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    Tracey: Our county health department has set a day & location for seniors to be vaccinated. We are on that list. Teachers and essential workers have been/or are being vaccinated in our county. I hope things go well for us.
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    ** Might try a little challenge in February ... just for fun. **

    Walk, run, cycle, canoe, swim, exercise ... to somewhere, or at somewhere, starting with each letter of the alphabet.

    Day 1: Go to and/or exercise at a place starting with the letter 'A', then the next day 'B', the next 'C' and so on and so on.

    Pick a street name, or shop, or town, or building, whichever you like. Your choice.

    So for example, Argyle St is near where I work, so on Feb 1, I could walk to Argyle St. On Feb 2, I might cycle near the Beach. And so on.

    The alphabet has 26 letters and February has 28 days, so there are 2 free days just in case.

    And I might even take photos. 🙂

    M in Oz

    To help get me started, I looked up a list of parks in my city ...
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    :) It is still daylight in my neighborhood but it is after midnight in the UK and tomorrow morning in Australia, so I guess this is a good time to post the new thread for February. Here is the link:
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    @barbiecat Thanks for setting up the February thread.

    Life has achieved a kind of equilibrium for now. I am taking joy in simple pleasures, counting my blessing, and continuing with positive steps to optimise health and fitness.

    Daily Aims for 2021: Jan Update - I weigh less at the end of January than I did at the beginning, so I am happy with progress. Concentrating on maintaining, so keeping these aims for now.
    • Pre-log every lick, sip and bite
    • Stay under goal
    • Balance macros/micros
    • Hydrate adequately
    • Choose healthy snacks
    • 7500+ Steps
    • Intentional exercise > 50 minutes
    • Practice self-care
    • Stay up to date with accounts
    • Mindfulness Practice/meditation
    • Learn something new
    2019 Goal Weight: < 155 achieved
    2020 Goal Weight: < 150 ✅ Achieved in Feb 2020. Maintained since then.
    2021 Goal weight: < 145
    1 Feb: 144.2

    ☘️ Terri
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    Oops! MFP Double posted my post. 👻👻👻👻👻 Gremlins !!!
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    kymarai wrote: »
    Thank you Karen and Debbie . I rarely buy beef, when I do it is steaks. We almost exclusively eat venison as our red meat at home. Boneless chicken breast is the other meat. Occasionally a whole chicken (like for chicken and dumplings). Next time I will try longer cooking time. I can't make it fatter. 🙄

    Kylia: We eat mostly venison as well. DH is a big hunter….as well as an amazing cook! In the past I didn't care for venison - I certainly can't cook it! But Jim makes THE MOST TENDER venison dishes I've ever tasted! In our house he does most of the cooking (he's retired, I'm working 2 jobs!) :smile:
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    exermom wrote: »

    A friend of ours whose husband passed away had a “virtual memorial service”. I’d never heard of one. Basically, it was a zoom memorial service. She said she’s going to have a church service once we can all get together. I know a lot of people are planning that. But I wonder if it’s a good idea. The remaining spouse needs to “get on”. Sure, the memory of the dead person will always be with them. But will an in-person memorial a few months later open new wounds? Remind them?

    Michele NC

    Michele, your comment above reminded me of my own father's passing. My dad passed away a couple days before Thanksgiving 2015. Although he had had cancer, it had been in remission, so his death was quick and unexpected (to me). He lived in Florida with his wife of 35 years (my step mother). When he died, my SM had NO service or Memorial for him whatsoever. Nothing. My siblings and I were very upset about that. She had him cremated and divided the ashes up between all of the family members (10 of us between his siblings, his children, and her children!) so we each got a very small (very nice!) urn with a few tablespoons of ashes. It took about 6-8 weeks for them to get our urns back to Ohio to my brother, sister and I so by then it was into Jan of 2016. My siblings and I decided to wait until spring to have our own "Memorial" for our father. I personally made and printed up a memorial tribute with his photo on the front and told about his life inside from my home computer, and was pleased that it turned out so nice. We had a dinner in his honor at my home and made all of his favorite dishes to eat! We all told stories about him and "remembered" him. It was a lovely day. It was just my family - my siblings and our kids/grands - and my mother (who had never remarried).

    A few months after that, my step-mother was visiting my brother's home and saw the Memorial Tribute that I had made hanging on his fridge. She asked if she could have copies made at a local copy center (like Staples) and gave them out to her family and my dad's siblings!! By then it was summer of 2016 - almost 8-9 months after he had passed away! She has never spoken to my sister or myself after his death. Which is ok - we were never very close to her and obviously the feeling was mutual.

    For us, we NEEDED that closure. Those months between when he passed and when we finally had our own little memorial dinner and service for him, we all said that we felt like we were in limbo and just really NEEDED the closure.

    This pic is my dad walking me down the aisle at my wedding to Jim in April 2015, just 7 months before his death.
    Thanks for letting me reminisce! :smile:

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