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    Hi I've not been involved in these forums before but thought I'd give it a try. I need an accountability group. This is no reflection on MFP, but my trend line has gone up more or less steadily since I first joined 7 years ago. There have been periods of weight loss but it all comes back and then some. Really I'm not disciplined enough, either with nutrition or exercise. I'm now down to about 3 pairs of pants that fit. Working from home does not help. Anyway, my overall goal is to weigh 175 by Oct. 1. with a BMI of 25. With a short-term goal of 200 by June 30.
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    Hi lovely people, I’ve hit the end of a busy week, and it’s been a good one! With only 3 weeks left to go until I’m officially a qualified teacher, it’s busier than ever. I don’t have either time or the will to eat lunch on school days so am effectively fasting between breakfast and supper and then between supper and breakfast again. I like the feeling of being “empty”, always have, and having decided to not eat in the day just takes a bit of the load off somehow. If I get hungry the canteen sells apples.

    Last night we went out (gasp) to a favourite local restaurant and I basically gave myself licence to eat what I wanted. I’ve no idea how much I ate - it was tapas and we were sharing multiple complex dishes where I couldn’t begin to guess ingredients. However I drank only water and got up without feeling bloated/stuffed. It was frankly amazing, and a real treat. This morning the scale stayed put at my recent low so I THINK it was ok. Obviously I can’t do this every week but having a treat really is ok.

    I guess after this long ramble what I am trying to say is that this is a long game. It’s taken me 6 months to get to a healthy weight and a sustainable way of eating. There’s further to go but I’m now trying to live like a slim person rather than diet.

    Big hugs to all of you smashing it, and even bigger hugs if you’ve had a rough week! Stay safe x

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    Oh wow... hi to all the new people! I'd start tagging but I'm sure I'd miss someone.

    Not much is happening here. I'm just finishing up my 2 week maintenance break. Doing a lot of yard work and trying to find a job. I might have one? Maybe? Or possibly even two. It's complicated and I'm trying not to get too prematurely excited. That's about it.

    My sleep's been a bit all over the place. I'm typing this at quarter to one in the morning. This time I did it to myself though, by working out too late in the day yesterday. I knew it might happen but I love my workouts and decided to take the risk. It means hubby can sleep in though. He starts work at 4 AM and feeds the dog before he leaves. He's on vacation right now, but if I don't get up early enough to feed her on time she'll wake him up for breakfast. That won't be a problem today.

    We had a snowstorm last weekend. My raspberry canes wound up horizontal, a tree came down in our back yard (luckily one we were planning to take out regardless) and my more delicate pot vegetables had to live in the kitchen for a bit. I made a bedsheet tent weighted down around the edges to keep the cats off. They've still had to come in the past few nights but the weather is improving again now. We always seem to get one last storm this time of year. I expect my seeds in the ground loved the moisture though!

    Have a good weekend everyone!
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    I'm a small-scale relapser, tried to lose weight off and on over the past couple years only to keep falling back into old habits and gaining back the few pounds I'd lost. Then I went to a doctor a couple days ago for a routine wellness check and got my first ever biometric screening done....

    Between my blood pressure and my weight, I'm not the happiest with where I am and would like to finally nip them in the bud before I let them spiral too far. Would love some accountability friends.

    Good luck to you all! ❤️

    H: 5'2" (mid-20s F)
    SW: 140 lbs
    CW: 140 lbs
    GW: 120 lbs

    Hi 🙋‍♀️ you have exactly the SW CW GW and height as me.
    How are you getting on now? Have you managed to meet your goals?
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    I’m there with you all to get back on track. After taking a break that ended up indefinite I’m ready to be back to being healthy and happy! If anyone wants a support buddy shoot me an add!
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    Ok I'm back lol. I've been off MFP for about a month, maybe more, and it was truly a needed break. I'm sure the scale is up, but I am not checking at the moment, just getting back to tracking and IF 16/8, I'll take my weight at the beginning of June so I don't make myself nuts. Stress at work hit a new level I had not known existed but then the bubble broke and I was was able to move to a different area where I was years ago and now I'm loving my job again (for those I don't know, I work in mental health). I'm looking forward to hearing how everyone has been doing while I was away!
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    Hello you lovely lot! Lovely to hear from you and welcome back @Gold6767. I definitely feel you on the stress at work. One day for me until half term and I'm taking the first weekend off!

    I've had a lovely experience recently weight loss wise. Even though I've not been particularly disciplined, weight has continued to drop off, but even more excitingly I've been able to really see the difference in how my 'slim' clothes fit. Horrifyingly my "interview suit" which I've been so excited to get back into (wearing it at least once a week in celebration) is now starting to be a bit loose, but that really is first world problems...
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    The other day, I tried twice to write something, but the app in the tablet erased everything and I got frustrated.
    The last two weeks have definitely been a roller coaster of successes and learning experiences.
    Week one was one of those weeks where things were looking good. On Tuesday, I did my first open water swim. I mentioned to the coach that my fear was that I would not be able to finish the swim within in the cut-off time, and he said that I'm not the slowest and that I should be able to finish the swim in an hour (the cut-off is 1 hour 10 minutes). On Wednesday, I switched out my summer/winter clothes, and the summer clothes fit comfortably (it's always a worry if they're going to fit). That evening, I did a group bike ride, and the ride was comfortable/easy. Looking at the numbers, I felt like I was at a good place to start my training and I could see myself being able to train and complete the half in September.

    Week 2: Not so good. On Sunday I started feeling congestion and felt it Monday. Of course, instead of biking inside, I not only did my biking outside, I ended up riding it on the trail, through the woods (pollen/fuzzies/etc. everywhere). Tuesday morning, I woke up with a severe headache and felt a little dizzy, so I didn't do open water swim. I did do my run later in the day, but struggled a lot (it was in a smaller room while wearing my mask). Wednesday's bike ride went fine also. Thursday morning, I decided to go to open water swim, and struggled a lot. Think of the "before" person in the weight loss or stop smoking commercials; that was me. We did some group swims together, and I was minutes behind everyone. Everyone was at the meeting spot, and I was struggling to catch up. When people did their own loops, the coach held me back to work with me. I was in tears, feeling like I was holding everyone back and that I was struggling, when I know I've done sprint triathlons before with the same amount of swimming as Thursday morning, but with not having been in the pool the year prior. I really wanted to quit, but I stuck it out. The coach even convinced me to come to the mock triathlon on Saturday morning, telling me I would be able to take my time.

    Thursday evening, the congestion got bad again and started to turn into a cough. I ended up going to urgent care on Friday, to confirm it was allergies/sinus issues. I suspected that, but it's good to have the confirmation. Plus, because I had done the first open water swim earlier that day, I did want to make sure that it wasn't bacterial.

    I did decide to do the mock triathlon, but instead of using it as a baseline start of my training, I decided that I would use it as a chance to work on my swim and mental training for pushing through when I want to quit and/or feel like I can't go on. Prior to starting, I did decide that I would only do two loops and lessen the bike and run, as I'm still in the beginning of my training, and I didn't want to make the sinuses worse. I did make it through the two loops (with some rests, and I'm hoping this struggle is just because of the sinus infection), did the bike for an hour fifteen minutes (I did loops nearby because I wasn't sure how I was going to be after the swim, and, more disappointedly, I forgot to put the route in the watch), and a 40 minute run. I basically put my weekend's planned training sessions into the mock triathlon. With the paces, I am worried that I'm so far behind. My boyfriend and I figured that I have about 3.5 months to cut off 2 hours and also be able to sustain the faster speeds that I will need.

    Yesterday, we went for a bike adventure, I had decided that I wanted to do a casual bike ride. I even left my watch and my phone at home so I could just "enjoy" the bike ride, and not stress about numbers/paces/etc (although it is fun to see how fast I can go on the down hills). We calculated that we probably did about 30-40 miles, but we did a lot of eating (and not very healthy eating) along the route.

    We were going to grill this evening, but my eating has been pretty bad the last day or two, that it's caught up to me, and my stomach is feeling very sour.

    I hope everyone's (long) weekend went great and progress is coming along.
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    I'm just checking in to see how everyone is doing, and to make sure the thread doesn't drop to the bottom. Less than a week ago, I was covering plants because of late freeze warnings. Now, we're getting su mer weather. gotta live WI, where I. a week you. an go from winter to summer mer and no spring. ;-)
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    I'm doing well. We're in a real heatwave here too, and I'm trying not to let my garden dry out too badly. I talked to Mom yesterday and apparently I wasn't watering it enough, so hopefully now that I've corrected that it'll be a bit happier. Raspberries and pot veggies look happy though, and I now know what an eggplant flower looks like 😊

    I fixed my calories and am no longer losing quite so fast, but the heat makes me retain water so now the scale is bouncing up and down within the same 0.5 kg and it's frustrating. I know, I know... patience lol.

    My kid is now 18 and his grad ceremony is this afternoon. How the heck did this happen so soon??
  • SwtHedgehog
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    I'm glad things are going well, and a kid being 18 is hard t o accept. I don't have any, but it seems that only increases time. My best friend has one that is about 22 and is going to be moving to the west coast with his long-term girlfriend. When he first got his car, she would come to me to tell me now she knows how our parents felt because she never sees him anymore.

    And it's better to have slow progress than no progress at all and weather can definitely be a big factor in a lot of things.
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    Ello m'darlin people! I've survived!!

    It was one heck of a 3 or whatever weeks vacation. The baby cut two teeth and now crawls on all 4 totally. She's a champ. Didn't work enough or workout or play enough cards with my mom but overall visiting was a success! Got tons of photos. And my sinus issues blew into a cold right before the wedding and travel down. Babe got snotty and was a bit coughing but came about in time for the day of. He got it on drive back. It was a long haul driving in one day but we got in 1am and work Monday. I'm even mostly unpacked!

    Gold gym has a kid zone and zumba so we are going to start working out with her there...see how it goes.... hopefully well! He wanted to run and then get back into soccer. Tonight I scoped it out and felt great. I'll likely go Wednesday's to Zumba and then gym run Monday/ Friday and then home zumba or Jazzercise the other days. I've got to get some great headway so my passport photo doesn't keep my current self in stone forever 🤣

    Next trip is in the fall! Focusing on working out and life/ work in the mean time.

    We both decided that dinner is not necessary. Supper rather. We will do a late lunch/ dinner and then banana n popcorn kind of thing at night as a supper. Think it'll be nice..... until I drop a kernel between baby arms and it becomes Mission Impossible 😵🤔😆😪

    Anyways. Yea. I've got June- December to lose 30 lb.... that's a lot of pounds. But I'm hoping baby weight will fall off once I get moving. I'm not gaining, I'm super good at maintaining -.- 😤 lol.

    CHEERS EVERYONE!!🍻🍻🍻💃💃💃💃💃🦹‍♂️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦹‍♂️ We got this!!
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    Dukare: I'm so glad everything went well. :-)
    Zumba in person is way way better in person than at home, at least in my opinion.
  • SuzanneC1l9zz
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    So I'm now 5 lbs away from my goal (I was back on MFP for a while before venturing into the message boards), and I'm happy with how I look. Wouldn't mind a bit more muscle, but I look good. But my two favourite pairs of slacks still don't quite fit. After doing some reading, and doing some thinking, I've decided to bump up my calories, adjust my workouts, and shift into a recomp.
  • ClearNotCloudyMind
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    Hi folks. Well, half term we started with loads of cycling which gave me the hunger! I ate like a horse for the whole week and somehow managed to regain 2kg in a week. Probably water weight as it’s gone a week afterwards. Maybe it’s nice to take a break from rigorous control of the diet, but I’ve been nicely reminded how ghastly it feels to eat foods Ive identified as “bad” (set off belly ache or migraines).

    So lovely to hear things are going well for you. 5lbs from goal sounds amazing. Actually woah. I’m thereabouts too! 3kg to my ultimate goal weight. Wow. I hadn’t realised that.

    However I’m now not sure if my goal is a weight anymore, if that makes sense. I need to get to a point where I’m living the way so need to keep living, and at a weight that feels right for me. I think the original goal matters less and less (hence me not realising it).

    Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the glorious weather. Isn’t it wonderful not to need to layer up like crazy to be warm at work/school!

    Stay safe xx
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    So the past week has been trying. My partner is working insane hours so I have used it as an excuse to eat craptastically. I know my weight is waaaaay up (clothes that were getting loose are tight again) but I've avoided the scale because I just don't think I can mentally handle the facts at the moment. I keep self-sabotaging and I don't know exactly what it's about. But we were able to squeeze in a date night to see In The Heights (huge theater nerd right here) and grabbed a nice dinner at a new restaurant as our area opened up last week.

    @SwtHedgehog I am very impressed with your training and that you've keep pushing despite some setbacks. The mental game is often the most difficult part.
    @Dukare glad you had a great vacation!
    @SuzanneC1l9zz that's fantastic progress good for you!
  • Dukare
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    @Gold6767 chin up and keep on going! It happens but don't let that stop you from moving forward!!

    I got new ear buds for working out, expensive ones, and I can't wait to workout now Haha.

    I did house things all weekend as my workout and today I've gotta cook and work but I'm hoping I'll still make 7pm workout.

    I'm not sure what's going on but I'm keeping afloat pretty well! Just a matter of time with weight loss. Keeping balance and moving forward.

    Hope your weeks go on well and you can each conquer your own challenges of each day!!

  • SwtHedgehog
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    Thanks to Gold6767. The mental game is definitely the hardest part. I am well familiar with self-sabaotage; it's a very real struggle for me. have trouble saying no to the stuff that I shouldn't have much of, and then I also have difficulties with the portions.

    The training definitely has his mental component. I had a complete meltdown on Saturday. I think some of it started with the heat, feeling behind on getting started, and not doing the route I had intended. We ended up riding to the bike shop for a tube change,, waiting around. and rode back.. I then went to the gym and did 1.5 bike ride at the gym; I think outside would have been mentally better, but the weather wasn't cooperating. I sometimes just feel like I'm pretending to be a triathlete and/or training.

    I keep focusing on how my current pace won't make the cut-off time, so the SO has to keep asking how/why do I expect to be race ready at the beginning of training. I'm sure the neighbors got a great show out of it. The boyfriend has to keep telling me that it's the journey and not the destination. I've also been hearing that the race is the celebration of all the training. I know that, but my mind doesn't always get that.

    Food is still something I need to work on. We've been a lot better with eating more fruits/veggies, but there are still some meals that aren't that healthy, which is expected.
  • Dukare
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    @SwtHedgehog when I get into those kinds of "funks", I find it better to just keep my head down and tunnel vision- forcefully stop my brain from thinking beyond the today, and just do tasks or goals for each day that get done and every second of that day I'm telling myself "no. Just think about now, today".

    One step in front of the other and soon enough things will turn around and progress will be made!

    🤗🤗 definitely not easy but the only way I get through those times...

    Have faith! It was a rough last year, we all need time to recover and return to "normal"
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    Hi everyone, glad I found this post!

    About 4 years ago I weighed 170 lbs. and lost something like 36 lbs. I was at my all-time low and almost to my goal weight of 130 lbs. I'm 5'2" and almost 49 yrs. old. I was SO happy. My clothes fit, I was buying cute ones too. I was getting compliments. Then, covid. I'm now 150 lbs. It just crept up! But I'm not at 170 so that's good. Thing is, I feel terrible. Inside. Sooo sad. I tried on shorts from last summer, can't even button them. And the roll, the muffin top is back.

    I work out daily and often change my routine. I have a home gym, with a treadmill, weight bench, weights, and barbell. So I'm set, right? My problem isn't that, it's FOOD. I have a 1 lb. bag of Hot Tamales in the kitchen. And a 1 lb. bag of gummy bears.

    Now, I ate that stuff when I was losing, but I ate a lot LESS of that stuff. I gotta get that weight back down, I WILL NOT go back to what I was. I keep thinking, is it because I'm almost 50? Is it because with covid I sit so much more? More weight training or more cardio? I have no idea anymore.

    Any thoughts?