Relapsers getting Real Healthy Accountability group- 2020-2021



  • SwtHedgehog
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    I'm trying to get this thread back up; I really miss it.
    After completing a large race earlier this month, I tore up the bottom of my foot and was out of activity for a few weeks. I'm starting to get back to working out now, but I am struggling with my eating. I would like to get back to eating more vegetables and working on my portions. For the last few months, I was training long and hard for my race, so I got accustomed to eating more. Now I'm trying to bring my calories back down, but I still feel hungry, a lot.

    I hope to hear other stories/challenges/accomplishments
  • Sharsou
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    Hey all, I’m Sean… I’ve been active all my life but I’ve slacked in last 6 months. My weight has increased a bit and I’ve not been regular to the gym. I just need some support to be regular again and get back to my fitness regime!
  • SwtHedgehog
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    Hi Sean, welcome to the chat.
    I also am struggling with finding my gym routine. I told my boyfriend I am contemplating signing up for another race (but we agreed no long distance trip next year).

    I'm also trying to think of a way to turn a fitness routine in a game; make a game board and cross things off as I complete a work out session.

    Good luck and keep us updated. :-)
  • Dobbythefreelef
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    I started writing about my history, but i figured, whats past is past.
    Starting at 82kg
    I am taking it slow and easy so its sustainable this time. But its hard not to check your weight after only 3 days.
    I don't care how long it takes. I want to go below 75kg. Then I want to go under 70kgs. I want to see myself weighing in 60s. I want to hit 54 kg. I always have. I feel like its going to work this time. Because there is no pressure this time. I know i will have good weeks and bad weeks. Idc how much I lose. I just care that its going down. And I have a whole lot of self love this time. ❤️

    Question for you all: What do you think id different this time that you think its goih to work?
  • SwtHedgehog
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    Having the attitude that it's a process and not expecting perfect is a huge advantage. Another plus going into this is that we've seen results before and know we can do this. We also have hindsight and can evaluate what happened when we started slipping up so we can have plans in place.