Public transport is shut down, daily walk to work is causing pain



  • GummiMundi
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    I'm walking 4.8km to work and 4.8km back with probably another 1-2km to grab lunch etc, I walk to work with a light backpack... which is typically less light on the way back as I tend to buy food which I then have to carry a few km back (closest shop is about 2km away from my apartment)

    I'm feeling a bit better after getting a taxi to work on friday and then taking saturday and sunday as light exercise/rest days, but for sure looking into different shoes as soon as I can!

    I have good news for you: it gets easier with time. When I decided to start walking regularly, about two years ago, I'd walk 1km and think it was a big deal (and it was, I had been a couch potato for two decades and my body wasn't used to it).
    Now I walk similar distances to yours on an almost daily basis, and it just feels "normal". No soreness, no leg pain. Of course, I had more time than you to gradually build up the distances, which helped.
    I second the advice of getting comfortable shoes. Best of luck!

  • sakurablossoms82
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    I would get a bike or ebike but no idea if your country is a bit bike friendly. I hardly use public transport in general, I don't have a driver's license so I do cycle everywhere unless it's within walking distance (let's say a 30 minute walk maximum). Cycling is also more friendly on the knees.
  • Machka9
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    oh, I forgot to add, I don't own a bike/haven't owned one in about 20 years, but I *have* been looking at maybe buying a scooter? can't afford an electric one and snow season is basically here tho

    No time like the present to get back into cycling again! :)