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  • ScheduleIt
    ScheduleIt Posts: 16 Member
    These are not really New Year’s resolutions, but my story is that I am trying to incorporate sustainable habits into my day to day.

    I’ve been on WW, Spark People, and a few others, all trying to figure out this weight loss thing!

    It seems once the weight is there, it is quite difficult to take off!

    Any how, I like the setup of MFP the best, and I am working on my habits, one by one.

    Feel free to add me as a supportive friend!
  • swiftgirlm
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    Hi, I'm 47 and have a sedentary office job. I was very sports minded as a teen, but after getting married, working and having children I stopped taking time for me and gained roughly 50lbs. Now my children have recently left the nest, and my husband and I have fallen in love with sea kayaking. We have 2 new Delta kayaks arriving this spring!!

    So, my goal this year is to:
    - lose 50 lb (42 lb to go!!)
    - be strong enough to do a self-recovery in my kayak
    - have endurance to carry gear and paddle in challenging conditions

    I want to be fit so I can enjoy the sport of sea kayaking!

    My daughter and I get together and exercise in my home gym 3 to 4 times a week (using NTC workouts with Betina Gozo and adding in treadmill work). The accountability has been essential to my journey so far, and staying focused on my goal has helped me eat with self discipline.

    Here's to a fantastic year ahead! 🥂
  • kermit124
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    2021 DREAM GOAL WEIGHT is 124 but I can't even imagine it! I've been stuck for YEARS due to lack of consistency/laziness. Having someone who loves your body "no matter what" doesn't help lol ;)

    Happy to be back in this community! I lost 15 pounds counting cals on this site (1200/day) in 2015 & slowly slipped into old habits.

    Now my bras are feeling tight. It's time, hunny!

    I have not had meat in 15 years & have not had dairy in 8 years. They both cause weight loss for me, although I was only a teenager then. I also gave up alcohol for all of 2021 after having Covid-19 in December. After 2 weeks of involuntary bedrest, I gained a new appreciation for what my body can do. Humas are pretty bada$$.

    Anyway...hi! WE ARE ALL KILLING IT! You guys are awesome & inspring. Something feels different this time. We could be sitting on Instagram but instead we are here. Good for us. Lets do this!!!! xo <3

    5'2"/ age 29
    2021 SW: 147lb
    CW: 140lb
    GW: 135lb
    UGW: 130lb (according my MFP I should be "133.4 in 5 weeks at 1200/cal" - we will see about that lol)
  • pollyeloquent
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    I'm new to this site. I'm a regular exerciser and I love to mix it up--running, yoga, pilates, HIIT Workouts, bodyweight exercises, biking, mountain climbing etc.. Since January, I'm cutting the carbs to get rid of the bobble belly, loading up on the veggies, trying to drink more water, and working on my posture. I'm stacked and I've spent much of my life hunched over, but at the end of last year, I had pain between my shoulders and the thing that got rid of the pain was reforming my posture. It's a bear, but I know if I don't keep at it, I'll be headed for the bell tower. So it's boobs up and shoulders back from now on! :smiley: Wishing you all perseverance and success. Thanks for reading. :smile:
  • slimgirljo15
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    Check in! On Jan 1 I decided to refocus on fitness and health because I was beginning to feel 'different'.

    I have in the last 2 1/2 months lost 22 lbs and am almost certain to reach my target goal before June. Pretty proud of myself as historically winter has always been a tough season for me (brutally cold winters here in the Canadian Prairies).

    Well done 🙂
  • xrj22
    xrj22 Posts: 144 Member
    I have a birthday in 2 days. So I am starting a new year, and new resolutions:
    1) clean vegan eating
    2)alcohol free (except possibly when out to eat with others)
    3)caffeine free
    4) in bed by 10 (most nights)
    5) no internet at work
    6) get cholesterol in the normal range naturally and keep it there.

    Highest weight (April 2020) 172
    MFP starting weight (5/29/2020) 153
    goal 132
    fitness goal: marathon fall 2022
  • ILOVEMYSELF20212021
    ILOVEMYSELF20212021 Posts: 1 Member
    Good morning! my journey started yesterday, 195 Pounds 5-11 Height , Goal : 130 Pounds!.
  • mikethewriter
    mikethewriter Posts: 18 Member
    Hello pals! Just wanted to know if you all are able to maintain your new year resolutions?
  • Jamie2663
    Jamie2663 Posts: 779 Member
    So in 2018 I hit the realization I needed to do something. My health was fine and by that I mean, I was overweight but my blood pressure, cholesterol etc was all fine. Mid range normal and actually my BP is probably on the low side. I could keep up with my kids just fine but mentally I was not okay.
    I lost 90lbs and had about 10 to go to hit my final goal weight. COVID hit, and I used it as an excuse to go back to old habits. I am now 40lbs to goal. My New Year's resolution was to hit goal by the end of summer. I had to push that back to the end of the year because I could not seem to focus. New motivation hit and I am finally feeling like I am back on track.
  • workoutreview
    workoutreview Posts: 12 Member
    I want to do some triathlons, building up to a half iron man, or possibly a full iron man.
  • Dollypollylolly
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    I’ve did it I’m goal weight

    I went moderately low carb as in under 75 sometimes over.

    I did it before under a different user name but my main reason for doing so was I’m type 2 diabetic and they wanted me on insulin as my numbers had went up to 116 (I’m UK) I refused outright as I was already overweight and I’d be even fatter taking insulin. So we decided on dapagliflozin which I didn’t take all the time but then I was scheduled for gallbladder surgery which my GP cancelled because of my out of control bloods. I was furious but I was told I’d die bluntly put I’d die.

    So May this year I knuckled down and changed my diet out went bread,rice,pasta,potatoes I was already gluten intolerant well the gallstones flared if I was eating them so it was easy to omit them as it was getting worse. Maxed out on painkillers too and it would only take the edge off.

    I experimented with foods and my glucose monitor to find what spiked me and what didn’t
    Most people think low carbers drink cream and eat butter by the gallon. Or because of the gallstones I’d not be able to eat fat.

    I was having fish, eggs, steaks, beef mince all from good sources yes butter and cream was in there but not in huge amounts

    Everything was full fat
    Whole milk
    Cheese a good strong cheese.

    I still counted my calories allowance, as some say low carb don’t count, well I have to as I’d just overeat and gain weight.

    Instead of spaghetti with bolognese I’d have courgette or carrots
    Cauliflower or broccoli rice instead of rice for curries the veg is raw or fried lightly in an olive oil
    Celeriac instead of potatoes I even had carrot chips too. Roasted celeriac is lovely
    Burger buns became lettuce wraps with all the usual trimmings for a burger
    I made soups instead of a tin as there is a lot of hidden sugars in them.
    I found loads of recipes on line too

    My fave is pesto chicken, it’s my go to as a comfort food as before it was Mac cheese

    Well in between all this I got admitted to hospital as an emergency as this time the pain wouldn’t go away and I was being sick too boot.

    One week later after many days of being fasted for several scans and mris I was operated on as I still didn’t eat a lot of carbs thanks to my husband bringing me in food that I could eat (hospital food is beyond the pale for low carbers) keyhole surgery all done and released the next day. With firm instructions no heavy lifting and gentle pottering for a few days and then back to normal activities.

    I’m 14 days post op as I write this. With the fasting thrown in I weighed in at 135lbs, 9st 9lbs, 61kgs I might be slightly less but not much. I’m also only 5ft 3in

    I’m still on my dapagliflozin but hopefully and I have my fingers crossed I’ll be off it in 3 months as I also reduced my HBA1c by 24 as I was 76 now 52. I’m hoping pre diabetic ranges next time but I do know I’ll have to count calories for life and stay on my new way of eating as good blood control and weight loss go hand in hand for T2D

    I did this within 15 weeks which surprised me to be honest as last time it was 6 months.

    So I’m maintaining now which shall be interesting and I’m still doing my daily walk as boy did I miss doing that whilst in hospital and I used to be such a couch potato lol!!!

  • HRHJoDee
    HRHJoDee Posts: 20 Member
    1. Continue walking 60 minutes a day, six days a week.
    2. Stay with my clean eating patterns all week - except for a Saturday cheat item at breakfast or lunch.
    3. Continue drinking primarily 8 glasses of filtered water a day, non-alcoholic seedlip cocktails occasionally, and a virgin bloody mary once a week.
    4. Aquajog in the pool with the flotation belt and flotation shoes on.
    5. Sundays is my day of rest. Stay in bed, watch tv, read, nap.
    6. Get my weight down to 150 pounds -- and keep it between there and 155 at night for all of 2022!
    7. Get my HbA1c down to 5.2; Total cholesterol below 190, and LDL under 100; and CRP of 1.0 mg
  • sunnylolasunny
    sunnylolasunny Posts: 23 Member
    Lose the last few pounds!I have 25 lbs left to go before I reach not perfect but a healthy range. I'm ready to shed that weight and start getting a bit more active.
  • mirianyusm
    mirianyusm Posts: 89 Member
    These are not new year resolutions, these are goals:

    Keep losing weight and learn to maintain. I have about 30-35 to go.
    I would like to run not only a PR in the 2022 Chicago Marathon, but qualify for Boston. Definitely not a resolution but I will work hard to do it.
    Participate in one Olympic triathlon.
    I want to start weight training. Seriously.
    Last but not least:
    To work on my communication skills. It is good to be a person of few words, but too few can be bad too. :neutral:
  • Anna_Tuya
    Anna_Tuya Posts: 22 Member
    I haven't made a resolution in years cause I couldnt keep them. But I've decided to make one this year! I'm determined to reach my goal, I just hope my motivation can last all year. My resolution is that I will lose 2-3 pant sizes 😁
  • BarbMessimer
    BarbMessimer Posts: 148 Member
    52 weeks in 2022. At a pound a week, I'd like to be 50 pounds less by next Christmas! I lost 25 pounds this year and wasn't even trying that hard so I think I can do it!
  • AleLue_1
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    My goals this year are:

    Bicycle for 30mins a day
    Strength train 3 times a week
    Have better sleep
    Make more time for me
    Stay at a calorie deficit
    Limit alcohol to 1 drink a week
    Lose 15lbs by summer
    Don’t bring work home
    Better quality time with my kids

    SW: 140
    GW: 125

    Feel free to add me!
  • Savannah80
    Savannah80 Posts: 41 Member
    Bit late to the party, but here's my goals:

    1) To lose my 'lockdown weight' and get back to a healthy BMI . So basically 5 stone to shift (70lb/31.5kg).
    2) To get back to running constantly, no walk breaks. Since returning from injury.
    3) To get a new 10km PB ... so sub 58mins 13s
    4) To get a new Half-Marathon PB ... so sub 2hr 11min 12s.

    So far I've lost 14.4kg (31.75lb) since starting my diet in October, and I'm just back to running constantly for 9km, no walk breaks. My 10km time will be tested in 2 weeks when I have my first race. I'm expecting to finish in 1hr 5 to 1hr 10 ish. So still a fair way off my PB. I still have 11 months though ... right!?

    I've signed up to three 10km races and two half marathons this year. That's my motivation to keep going. I need to get fit and need to lose weight. 2022 is my fitness/health year.