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  • daveredvette
    daveredvette Posts: 87 Member
    1. Become more flexible, stretch daily
    2. Shot under PAR, 72, in golf
    3. lose 10 lbs
    4. lift more
  • Ahatmaker74
    Ahatmaker74 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm so sorry for your losses @Ahatmaker74 , you've been through a horrendous year :(
    I love your No new year's resolutions, hope this year will be better for you.

    Thank you so much. It was one of the worst years ever
  • pigmetal
    pigmetal Posts: 14 Member
    edited January 2021
    I like many others gained weight in 2020 with my job moving online for most of the year! I'm the heaviest ever and hate it.
    1. Participate in some form of exercise a minimum of 4 days a week while resistance training at least twice a week- leg day and arm day. It's important bc before I become ingrown into my couch, I used to workout 6x a week. I've always favored HIIT and cardio so I know I need more resistance training.
    2. Reach my goal weight of 135 by July 4 so I can celebrate Independence Day FREE of all this fat😆
  • amberzahra6
    amberzahra6 Posts: 3 Member
    My goals for the year are:
    1. To finish my master's degree.
    2. To drop 10 kilos I have gained in past 2 years due to bad habits.
    3. To track down my bad habits through MFP records and get rid of them.
    4. To keep my husband on the healthy track too with me.
    5. To make 2021 best year of my life.
    6. To fight the anxiety through healthy habits and by taking it easy on myself.
    7. To avoid stressful parenting court case and focus on watching children grow.
  • jazzi49
    jazzi49 Posts: 4 Member
    Happy New Year all. I am fairly new. A year ago I had a brain injury and that cost me many things including my health. I was a runner and going to the gym 5-6 days. Short story, since injury I have gained 23 pounds sadly and still I am dealing with rehab. I started to workout at home 5-6 days intense and some days walk.
    Based on level of my activity I need to consume 1200-1500. My app connected to my Garmin watch.

    When I exercise this is for example shows: 1200 (goal)-947(food)+141(exercise)=394(remaining)

    Question: Do I have still eat the 394 remaining calories in order to reach my goal?

    Second question: Does it matter how much carbs involved in my healthy diet or only calorie count matter in order to lose weight?

    I worried if I eat too much carbs even I stay in my calories goal (1200-1500) and not lose weight. Should I cut it and eat more protein, veggies, and fruits. I do eat good carbs tho :)

    I have tired a couple of things but not working and really struggling. I really appreciate if anyone can really help me. Thank you and wishing everyone around the world the best 2021 and peace
  • ben_100
    ben_100 Posts: 70 Member
    kelowna bc
    reversing type 2 diabetes diagnosis of Jan 2021
  • mp2993
    mp2993 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey guys for me New Year's resolution would be to get to my desired weight and gain muscle use to be an athlete would leave to get back into shape and hopefully make some money along the way. Just started doing some affiliate links and decided to promote something that can be helpful to those who would like to not only live a healthier lifestyle but get to the desired shape they want to be in.
    Beauty Starts on the inside :)
    link for Keto Diet everyone's been on the rave about thanks for reading guys and good luck in 2021
  • Hi all! I am new here. Have a few New year resolutions..
    - Reach my ideal weight - 105 lb ( currently at 120 lb)
    - Start working out everyday (for some reason I find excuses not to do that)
    - Stop binge eating & reduce my sugar intake
  • anongirl27
    anongirl27 Posts: 2 Member
    Hey guys, i am relatively new on myfitnesspal. I am a 21 year old girl, all my life i have been the bigger girl in the group, the one with no boyfriend, the one guys would approach to help them out to get close to my friends that are prettier and of course skinny. It was never really an issue for me growing up, of course i always got bullied wether it being through school people would always call me 'fat','ugly','over weight' and the list of nasty names go on and on. I dealt with it as if it wasn't an issue as i have always had a supportive friend group and family that would always say yeah you maybe on the bigger side but you've got a good heart which is what kinda got me through the bullying, but on top of all that i have always considered myself to be someone that is very confident despite my weight. It was only last year since i started getting older, i realised i never had a boyfriend before and trends on the internet kept on advertising skinny girls in bikinis or fit girls working out at the gym and thats what guys would consider 'hot' or 'attractive'. Don't get me wrong, in this day and age people are more accepting to the fact that big girls are actually pretty too and there is this whole body positivity movement going around which si great. But, it was only when my friend had signed up for an online dating app and she encouraged me to do the same and i realised that i got no likes where she on the other hand was planning multiple dates. So as per usual, i would hang out with her and her date and would be known as the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) and i came to a realisation that change needed to be made. I started my weightloss journey in the beginning of 2020, lucky for me i had a cousin that was already living a vegan lifestyle for 5 years and she is also one of the main reasons as to why i decided to make the switch, i am now a full vegan and its been a year and in total i have lost 35kg. I am still far from my goal but, i am persistent on making it happen. My dream goal is to be 70kg by my birthday which is in June. I am currently at 100kg and hopefully with 2021 i can reach my goal that is long overdue.
  • charlottenewberg
    charlottenewberg Posts: 3 Member
    I don't do New Years resolutions: Why wait for the new year to start something, when you can start now.
    I won't be able to start a workout program until after my back surgery February 11th and then I will wait until the Dr. gives me the okay. But, I am starting to watch what I eat. At least that is a start. I won't say how much weight I need to lose because weight is different when you work out (muscle mass) compared to bodyfat. I have never had an issue with losing bf (bodyfat) but, I am 61 now, and I am not moving around like I use to. My average weight use to be 125lbs. I am 5'2" and people use to think that I weighed 100 lbs. so, that is why I won't say how much I need to lose. I currently weigh 150 and a lot of it is not muscle mass. I would like to Compete in a Figure Competition again next year when I am 63 or at lest be in great shape that if I decide to compete if I want to. I will be turning 62 in April.
  • ClaireBri74
    ClaireBri74 Posts: 84 Member
    My goal for 2021 is to continue re discovering me!

    I started in November and rediscovered my love of exercise which in turn lead me to be more aware on nutrition and I want to continue this through 2021 and beyond :)
  • Rainworth_Massive
    Rainworth_Massive Posts: 11 Member
    To get my act together diet & fitness wise.

    I have Type 1 diabetes and have had a roller coaster year with really poor blood glucose management that has left me not feeling my best and I have also gained a fair amount of weight.

    I wanted to start exercise classes at the gym again, but since the gyms are closed I've started trying to run. To say it's not going well would be an understatement, but I will keep trying!

    Also, I've kick-started my weight loss regime by cutting back on carbs as much as possible without feeling too deprived - mainly cutting way back on bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and most processed foods, replacing them with vegetable alternatives where I can, and it's working wonders for my diabetes management :smiley:

    It's early days yet, but I've lost 11 pounds in weight since Christmas and feel better already, so maybe the running will start to improve soon too.
  • zombieblondie
    zombieblondie Posts: 11 Member
    My goals are to lose another 2% body fat, keep macro counting, and really get secure with box jumps at 20 inch height.
  • dianepenelope
    dianepenelope Posts: 18 Member
    No so much resolutions, more goals of things I want to achieve in 2021

    - A year of no alcohol. I took a year off in 2019 and it felt so mentally and physically good. Not sure why I started drinking alcohol again but I need to refocus and exercise self discipline which is good for the soul
    - Drop 10kg that I have been trying to drop for the past 2 years. This is in the nice to achieve but not mandatory category as it doesn't effect my health and fitness but being lighter would make pull ups so much easier. And I think I would look more aesthetically pleasing at a lower weight.
    - Learn Korean as I like learning new languages and am currently obsessed with K-drama so it would nice to be able to watch without reading subtitles

    I started the year without resolutions, but I stopped drinking, I didn't do it consciously, I just didn't buy wine, started drinking more water, and didn't feel like alcohol, now it's become a habit and I don't feel like drinking empty calories to make myself muddle headed. I'm enjoying the clear thinking and good quality sleep.

    I started exercising, swimming. I can't do any weight bearing because of a bad knee, so swimming it is. And I'm up to 600 metres (12 laps of a 50 metre pool freestyle in 20 minutes. I have to stop and catch my breath after the fourth lap, but I'm doing it and very proud. I've also shed 6kg since Christmas. I can zip up my goal dress, it's still tight but it's getting there. I have another 11kg to go before I am at my fighting weight for knee surgery in may. 3 1/2 months away. I need to lose 1kg per week to do it, and given I have lost 6kg in 4 weeks I think I can do it.

    I also want to learn french and since I have a 45 minute each way commute, I can do it in the car.
  • Dzlayer01
    Dzlayer01 Posts: 3 Member
    2021 Started off rather peachy but I've had setbacks galore. I mean, epic setbacks, the kind that makes you take two steps back just enough to breathe it all in. Asthma attack drove my doctor to pepper me with high doses of prednisone. For a pre-diabetic, prednisone! My glucose skyrocketed all the way to the moon and wouldn't come down. Therefore, my primary sent two types of insulin after it. Insulin! Also known to make you gain weight like crazy. So in the first three weeks of January, I gained 25 pounds. There I go.
    My New Year's resolution is rather simple, I'll keep it super simple so I don't burst out in tears. I want to get off the meds. That's it. Once I get off the meds, this insatiable hunger goes out the window. Along with it, the weight. I say pretty hydrated throughout the day, for the most part. I keep a journal, have membership to just about every exercise program there is. My hubby set up a nice home gym fully equipped with a peloton spinning bike, treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, and weight station with bench and the whole 9 yards. I have membership to Centr, Beachbody, Les Mills, Weight Watchers, Zumba classes, etc. I can do this. I can do this. I will do this. I have to do this.
    I just want to get off the meds, which means, I want to get my asthma under control. That's it. <3
  • rterm
    rterm Posts: 13 Member
    I've always played a lot of tennis, but my indoor activity stopped in November of last year due to the pandemic. By January, I wasn't doing much exercising, and eating more than usual. I had been 175 lbs (5' 11"), when I stopped playing, and when I weighed myself in early January, I was up to 185 lbs!
    That's when I signed on to MFP, and started cutting down on my food intake, and monitoring my calories.
    I am happy to report that after three weeks, which included a half hour walking each day, and a calisthenic workout every other day, I am down to 178 lbs, and hope to get back to my "playing weight" by the end of February.
  • My big New Year's resolution is to cut out processed foods. I can occasionally eat sweets as long as it is homemade or has very simple, readable ingredients.
  • Maddiefigler
    Maddiefigler Posts: 2 Member
    1. Be able to do the splits.
    2. Drink more water everyday.
    3. Be able to do a one-handed push-up.
    4. Study Chinese every single day.
    5. Maintain a clean house for most of the year.
    6. Maintain at least a four-pack (abs) for the year.