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2021 Welcome Committee Introduction

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Happy New Year! We are trying something a bit different this year compared to past years where we have had our Adopt a Noob program. This year we have put together a group of friendly and welcoming users who will be reaching out to new users to give them a warm welcome to the community. They have years of experience on MyFitnessPal and have a bunch of useful resources up their sleeves.

Say hello to the 2021 Welcome Committee!

@heybales: walks into room and grabs chair - Hi, my name's Mike and I've been a MFP user for 9 years. I realized way back monitoring what goes in is required to get to goal weight, as well as goal of having good workouts is supported by that same monitoring. Continuing goal to maintain weight, keep getting stronger, and keep improving in biking and running, swimming is lost cause but I'll do it anyway. Due to hanging out in the forums more than commenting on friends list, support in that manner is infrequent, but don't need to be a friend to leave a question in a post or send a message.

@AnnPT77: I'm Ann T. Joined MFP in 2015, losing from class 1 obese at age 59/60 (plus hypothyroid); already very active (boat/machine rower since 2002); 46+ years ovo-lacto vegetarian; 20+ year breast cancer survivor. Now 65, maintaining mid-120s lbs at 5'5", still rowing. Accept friend requests, but more active in forum.

@slimgirljo15: Hi, Im Jo and I've been on MFP for over 6 years. I've been maintaining for 5yrs but Im not perfect and need to reign myself in occasionally with reminders from some of the great resources here. Im more active in the forums and will most likely see you there. I don't have all the answers but I can certainly point you to some of the helpful MFP resources and cheer you on.

@yirara: I am Yirara. Joined MFP in 2014. I'm a woman and lost about 18kg in my 40s while being hypothyroid. At times active, at times not. Can't resist liquorice, but eat nearly everything apart from mushrooms. Mushrooms are evil. I'm also a grumpy old git, and a slimey underwater sheep.

@NovusDies: I am ND. Joined in early 2018 as part of an overall plan to lose a tremendous amount of weight. I seldom accept friend requests.

@quiksylver296: I’m Quik, I first logged into MFP in 2012 but didn’t start using it for real until about 2016, I’m a competitive powerlifter and am currently stuck in a bulk cycle that I can’t seem to reverse 🤣.

@JustSomeEm: I'm Em, joined a long time ago? I just went and checked and I apparently joined in 2012 too. I'm an injured female distance runner who will probably be having foot surgery in 2021. Also - I love mushrooms, so if Yirara is giving hers away, I'll totally take them.

@cgrout78: I'm Crystal...can't remember how long I've been here off and on, depending on if I need to lose or not. After my "Covid-19" packed on, I came back to try to take it off before I need to go back to work. I love the support I get from people on here and it's what gives me that lift to get to the gym when I really don't feel like it, or to put down the cookie.

@tinkerbellang83: I'm Ange, member for a long time (like 2011 or something) using it how it was properly intended since 2016, based in Ireland, originally from the UK, lost 35lbs successfully in 2017, great with advice, except taking it myself, regressed with work stress in 2019/20 so recently back to actively losing weight again, accept friend requests with a message (most of the time).

@ninerbuff: I'm also Jo and have been a member since 2011. Have also been a Mod at one time. I'm a Certified Personal/Group fitness trainer by profession and have been giving advice on the site the whole time. Also have a continous daily check in thread since 2011. I'm back to being in one of my best shapes ever after dropping 40lbs during COVID. And now we're locked down again till at least Jan 4. Anyway, I'll figure out how to keep working out, but can't wait to get back in the gym again and back to work steady.

@sijomial: I'm Simon from the south east of England. Joined in 2012 and got to goal weight by Christmas of that year and maintained in a fairly narrow range since then. 60 YO fanatical road cyclist and regular gym goer for strength training. Retired from full time work and loving the freedom to exercise more than ever. I have experience of intermittent fasting but no longer do it, a big interest in exercise in general and cycling in particular. Far too much personal experience of back and knee injuries! Happy to accept friend requests but have a definite preference for sporty people.

@lemurcat2: I'm Stephanie (but you can call me lemurcat), and I've been here since 2014. Lost about 90 lbs during 2014 and 2015. Regained about 10 lbs during covid and am now working on losing it, largely by getting more active again. I'm also now 51, and plan to make my 50s my healthiest decade so far! I love running, biking, and other outdoor activities. Am also interested in nutrition and cooking. I accept new friends, and would be happy to add people who like interacting that way. My most significant participation is in the forums and groups, however.

@mtaratoot: I live in the Pacific Northwest USA. I joined MFP in 2018. I started my weight loss journey in 2013 in fits and starts. I got a bit more serious about five years later. MFP helped me find success along my journey, and I got to my maintenance weight mid-2018. I've been fighting to stay in a +/- five pound range since. I mostly do ok, but there are some days; the struggle is real. I recreate on and under the water. I row whitewater rafts, paddle whitewater kayaks, sea kayaks, whitewater canoes, and flatwater canoes. I am an avid SCUBA diver. I mostly dive cold water because -- Pacific NW USA. A favorite place to dive a little farther south is the California Channel Islands. Kelp, reefs, walls.... and good viz. I also work in the water industry. Kind of a one-trick pony. Of course I love to cook and of course EAT. This is why MFP is my friend. Speaking of friends, I only accept requests that come with an explanation.

@MaltedTea: 👋🏿 Hey there, MFPer! While I lost weight in 2020, for 2021 I'm body recomping with the aim to maintain a mystical and yet to be known Happy Place between 18% and 23% body fat. I'm friendly but don't "friend." That means I keep my activity on the public forums. You'll find me most often in Chit-Chat or playing Acronym Game. Can I be honest?! It's fun to welcome new people into the forums so I look forward to continuing to do so as part of the Committee.

@springlering62: I’m Mel, age 58, from north Georgia. I’ve been on MFP for 26 months after a prescription crystallized all the myriad reasons I needed to lose weight. TBH, I am still astonished at my success. I am the poster child for body Dysmorphia. I can go from feeling chunky in the mirror to viewing video of my lifts thirty minutes later, thinking,”dang that girl has spider arms” and then remembering, oh that’s ME. While I lost my first twenty pounds following a simple one page elimination diet, I credit the guidance and support from MFP members towards helping me stay focused and continue to lose the next seventy, as well as MFP itself for satisfying my OCD itch to record and organize for success. I want to reach out and hug each and every new member who is confused and scared, but otoh, I’d like to smack the ones who say they can’t do it, and stomp all over their excuses. My goal for 2021 is to accomplish a handstand. Two years ago I would have snorted in your face at the suggestion. I can say nothing in one line. If that’s a criteria, I’m SOL.

@janejellyroll: I'm Jane, 41 years old, I've been counting calories on MFP since 2015 and have been maintaining my 40 pound weight loss since 2016 through daily logging. Always struggled to control my weight before that. I've been vegan for about twelve years and am also an endurance runner. I do accept new friends, but am not very active in any of the features or my wall.

@4legsRbetterthan2: I'm 4legs. I hold a special place in my heart for these forums because they have taught me so much, and shown me my path to success. If you have seen me around you may have guessed I am a horse girl. I also love dogs, gardening, have a love hate relationship with running, am a bit of a bookworm, and have a wonderful 3 year old son keeping me on my toes these days! A common misconception is that us moderators work for MFP, but I actually have a day job as an infectious disease research technician. I pretty much only interact on the forums. I have a few friends, but I don't really do the wall thing, or read anything anyone posts on their wall, so yeah.... basically I am just a bad friend B)

@sardelsa: Hi ! I'm Stef. I've been on here since 2011 but I started logging my food and being active around 2014. Thanks to MFP I was able to gain weight, lose weight, maintain weight and learn a lot with the groups and forums. I'm usually most active in the Gaining weight section. I try my best to accept most friend requests however I am not very active on my wall lately.

Are you friendly, welcoming, have some MFP experience and want to participate in the welcome committee? Great! We want to hear from you. Our goal is to have a group of active forum members saying hello and welcoming new community members. There is no specific time commitment or obligation whatsoever other than to be welcoming our new members when you are already logged in and feel like saying hello to some new folks. You will have access to community staff and other welcome committee folks via a welcome committee group and you will have the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping out a new person to the community AND helping the community by assisting new people in getting oriented to community resources.

If you are interested please let us know by filling out this form. 

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