here and @Dukare and @ClearNotCloudyMind you are totally rocking it at the minute!

    So great to hear about the wins, big and small, personal and professional!

    So although I slipped out of contact for a bit, it's not been terrible, I have got out the logging habit a little which I'm getting back into, but I seem to have stayed pretty steady on the scale which is amazing and I've been getting my steps in each day (8k steps minimum every day in 2021 so far) which is good for me. I'm struggling to fit in runs at the minute, but the mornings are getting lighter and from next Monday we are allowed out more than once a day so things are looking up!

    I've got a really tough meeting tomorrow (as chair, in one of my voluntary roles) which will result in a really difficult decision being made and a redundancy process to oversee, so that, as well as a very busy day job and stressed team, has been absorbing much of my emotional capacity. so whilst I'm really not looking forward to the meeting, I am looking forward to the decision being made and being able to move forward and doing the hard things as well and as kindly as we can. I just need to make sure I don't fall back on emotional eating and drinking to cope...

    Take care everyone.

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    @ClearNotCloudyMind , I think it's my tea and multivitamins 😆 and fresh air. And a positive outward disposition ... I also don't usually end up writing on days my PPD has me good...... so that helps lol.

    Some people think exercise is work and get tired from it, and while my lazy side agrees, I'm one of those folk who end up getting more energy from it all..... usually lol.

    That being said, while I'm stoked about my success at staying active, yesterday I was exhausted in some ways; my glutes felt Monday's zumba, and I'm procrastinating work. we went to the park and had a loverly time but now I've got burnt shoulders and chest which is not fun. ... It's not even April 😪

    @tinybry cheering for you over here, stay strong and best of luck! taking those walks is great! I got advice once that really helped: try to go outside for the walks (maybe you'll be able to soon otherwise, the practice could still work in office. ..) and do a bit of meditation: look around and count your blessings.
    Thankful for the air, the sunshine, the beautiful trees, that fabulous stapler that works when asked to (it could happen), roof over my head, a great team, a bed to sleep in, support from strangers on the internet cheering you on... even as small as the color of something looking pretty to you that day. Positive in positive mind. It helped me when I was in some dark places...

    Anyhose. Wednesday's. What a hoot....🤢😆

    Cheers all!!
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    @tinybry great to see you back. Went through something similar (possibly a similar role) a few years back and it was one of my most stressful ever times. Worked out ok in the end (no need for redundancies) but the horror of being the one who is taking point on responsibility for the situation. Huge hugs and best of luck. You're fabulous for stepping up and being there, and taking the chair is even more of an ask. Massive respect.

    @dukare going to nick an idea from your book and ask where you find your zumba workouts? You've got me inspired (if I'm feeling like something a bit more active than yoga), and I love to dance.

    @verdenlola lovely to hear from you! Do share your tips and tricks... I'm always open to new ideas and have a suspicion that after this hungry week (and an essay due) that I'll need them!

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    @Dukare Thanks for your message and support - that's very good advice - although I rely on the cross trainer when I can't get out during the day, I do try to get out every day and a bit of mindfulness in nature is absolutely vital. indeed working from home I regularly do a circuit of my (small) garden to look at what is changing at this time of year!

    I hope your muscles are recovered now and you are able to enjoy your next bit of activity - I have to say I too am inspired to have a go at some zumba as something a bit fun - I've never been keen on aerobics type classes, but I recon zumba is something else.

    @ClearNotCloudyMind thanks - meeting went well, I was happy with how it ran, difficult decision made and staff notified (ahead of formal process today). It's been horrible, but at least we can move forward now and resolve the financial crisis... I'm parking it for a few days now though!

    I hope that your week in school has gone well.
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    Hi guys! I was doing well then crashed and been super tired these last two days....

    I got Zumba on the Nintendo Switch, and Zumba2 on the Wii, And even YouTube has some good zumba!

    Here's a playlist of songs alongside some Zumba videos: if you can access it 😁👍

    Going to a live class is great too, depending on the instructor.

    We just got the Ring Fit Adventure for the Switch and he's loving the workout, not fir me though .... maybe someone here will like it....

    The babe rolls over now! RUN FOR IT 😢😢

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    Thank you for the Zumba video. I used to do live class regularly and miss it so much; especially working from home. I think k it helps me to feel limber, and I definitely appreciate the mental break it provides.

    I've moved my work space to a table now. I had been working at the coffee table in the basement, sitting on the floor with my back against the couch. It was near tv so I was feeling a little too cozy. I think it was also starting to cause some joint/muscle pain and tight calves, maybe. So when I was doing my running, the body was not having it. At least I hope that has been the issue and is a simple fix.

    I've been doing well with following through on my workouts. Now if I can get back to better nutrition. The other day, I skipped lunch (I just wasn't in that mode). I ended up snacking on chocolate (our Nowruz table has chocolate eggs in place of dyed eggs). I stayed within my calorie goal, but definitely didn't feel that great). I can't wait until fresh vegetables come around again.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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    @SwtHedgehog happy New Year!

    I'm not posting much because nothing really happens here. I'm not working so it's basically work out, kid to school, housework, hang with/ walk dog, kid home, make dinner if it's my night to cook, clean up. That's literally it. I feel kind of useless tbh, I think because I'm so used to working full-time, but I know I'm not actually. It's just different.

    Yesterday was a total write-off diet-wise and I only managed a light 20 minute resistance workout. I hadn't slept so my hunger/ fullness cues and impulse control were haywire. Today's a new day though, and so far so good 🙂
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    @SuzanneC1l9zz I love the positivity! Keep it up it will help you a lot on your way and everyday life.

    @SwtHedgehog It's great that you're aware of your problem with bad eating habits. That is the first step. It's not going to be easy to fix them, but don't give up.

    It's a marathon not a sprint, all that matters is that you get over the finish line!
    I'm here if you need support, motivation or just a chat! Feel free to add me. :blush:
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    Some days are just hard.

    I had pessimistic weekend of sorts, but I had a great sleep and organized one of our closets that was driving me nuts. We also were able to get out for a nice walk, which helped a lot.

    Here's to the last week of March!!.....🥳🥳💃💃💃🍻
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    Hello. I am in the same boat. I am 5'11' and my lowest weight has been around the 180 mark since I was over 18. Im currently at 241 pounds.

    I am looking to firstly get under the 200 pound mark firstly then to revaluate. I'm down 6 pounds since February and Im on a roll. Looking for accountabiliity in my workouts and macros. I only log calories after Ive eaten to avoid obsessing over numbers. :D
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    Hi ChristianaU92 and welcome. You 'very come to a very warm and inviting group. I wish you all the best and reach out if you need anything. I am not the best at logging my food; many days/nights I log as food notes because I haven't gotten around to resting the recipe in MFP. I also realize that I would start to obsess with the numbers and overanalyze because our cooking isn't measured out exactly, and we also change amounts depending on how much is left in the container of an ingredient (more ic the container is near empty, less if the container runs out and we'd need to open a new one for a little amount. I've been trying to use the app to become more aware of my eating habbits/intake. I love reading peoples' thoughts/ideas, so continue to write. :-)
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    @ChristianaU92 welcome! Sounds like you are indeed on a roll! Bravo! KUDOS! and knock'em dead. The calories that is.

    I was 180 in 5th grade. I got up to 223 in Jr Yr (16 yrs old) and got down to 192 ish and hit 189 once in 2019...after baby I am now at 226 😭😭

    I literally can't imagine hitting 180, and I was in shock busting down that 200 barrier after 8+ years of habit changes! I am definitely with ya on your goals! Break 200 then think hah.

    Have you worked out yet? I didn't get anything in today but great day at work, groceries and the babe is sleeping in her crib through the night with minimal waking the past few nights so hopefully it gets better n better so I can get better sleep and thus wake better for more workouts! We have been going to the park for couple miles walks and he finally beat me in basketball yesterday *sigh. (Technically I won 4-5, but then we played to 7 n he caught up n won lol)

    It's amazing outside which really helps my mental state. As does my multivitamins/prenatals/iron/D3/Omega supplements. So many pills but Man do I see a difference.

    ITO EN Green Tea (not the dark green but light green version). It is seriously a game changer. I prefer it chilled. Just miraculous how incredible I feel drinking a cup every day.

    I'm up in weight but I am not yet to May, so still revving engines.

    Also, doc confirmed we can start weaning off her meds April 1st! HUZZAH! May 6th she's off it totally and we are gonna celebrate and it's gonna be magical hah.

    Hope you all surviving whatever day it is!
    💃💃💃💃🤗👍 stay strong! We got this!!

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    DuPage, that's great to hear the baby is going to be starting to get weaned 9c the medivine; what a relief. And getting outside definitely helps the mind and body. We're at the cycle time of year between old and hot, to I think we've rounded the corner of shoveable snow.

    On a different note ; has anyone been experiencing difficulties accessing the community threads lately?
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    Hey guys, I've been told that I look like a sales person here. I apologise for that.

    I'm Lola, 45 y/o, 5'2'' started at 95kg and lost around 38kg (give or take). I'm doing pretty good job at sustaining it (sometimes I slip and add few more kg but nothing too much). I do have a lot of problems with being bloated but I found out that fennel tea with a little honey helps a lot(in case any of you have the same problem).
    To be honest at the beginning I thought that the best way to lose it was cardio and my d*mb a** was doing cardio all day long for months. Then I've consulted a nutricionist, balanced my diet, got my life in order, had kind of a coach through it which certanly made the road easier. Started visiting the gym + swimming, when I noticed the numbers going down on the scale I was shocked, but thrilled how it all changed in such a short period of time.
    In my opinion I think my weight loss started when I changed my mindset and lifestyle.

    @ChristianaU92 Great start just keep it going and you'll reach your goals in no time!

    @Dukare Try to imagine your goal, it could help. When I was startingI had problems with walking for more then 30 minutes, but I have a desk job so it didn't really matter, so I bought myself this amazing dress but 5 sizes too small, that was my motivator. That did take me a while but it worked like a charm, I showed up at my college reunion in that same dress more confident then ever and proud of myself! From there nothing could stop me.

    I believe that anyone can reach even further then their goals with proper motivation, you just need to find yours. :blush:
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    Hey all! Happy Easter to those who celebrate 🤗

    It's the weekend but I've got work half of it *sigh*

    Great to hear from you guys! Yea, I got my weight to drop by eating balanced calories (1800) and working out including cardio such as elliptical running and zumba....I was doing an hr every other day or more, burning 600 cals a workout. I got to where I migrated to 30 min on non- zumba days and hit 300 calories a workout ... which is where I'm at now.

    My biggest issue is that I'm pretty good at maintaining a weight, it's getting that leg up to lose which is tricky.

    I can't really get myself to eat less cause breastfeeding makes you starved .... but every day I try to workout and some days are better than others. I picture it as climbing a mountain. I've finally reached my peak and landed on the other side (my habit is more to workout than not, and it's easier) but there's just another hill that I now gotta get up and over....

    I want to be the kind of person who is active and workouts everyday. All about habits for me. ....I used to carry my weight well, post baby weight, so rarely looked my 210lb. After breaking 200 I did notice a difference and loved getting into size 12 n 14s! That's a goal but won't really motivate me because I'm a lazy sod Haha. I rely on my wish to be a certain person .... so just Do it. ..... which is a struggle but luckily I'm used to working out now so miss it and get frustrated when I can't or don't, thus helping make it happen.

    On a different note:
    Mirror Has Two Faces. Good movie.
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    Still won against husband... 5-7, and I made him work for it 😆😆