What are your favorite diet hacks?



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    I do lots of what has already been mentioned.

    I do love using my mandoline - it makes the dish appear way more voluminous. I eat a ton of salad/meal bowls and soups too - always using my mandoline for all the veggies.
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    Honestly, being a student who's gone from a lot of exercise to none nearly over a year, I've actually been very poor at diet managing. Since I've always been very finicky, I tended to use nicotine gum between meals as an appetite suppressant and just generally eating large meals with my friends (with whom I live), I've started to wisen up to the fact I've lost muscle and gained fat.

    I've found the best hack is including one thing with a lot of fiber in each meal I eat. For dinner, I'll have beans as a base instead of rice, sometimes with chicken sausage or hot dogs cut up in it- works out for around 75p per serving and staying in my room or eating entire heads of lettuce as a snack. Only problem with this is that digestion is a trouble, and it makes me feel like I've overeaten. Each meal is around 500 kcal, cheap to make and really nice.

    Personally, if you have disposable income I'd really recommend that when you make scrambled eggs or an omelette, to utilize egg whites instead of normal eggs. It removes most of the fat and, for the weight of one egg, you can have nearly twice that amount, so its filling as well!
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    Putting fat free cottage cheese in the blender and whipping it is a fabulous substitute for sour cream. Air Fryer for potatoes makes great fries with a tiny fraction of calories. Cinnamon on air fried sweet potato fries is magnificent. Old Bay seasoning on anything has 0 calories.
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    miracle noodles and a bouillon cube
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    How to make chicken breast that isn't terrible:

    1) I brine it in lightly salted water for anywhere from 30 mintues to 3 hours before I eat it (I'll eat the breast for lunch so throw it in water after breakfast and weighing it)
    2) Drain and pat dry with paper towels.
    3) use my hands/fist to push down on the thickest part of the meat to flatten it a bit, for better cooking.
    4) brush with about a teaspoon of olive oil on each side, add salt and pepper.
    5) throw in a hot cast iron/Dutch oven (a heavy bottom / not non-stick) pan with another teaspoon of olive oil) and sear for 6-7 minutes per side until done, bouncy with a nice crust.
    6) For other flavors I:
    -use other dried seasonings (garlic powder ,onion powder, chili powder, etc) with the salt and papper. Using these will get them pretty blackened on high heat, be warned)
    -brush the top side of the chicken with a teaspoon of hot sauce while the other side grills, then repeat after flipping.

    It's a great chicken breast with a nice crust, flavor, and NOT dried out at all! It's about a tablespoon of fat that I always measure out / count on MFP, but often you can sauté some veggies in what's left on the pan as teh chicken is on its last few minutes, so you make it count.

    Swtich up the seasonings and it can be a not-repetitive lunch everyday. Once I'm back in the office I'll have to see how making ahead of time turns out, but I'm hopeful!