Less Alcohol - JANUARY 2021 - One Day At A Time



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    Womona wrote: »
    Bitters comes in a small bottle that’s used in some mixed drinks. I use 2 shakes worth of Angastora Bitters when I make an Old Fashioned. May give that tart taste you’re looking for. You can get it at the liquor store or maybe even the market. To my knowledge there is no alcohol in it.

    @Womona Angostura Bitters are 44.7% alcohol :o

    However, as you only add 2 drops or so of it to the drinks I don't think it'll make your beverage alcoholic :D

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    Another rough night. Was in a black mood after the comments at my mom's friends (see last post) and I guarantee if I had a car up here, I would have picked up. Going out with my cousin and her family later, I thought of asking them to stop at the grocery store so I could at least get some beer (I was more in the mood for hard liquor, a sign of my mood), but they went to two fast food restaurants for their kids and I didn't want to ask.

    Talked with my cousin a bit about my drinking and while she was understanding, like every time I tell someone about my drinking or insecurities, I later told myself, "Dammit, why didn't you keep your fckn mouth SHUT? What kind of advice do you think she's going to give you? 'Get therapy.' 'Learn to love how you look.' 'You're not alone.' Jesus! And now she's going to look down on you even more than before, even though she'll deny it forever."

    The desire to pick up was there, but even with my ultra-grim mode, the impulse wasn't that strong. Still, if I had had use of a car....

    Still debating if I want to pick up today, if I can. All the damn bars are closed, and there are no places to buy booze within walking distance. We may go to Walmart (they go every other day it seems) and I could probably get a bottle and say it's to share with my cousins later today, but it still will leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth since my mom is an alcoholic. I figured I could get something to mix with pop, though drinking in my mom's house would be a real risk.

    And, as always, I tell myself, "I'm just going to get ONE MORE BOTTLE. After that, I'm going to quit for good." I say that virtually every time I buy booze. Anyone else know what I mean?

    At least the moderate alcohol consumption (5 Miller Lites yesterday) has been mitigated by my eating. Yesterday I had a chicken salad sandwich, a glass of orange juice, a can of cream soda, a bottle of root beer, half a hot dog, and two bites of a terrible Burger King garden chicken salad (three bites of chicken, a few limp tomato slices, and a bunch of cheap iceberg lettuce).
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    Womona wrote: »
    Seriously, I don’t even think 6’3” is unreasonably tall. Maybe because I have friends who are 6’5” and one whose son is 6’8”. We’re talking ducking through doorways. Regardless, its no fun having people comment on your physique.

    PS. We need a picture of your cat, Mischief!!!!!

    I don't think it's that tall, either, and I tried doing the "God, I'm not even really that tall" shtick, but my brother told me in his usual histrionic manner: "Yes! You're tall! You're half a foot taller than the average American! That's why people point it out! They think it's a good thing! Learn to deal with it! God!" I guess I'm obsessed with all those before/after pics where they show someone go from being big and unattractive to small and desirable. I'm never impressed by the pics of guys who get big beefy muscles, but every damn trainer I ever talked to said, "Use your size to your advantage. You'll never be an average sized guy. You'd be better off building a muscular body than trying to get thin." Which makes me even more depressed.

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    She's a torty and she's full of "tortitude."
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    MissMay wrote: »
    @Stockholm_Andy that pic you put up of the bitters in the wrapper was cool. So I looked it up and the history of bitters is really interesting how it started out, produced aromatic bitters as a medicinal tincture designed to alleviate stomach ailments for soldiers in Simon Bolivar’s army.

    Neat stuff. Would put down a little money to see anyone consume more than a tablespoon at a time.😆

    @Stockholm_Andy I had no idea! Of course I could have just walked to the fridge and looked at the label.

    @MissMay Ugh. I cannot imagine drinking an entire teaspoon of the stuff. It would have to be for a LOT of money!